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Moby Dick (1998 miniseries) Quotes

Moby Dick is a TV program that debuted in 2019 on USA Network. Moby Dick ended in 1970.

Moby Dick lasted 2 episodes. It features Franc Roddam as producer. Moby Dick is executive produced by Robert Halmi Sr..

Moby Dick is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Moby Dick is 180 minutes long. Moby Dick is produced by American Zoetrope; Nine Network Australia,.

The cast includes: Henry Thomas as Ishmael, Piripi Waretini as Queequeg, Patrick Stewart as Captain Ahab, and Ted Levine as Starbuck.

Moby Dick Quotes

Piripi Waretini as Queequeg

  • (Piripi Waretini) "Ishmael, what is soul?"
  • (Henry Thomas) "Soul? Well, that's a difficult question. Do you believe in God? Like a big chief over all men?"
  • (Piripi Waretini) "Like Ojo?"
  • (Henry Thomas) "Well, I reckon so, but bigger than that, like a captain of the sun."
  • (Piripi Waretini) "I killee."
  • (Unnamed) "Now, Queequeg, stop that."
  • (Henry Thomas) "Why didn't you tell me that this harpooner I'd be sharing a bed with is a cannibal, for God's sake?"
  • (Unnamed) "Now, listen to me, Queequeg. You savvy me, I savvy you. This lad sleep here in this bed with you. You savvy?"
  • (Piripi Waretini) "Me savvy plenty."

Ted Levine as Starbuck

  • (Ted Levine) "May God forgive you, Ahab, may God forgive you --"
  • (Ted Levine) "Time and tide flow wide, sir. Moby-Dick has the whole round watery world to swim in."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "I know his latitudes. I know his driftings, every sea-shelled ground and volcano bay."
  • (Ted Levine) "Here lies Nantucket, where our wives and children will be waiting, carrying wee babes up the hill to catch first glimpse of these sails. Your wife and son will be among them, captain, and we must not disappoint them. I am no crusader after perils. My course is set to return safely home with a full hold. 'Tis the object of our endeavour."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "Mr. Starbuck, until this be done, my boy's face is to me as the palm of my hand, an unfeatured blank."
  • (Ted Levine) "Sir, I must request that you put your foreign boys to work. Them sitting idle is affecting the morale. Did you not hear me, Captain?"
  • (Patrick Stewart) "They are not here as shipkeepers, Mr. Starbuck, or for any other purpose. They are here to find and slay the white whale."
  • (Ted Levine) "What about the boy, sir?"
  • (Patrick Stewart) "Boy? What boy?"
  • (Ted Levine) "Pip, sir. He's lost at sea."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "The tamborine boy? What the devil was he doing in your boat, Mr. Starbuck?"
  • (Ted Levine) "He stowed away, sir, where he wasn't supposed to be. He's a kind-hearted, jolly little boy, sir. I'm afraid we've lost him."
  • (Piripi Waretini) "Me go find Pip. If Pip be dead, it be bad magic."
  • (Ted Levine) "'Tis madness to be such enraged. To seek vengeance on a dumb animal is blasphemous."

Patrick Stewart as Captain Ahab

  • (Patrick Stewart) "Why the long face, Mr. Starbuck? Have you no game for Moby-Dick?"
  • (Ted Levine) "Aye, I have game for his crooked jaw. I have game for the jaws of death, if that's part of the business we came for. Sir, I am here to hunt whale, not my commander's vengeance. How many barrels of oil will your vengeance yeild, I ask you?"
  • (Patrick Stewart) "If money be the measure of everything we do, let me tell ye my vengeance will fetch a great premium here."
  • (Ted Levine) "What do you wish of me, Captain Ahab?"
  • (Patrick Stewart) "Help me to strike a fin. Surely no impossible task for you, the best lancer of all Nantucket. Surely you, of all this crew, will not hold back."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "Where was he, Captain? Not dead, was he? Not killed?"
  • (Unnamed) "My boy. I lost a whale boat. My own son was on that boat. For God's sake, help me find him."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "No -- no -- do not ask me."
  • (Unnamed) "I know you, Ahab. You must help me. Let me charter your ship, sir, and I'll pay you handsomely. You must. You must and you shall do this for me, Ahab."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "The whale, Captain Gardiner. Where was he when you last laid eyes on him?"
  • (Unnamed) "I'll not go till you say aye to me, Ahab. I know you have a child of your own, safe in Nantucket."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "Aye, harpoons do like stuck in him like so many corkscrews. Aye, his spout is big, like Nantucket wheat. Aye, by death and devils, the white whale is Moby-Dick, if Moby-Dick you see."
  • (Ted Levine) "Captain Ahab, was it not Moby-Dick that cut off thy leg?"
  • (Patrick Stewart) "Aye, Mr. Starbuck. Aye, my hearties all. It was Moby-Dick that dismantled me, that reaped off my leg like a mower a blade of grass and left me with this dead stump I stand on. For forever and a day I shall chase that white whale."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "So you crossed his wake again?"
  • (Unnamed) "Aye. Twice."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "But you could not fast him?"
  • (Unnamed) "Why would I want him? Isn't one limb enough? My wants a profitable home. No thank you, sir. No more white whales for me. He's best left alone."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "Aye, but he'll be hunted nonetheless. What's best left alone, Captain, isn't always least to fight. When did you last see him?"
  • (Unnamed) "Upon my soul, sir, your blood's at boiling point."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "Which way was he headed?"
  • (Unnamed) "Good God. East, I think."
  • (Patrick Stewart) "East. Mr. Starbuck, prepare to set sail. We've wasted enough to time. Good day to you, Captain."
  • (Unnamed) "What the devil is wrong with him? Has he lost his senses?"
  • (Ted Levine) "My apologies, Captain Boomer. No offense meant, I'm sure, sir. 'Tis the pain in his stump."
  • (Unnamed) "The man's mad."

Henry Thomas as Ishmael

  • (Henry Thomas) "It seems a trifle small for two grown men."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, if you're going to go whaling, you better get used to that sort of thing. Why, look at that bed. It's the biggest bed in the house. I've soundly slept in that bed many a night. Plenty of room."
  • (Henry Thomas) "Mind you, I'm not complaining, Mr. Coffin, it's just I'd like to know what sort of man I'd be sharing it with."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, uh, the harpooner I may be able to find someplace else for tonight."
  • (Henry Thomas) "What the devil's the matter with you?"
  • (Piripi Waretini) "Ishmael no want go on ship with Queequeg?"
  • (Henry Thomas) "No. I mean, yes, of course I do. But you would be better suited to pick out a whaler that's suited for both of us, not I, and I shall certainly not take your money. Queequeg, I fear I must make a confession. I used to be a schoolteacher. Do you know what that is?"
  • (Piripi Waretini) "Aye. Missionary."
  • (Henry Thomas) "No. Well, not exactly. What I'm trying to say is that I've never jumped a spar in my life."
  • (Piripi Waretini) "Ishmael no sailor?"
  • (Henry Thomas) "Aye. Me no sailor. It's just that I have this burning desire to go to sea."
  • (Piripi Waretini) "Me Ojo savvy. Ishmael pick ship. Ishmael pick ship."
  • (Unnamed) "You a commadore, then, or a cook?"
  • (Henry Thomas) "No, a simple sailor, jumping from spar to spar like a grasshopper in a May meadow. Very much like a slave. But who isn't a slave? Tell me that."
  • (Unnamed) "I suppose you're going whaling, then?"
  • (Henry Thomas) "Aye. Would you be having a room for a simple sailor, Mr. Coffin?"
  • (Unnamed) "Aye, if you've no objection to sharing a blanket with a simple harpooner."
  • (Unnamed) "What do you know about whaling?"
  • (Henry Thomas) "Nothing, sir. But I want to see what whaling is. I want to see the world."
  • (Unnamed) "Can't you see the world from where you stand, young man? You want to see what whaling is, do you? Are you man enough to pitch a harpoon down a live whale's throat and jump after it?"
  • (Henry Thomas) "Well, I am, sir, if it be absolutely indispensible that I do so."
  • (Unnamed) "I'll tell you this: There's death in this business, young man."

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