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Monsters vs. Aliens Quotes

Monsters vs. Aliens is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Monsters vs. Aliens completed its run in 1970.

It features Lisa Stewart as producer, and Henry Jackman in charge of musical score.

Monsters vs. Aliens is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Monsters vs. Aliens is 94 minutes long. Monsters vs. Aliens is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Rainn Wilson as Gallaxhar, David Koch as News Reporter, Jeffrey Tambor as Carl Murphy, Julie White as Wendy Murphy, Rainn Wilson as Gallaxhar clone, John Krasinski as Cuthbert, and Renée Zellweger as Katie.

Monsters vs. Aliens Quotes

Rainn Wilson as Gallaxhar

  • (Rainn Wilson) "You must be terrified. Waking up in a strange place, wearing strange clothes, imprisoned by a strange being floating on a strange hovering device. Strange, isn't it?"
  • (Susan Murphy) "Hardly. It's not the first time."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Wow, you really get around."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Now I can finally rebuild my civilization. Any thought on where I can set up shop? Your planet, perhaps?"
  • (Susan Murphy) "You keep your slimy tentacles off my planet --"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Or what? If you wanted to stop me, you should have done it when you possessed the quantonium. Now you're nothing."
  • (Susan Murphy) "There are innocent people down there who didn't do anything."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Bah. There were innocent people in my home planet when it was destroyed."
  • (Susan Murphy) "Look, I'm sorry your planet was destroyed."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Oh, don't be. I was the one who destroyed it. Confused? After I reveal my tale to you, everything will become crystal clear. Computer, begin cloning machine."
  • (Computer) "Yes, Gallaxhar."
  • (Computer) "Many zentons ago, when I was just a squidling, I found out my parents had --"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "No child should have to endure that. So I went on the road, with a giant --"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "And soon thereafter was married. Things were going well, until --"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "-- And I was all "no way.", and she was all "yes way.", and I was like --"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "But I've told you too much already. Let the conquest of my new planet, now know as -- Gallaxhar's Planet, begin."
  • (Computer) "8 -- 7 -- 6 -- 5 -- 4 -- 3 --"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Come on. Come on."
  • (Computer) "2 -- 1."
  • (Computer) "Hmm, nothing happened. Maybe my count was --"
  • (Computer) "Begin reanimation sequence."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Who dares to wake me?"
  • (Computer) "Quantonium has been detected in the proximity of the Omega quadrant."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "The Omega quandrant? Lame."
  • (Computer) "The trajectory of the quantonium meteor leads to a small planet in sector 72-4, a planet locally known as Earth."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "What a miserable-looking mudball. Send a robot probe. Extract the quantonium with extreme prejudice. I want it all. Every last drop."
  • (Computer) "Yes, Gallaxhar."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Nothing can stand in my way now."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Humans of Earth, I come in peace. You need not fear me, I mean you no harm. However, it is important to note that most of you will not survive the next 24 hours. The few of you that do survive will be enslaved and experimented upon. You should, in no way, take any of this personally. It's just business. So to recap, I come in peace, I mean you no harm, and you all will die. Gallaxhar out."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Are you crazy? You could have killed me."
  • (Susan Murphy) "Then we understand each other. Now open the doors and let my friends go."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Or what? Did you really think you could take me?"
  • (Computer) "Quantonium has been diverted to the bridge. Escape pod is now ready."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Like I said before, you should have stopped me when you possessed the quantonium. Have fun exploding."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "To the extraction chamber."
  • (Susan Murphy) "Look, what is it you want from me?"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "You have stolen what is rightfully mine."
  • (Susan Murphy) "I didn't steal anything from you."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Your enormous, grotesque body contains quantonium, the most powerful substance in the universe. Did you really think you could keep it from me?"
  • (Susan Murphy) "This is what this is all about? You destroyed San Francisco, you terrorized millions of people? You killed my friend just to get to me?"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Ya-ka-ka-ka-ka. Silence. Your voice is grating in my earnubs. Too bad you won't be around to see what the power of quantonium can do in the tentacles of someone who knows how to use it."
  • (Susan Murphy) "I know how to use it, just fine."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Don't bother. That forcefield is impenetra --"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Oh. What the flagnar."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Oh -- Spaceballs."
  • (The Missing Link) "Halt. I, Gallaxhar, order you to release the prisoner at once."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Clearly, you are defective beyond repair. Guards, take this defective clone to the incinerator."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Well, what are you waiting for? You and you."
  • (Dr. Cockroach Ph.D.) "Seriously?"
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Yes. Take the prisoner and the defective clone to the incinerator."
  • (Dr. Cockroach Ph.D.) "Uh, yes, of course."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "And here's a security pass in case you need it."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "Would you like a gun?"
  • (B.O.B.) "Yes, I would. Hey, you guys, check this out."
  • (The Missing Link) "Okay --"
  • (Susan Murphy) "Now open the doors."
  • (Rainn Wilson) "I can't even if I wanted to. That's what happens when you put the ship to self-destruct. Now we're all gonna die, and there's nothing you can do about it, Suuusan."
  • (Susan Murphy) "I wouldn't be too sure. And the name is Ginormica."

David Koch as News Reporter

  • (David Koch) "Once again, a UFO has landed in America, the only country UFOs ever seem to land in."

Julie White as Wendy Murphy

  • (Julie White) "Susan, what happened?"
  • (Susan Murphy) "I feel like I got hit by a meteorite."
  • (Julie White) "Oh, Susan. Every bride feels like that on her wedding day."
  • (Julie White) "Oh, Susan, ever since you were a little baby, I knew -- you know, that you would save the world from an invasion from outer space."
  • (Susan Murphy) "Where's Derek?"
  • (Julie White) "He's at the TV station."
  • (Jeffrey Tambor) "You know how he is about his work."
  • (Susan Murphy) "Well, we can't celebrate without him."
  • (Julie White) "Susan, what about your little friends?"
  • (Susan Murphy) "Just leave out some snacks. They'll eat anything."
  • (Dr. Cockroach Ph.D.) "Oh, ambrosia."
  • (Julie White) "Au revoir, sweetie. Have a safe flight."
  • (Jeffrey Tambor) "Yeah, and hang on."
  • (B.O.B.) "Goodbye, Derek. Good luck getting over me."
  • (Susan Murphy) "B.O.B., it's me he's never going to get over."
  • (B.O.B.) "Wait, wait. You were dating Derek too? That two-timing jerk."

Jeffrey Tambor as Carl Murphy

  • (Susan Murphy) "It's okay. These are my new friends."
  • (B.O.B.) "Oh, Derek. I missed you so much. Thinking about seeing you again was the only thing that got me through prison."
  • (B.O.B.) "I love you. I love this man."
  • (Susan Murphy) "B.O.B., no. That's my mom. You're suffocating her."
  • (Jeffrey Tambor) "Honey, are you all right?"
  • (Julie White) "I taste ham."
  • (Susan Murphy) "Sorry Mom. He's just a hugger."

Renée Zellweger as Katie

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John Krasinski as Cuthbert

  • (John Krasinski) "Don't rush me, Katie. I'm just, not ready."
  • (Renée Zellweger) "Oh relax Cuthbert, it's just like dancing. I'll lead."

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