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More Than a Secretary Quotes

More Than a Secretary is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . More Than a Secretary ended in 1970.

It features Everett Riskin (associate producer) as producer, Dimitri Tiomkin (uncredited) in charge of musical score, and Henry Freulich as head of cinematography.

More Than a Secretary is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of More Than a Secretary is 77 min. long. More Than a Secretary is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Jean Arthur as Carol Baldwin, Ruth Donnelly as Helen Davis, Dorothea Kent as Maizie West, Reginald Denny as Bill Houston, George Brent as Fred Gilbert, and Lionel Stander as Ernest.

More Than a Secretary Quotes

Ruth Donnelly as Helen Davis

  • (Ruth Donnelly) "You mean to tell me you're giving a second thought to what that little nitwit said? What have we got to worry about? We have this school, we're free. Independent."
  • (Jean Arthur) "We certainly are. That's just the trouble."
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "Now don't tell me you're getting Spring fever too?"
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "Peter, Paula's pretty pet pekingese puppy playfully pulled poor p*****'s paw."
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "You can't spell. You can't take dictation and you can't type. As a business woman you're a complete failure."
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "You've got the school, a business of your own, and you want to give that up for a twenty-five dollar a week job?"
  • (Jean Arthur) "But, Helen, you don't understand. He's young. He's very good looking. He's healthy. He's intelligent. And he's not married."
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "It serves you right for ever letting on you're smarter than a man. They can't take it."
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "It's always Spring with my little darlings. They only know one season and that's the mating season."

Jean Arthur as Carol Baldwin

  • (Jean Arthur) "I'm going down there and talk to him. I just want to know what he expects from a secretary."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Oh, wait. Wait."
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "Let nature take its course, deary."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Oh, she can't even spell."
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "She can spell what he wants in capital letters."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Slash. Dash. Crash. Mash. Bash. Relax, girls. Relax. Don't attack your machines. Remember the typewriter's an instrument, not a man."
  • (Jean Arthur) "What's this? Are you typing in code?"
  • (Dorothea Kent) "Oh, eh, the keys got mixed up."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Looks like a Chinese laundry ticket."
  • (Jean Arthur) "He's fired another one of our girls. He's fired half his office force. He wants to know what's wrong with the modern woman."
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "The modern man."
  • (Jean Arthur) "You know, you really ought to smile all the time."
  • (Jean Arthur) "You see that? It's meat. Ah, but, it's bad for you. You lose your teeth, your eyesight, your brain cells. It's slow death. Steak. Mmm, come kill Mama."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Oh, what a pity. What a pity. He looks so nice. And when he smiles. He smiled twice today. I tell you, it warms you right down to your toes."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Where are you going?"
  • (Ruth Donnelly) "To get you a big dose of sulfur and molasses."
  • (Jean Arthur) "He looks into your eyes to find out the condition of your liver. There's nothing human about him. He's a total loss. And that's what I picked."
  • (Jean Arthur) "I wait for years, finally, I pick my man. And what is he? A slave driver. A calisthenics expert. A guy that lives on mattress stuffing."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Now, take your covers. Who wants to look at a man with great bulging muscles? Everybody likes to look at a beautiful woman. Put her in one of those bathing suits you could thread a needle with and everybody will stop and look. The women will try to figure how they can wear themselves down to the size --"
  • (George Brent) "Hey, Just, just, just a minute. Just a minute, Miss Baldwin. I'm not putting out a sex magazine. Body and Brain is a dignified publication."
  • (Jean Arthur) "But, it doesn't have to be dull."
  • (Jean Arthur) "I'm Miss Baldwin from the Supreme Secretarial School and I --"
  • (George Brent) "Oh, you are, huh. Mmm. Well, offhand I can't tell a thing about you. I will say though, there's some suggestion of modesty. The other girls trooped in here looking like a lot of chorus girls."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Its beginning to rain."
  • (George Brent) "That's fine, I love rain."
  • (Jean Arthur) "So do I, on the roof."
  • (George Brent) "Oh, you're spoiled and soft."
  • (Jean Arthur) "I"m cold and wet."

George Brent as Fred Gilbert

  • (George Brent) "Oh, you want some raw carrot?"
  • (Jean Arthur) "Eh, no thank you."
  • (George Brent) "Good for you. Builds brain cells."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Oh really, you know I always thought that fish --"
  • (George Brent) "Fish? Fish. Popular fallacy."
  • (George Brent) "What did I say last?"
  • (Jean Arthur) "Poppycock."
  • (George Brent) "Oh, you mean, make sort of a racket out of it, I suppose."
  • (Jean Arthur) "Sure. Why not? Everybody else does it. You buy toothpaste because a couple of blackface comics make you laugh. Coffee isn't coffee anymore, it's an amateur hour. Soap? Why soap is the road to love. Ballyhoo, that's what gets 'em."
  • (George Brent) "This is a health magazine, Miss Baldwin. Health. Not a circus. You were brought in here as a secretary, not an advisor. And just because I was foolish enough to ask your opinion about the magazine, you took advantage of it. You and like all the other women in business, you can't keep your place."
  • (George Brent) "For ages, the heart has been elevated to a place of primary importance in the human body. Poets as well as scientists have helped contribute to this elevation. By now, the fallacy is an excepted thing. But, I wish to explode this myth. The heart is not the seat of our emotions. That place of honor belongs to the liver."
  • (George Brent) "Oh, have I shown you an article on body tone and office efficiency in the May issue?"

Dorothea Kent as Maizie West

  • (Dorothea Kent) "Excuse it, please, Mr. Houston. Mr. Gilbert and me was discussing our bodies."
  • (Dorothea Kent) "I think the body is awfully important, don't you Mr. Gilbert?"
  • (George Brent) "Oh, eh, terribly important."
  • (Dorothea Kent) "My mother was of the same opinion. I can hear her say now, "Take care of your body, Maizie because its all you've got". Of course, it hasn't been very easy, on account of my not bein' strong. I often think my body's my own worst enemy."
  • (Dorothea Kent) "I think education is terribly important. I came pretty near getting a dose of it myself. My father was awfully ambitious on account of me. I can hear him like it was only yesterday saying to Mama, "Mama, we ought to do something about Maizie's mind." Oh, yeah, of course he never did, on account being took very sudden and leaving me to look after poor Mama. But, even if I couldn't take a course, I was always lapping up culture."
  • (Dorothea Kent) "Miss Baldwin, are there two "b"s in a liver?"

Lionel Stander as Ernest

  • (Lionel Stander) "Don't be so bellicose. Men don't like women who are bellicose. I don't wanna have no trouble from you."
  • (Lionel Stander) "What a worm. What a worm."
  • (Jean Arthur) "No, Ernest, I'm the worm."
  • (Lionel Stander) "What's happened to the chief?"
  • (Jean Arthur) "I don't know. Why, what's the matter?"
  • (Lionel Stander) "Oh, keep your blouse on, he's alright."

Reginald Denny as Bill Houston

  • (Reginald Denny) "Oh, Maizie, perhaps Mr. Gilbert would like a high ball."
  • (Dorothea Kent) "Would you?"
  • (George Brent) "Oh, thanks. I don't think I will."
  • (Dorothea Kent) "Oh, that's wonderful. I wish more men were like that. People laugh at me for being so temperance. But, it sure burns me up to see men guzzling a lot of hooch."
  • (Reginald Denny) "I sometimes find a lack of experience an asset in a woman. That is, in a woman secretary. Yes, I've always said, "As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined"."

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