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Mr. Mom Quotes

Mr. Mom is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Mr. Mom completed its run in 1970.

It features Lynn Loring as producer, Lee Holdridge in charge of musical score, and Victor J. Kemper as head of cinematography.

Mr. Mom is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Mr. Mom is 91 Minutes long. Mr. Mom is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Michael Keaton as Jack Butler, Martin Mull as Ron Richardson, Frederick Koehler as Alex, Teri Garr as Caroline, Jeffrey Tambor as Jinx, Christopher Lloyd as Larry, Ann Jillian as Joan, Miriam Flynn as Annette, Graham Jarvis as Humphries, and Taliesin Jaffe as Kenny.

Mr. Mom Quotes

Michael Keaton as Jack Butler

  • (Michael Keaton) "Take the money, Caroline."
  • (Teri Garr) "I can't."
  • (Michael Keaton) "It was a bet. A bets a bet."
  • (Michael Keaton) "You ever talk that way to my kid again -- I'm knockin' you out."
  • (Michael Keaton) "Honey if you call and I'm not home I'll be at the gym or the gun club."
  • (Michael Keaton) "Kenny, don't paint your sister."
  • (Michael Keaton) "How'd you like a little trim on that moustache, Ron?"
  • (Michael Keaton) "Your mom calls the vacuum cleaner, jaws?"
  • (Michael Keaton) "Honey, you gave me some real good advice once, so let me give you some of my own. It's real easy to forget what's important, so don't.""
  • (Michael Keaton) "My brain is like oatmeal. I yelled at Kenny today for coloring outside the lines. Megan and I are starting to watch the same TV shows, and I'm liking them. I'm losing it."
  • (Teri Garr) "Honey, I know what you're talking about. I've been there myself, alright?"
  • (Michael Keaton) "Well, if you're so unhappy, why don't you say something about it?"
  • (Teri Garr) "Because I wasn't unhappy. Look, maybe I was a little confused, maybe I was a little frustrated, but I knew what I was doing was important, because it means something to raise human beings. What saw me through was pride."
  • (Teri Garr) "I've pride in this house, I've pride with my kids, and I've pride being Mrs. Jack Butler. Where are you going?"
  • (Michael Keaton) "I'm goin' downstairs to sleep on the fat couch if I can get through the door."
  • (Teri Garr) "Well, you should take pride with some of that FAT, Porky."
  • (Michael Keaton) "How ya doin'. You must be Ron Richardson. I'm Jack Butler, nice to meetcha."
  • (Martin Mull) "Pleased to meet you."
  • (Michael Keaton) "Huh?"
  • (Martin Mull) "I say I'm pleased --"
  • (Martin Mull) "-- to meet you. I'm just waiting for Caroline."
  • (Michael Keaton) "Well, uh, you know women."
  • (Martin Mull) "Yeah, I'd like to think I do."
  • (Michael Keaton) "Wanna beer?"
  • (Martin Mull) "It's 7 o'clock in the morning."
  • (Michael Keaton) "Scotch?"
  • (Martin Mull) "Not during working hours. Ooooh, sorry pal."
  • (Michael Keaton) "No problem. Come on over here Ron. Let me show you what I'm doing, taking advantage of some of the time off. To, uh, add a whole new wing on here. Gonna rip these walls out and, uh, of course re-wire it."
  • (Martin Mull) "Yeah, you gonna make it all 220?"
  • (Michael Keaton) "Yeah, 220, 221. Whatever it takes."
  • (Michael Keaton) "When I was in the army, we had to run a pretty tight ship."
  • (Frederick Koehler) "There were no ships in the army."
  • (Michael Keaton) "Ya? -- Hi Joan. How are you doin? -- Ahh, it's gotta be Kevin's -- Victor? How could it be Victor's? Thought he got a vasectomy -- It didn't take?"

Miriam Flynn as Annette

  • (Miriam Flynn) "He's married."
  • (Ann Jillian) "So were we, once."
  • (Miriam Flynn) "Remember, south to drop off, north to pick up."
  • (Miriam Flynn) "Hello, Jack? I'm Annette."
  • (Michael Keaton) "Hi."
  • (Miriam Flynn) "You're doing it wrong."

Jeffrey Tambor as Jinx

  • (Jeffrey Tambor) "Your not exactly walking out of here empty handed, You got your pension and I'll give you this months gas money."
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "There's only one more thing I want."
  • (Jeffrey Tambor) "What?"
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "Disability."
  • (Jeffrey Tambor) "Hey keep that sense of humor buddy, its critical."

Teri Garr as Caroline

  • (Teri Garr) "Do you want to go over the list one more time?"
  • (Michael Keaton) "No, I don't want to go over the list. OK, let's go over the list."
  • (Teri Garr) "Well, thanks. I'm sorry if I kept you waiting."
  • (Martin Mull) "Oh, not at all. I was just having a little chat with your, ah, hubby, ah"
  • (Michael Keaton) "Jack."
  • (Martin Mull) "Jack."
  • (Teri Garr) "Yeah, he's -- quite a guy."
  • (Teri Garr) "Well frankly, none of these would convince to buy your tuna"
  • (Phil) "Come on, Ron. She doesn't know a tuna fish from a Cheerio."
  • (Doris) "Damned good thing we didn't take the Cheerio account."
  • (Teri Garr) "Well -- When was the last time any of YOU, were in a supermarket?"
  • (Teri Garr) "Look guys, take it easy on daddy. Remember, he's a rookie."

Ann Jillian as Joan

  • (Ann Jillian) "Can I give you a hand?"
  • (Michael Keaton) "You can give me two I don't know what the hell I'm doing"
  • (Ann Jillian) "Let me tell you about flannel."
  • (Ann Jillian) "Are these any good?"
  • (Michael Keaton) "You got two pair -- You got -- Plenty"

Frederick Koehler as Alex

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Taliesin Jaffe as Kenny

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Graham Jarvis as Humphries

  • (Graham Jarvis) "All of us here at Schooner Tuna sympathize with all of you hit so hard by these trying economic times. In order to help you, we are reducing the price of Schooner Tuna by 50 cents a can. When this crisis is over, we will go back to our regular prices. Until then, remember, we're all in this together. Schooner Tuna. The tuna with a heart."
  • (Graham Jarvis) "Schooner Tuna; the tuna with a heart."

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