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Mother's Day (2010 film) Quotes

Mother's Day (2010 film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Mother's Day ended its run in 1970.

It features Brett Ratner as producer, Bobby Johnston in charge of musical score, and Joseph White (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Mother's Day (2010 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Mother's Day (2010 film) is 112 minutes long. Mother's Day (2010 film) is distributed by Anchor Bay Films.

The cast includes: Rebecca De Mornay as Mother, Lyriq Bent as Treshawn Jackson, Kandyse McClure as Gina Jackson, Warren Kole as Addley Koffin, Alexa Vega as Jenna Luther, Shawn Ashmore as George Barnum, J. Larose as Terry, Frank Grillo as Daniel Sohapi, Deborah Ann Woll as Lydia Koffin, and Jaime King as Beth Sohapi.

Mother's Day (2010 film) Quotes

Rebecca De Mornay as Mother

  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "My boys."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "I'm proud of my boys, they never forget their momma."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "God, defend me from my friends. My enemies I can handle on my own."
  • (Kandyse McClure) "He's not our friend."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "My boys messed up. It's in their nature to huff and puff and wave things around and think that's being strong. But real strength -- that's knowing where you stand, and guiding others to that position."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "Now George, it's important that you listen. I understand rage, but rage can get you killed. It can throw you off your focus, and you need to focus, George. Because if my son dies, then you die. And so will all your friends."
  • (Shawn Ashmore) "You understand this, lady. If you hurt anymore of my friends, I'm gonna let your baby boy die right in front of you."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "You've got gumption. Good for you."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "You didn't do anything wrong."
  • (Warren Kole) "I didn't do anything wrong?"
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "No. You did what had to be done. You did it for the family."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "We simply need a little time, and then we'll be out of your hair."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "No pun intended."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "Hush little babby, don't you cry. Momma's gonna sing you a lullaby."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "Please get up, make yourselves comfortable."

Warren Kole as Addley Koffin

  • (Warren Kole) "You told me bark loud. Show them who's boss."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "No. I said don't bark. Wait -- and then bite."
  • (Warren Kole) "I'll f*** the tough right out of you."
  • (Warren Kole) "That's a terrible f***ing sketch."
  • (Warren Kole) "This ain't recess."
  • (Warren Kole) "Don't Dr. Phil me."
  • (Warren Kole) "Winner winner chicken dinner."
  • (Warren Kole) "I've been put on p***** patrol."
  • (Warren Kole) "I am so sorry. I did not mean to do that."

Shawn Ashmore as George Barnum

  • (Shawn Ashmore) "You know, none of them look like you. And they don't look alike. They're not even your kids."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "Those children are mine. You have no idea what I've been through for them."
  • (Shawn Ashmore) "Let me guess, you're infertile."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "Those children are everything to me."
  • (Shawn Ashmore) "So tell me about Queenie."
  • (Deborah Ann Woll) "She lives in the woods behind the house, and she punishes children who are bad. That's what Momma says, anyways."
  • (Shawn Ashmore) "Do you believe her?"
  • (Deborah Ann Woll) "Not since I was small. But sometimes I still think I hear her."
  • (Shawn Ashmore) "There's nobody out there, Lydia. It's your mother trying to scare you."
  • (Deborah Ann Woll) "I know."

Lyriq Bent as Treshawn Jackson

  • (Lyriq Bent) "We can't just sit here and wait, hope for the best."
  • (Lyriq Bent) "You can't be serious."
  • (Warren Kole) "I'm as serious as a god**** lynch mob."

Alexa Vega as Jenna Luther

  • (Alexa Vega) "Put the f***ing knife down."

Jaime King as Beth Sohapi

  • (Jaime King) "You tortured your children with your demented rules."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "Like I was taught."
  • (Jaime King) "You taught them to be killers."
  • (Rebecca De Mornay) "I taught them to survive."

J. Larose as Terry

  • (J. Larose) "Picture ID and sign in, please."

Deborah Ann Woll as Lydia Koffin

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Frank Grillo as Daniel Sohapi

  • (Unnamed) "What's your name?"
  • (Frank Grillo) "Daniel. Daniel Sohapi."
  • (Warren Kole) "You don't look so happy to me."

Kandyse McClure as Gina Jackson

  • (Kandyse McClure) "Daniel, not all of us are going to make it. That's just a fact."

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