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Mr. Peabody and Sherman Quotes

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Mr. Peabody &amp stopped airing in 1970.

It features Alex Schwartz, and Denise Nolan Cascino as producer, and Danny Elfman in charge of musical score.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Ariel Winter as Penny Peterson, Ty Burrell as Mr. Peabody, Max Charles as Sherman, Dennis Haysbert as Judge, Stanley Tucci as Leonardo da Vinci, Patrick Warburton as Agamemnon, Stephen Colbert as Paul Peterson, Allison Janney as Ms. Grunion, and Thomas Lennon as Ay.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Quotes

Patrick Warburton as Agamemnon

  • (Patrick Warburton) "Taste my bronze, Trojan dogs."
  • (Patrick Warburton) "FYI, a lot of heroes have father issues. My old man is a minotaur, half man, half bull, all judgement. Ajax here, strongest guy in the world, but his father never accepted that his real dream was to sing."
  • (Ajax) "I wanted to be in the Greek Chorus."
  • (Patrick Warburton) "Yeah, and don't even get me started about Oedipus. Let's just say you do not want to be at his house over the holidays, it's awkward."
  • (Patrick Warburton) "That's Oedipus. Dinner with his family is REALLY awkward."
  • (Patrick Warburton) "Don't Tase me, bro."
  • (Patrick Warburton) "What sort of creature are you?"
  • (Allison Janney) "The name's Grunion."
  • (Patrick Warburton) "I'm in love."

Max Charles as Sherman

  • (Max Charles) "Why not go to the future?"
  • (Ty Burrell) "The future?"
  • (Max Charles) "I've never been there before, so it's probably not as messed up."
  • (Max Charles) "Who is he?"
  • (Ty Burrell) "He is Ay."
  • (Max Charles) "He is you?"
  • (Thomas Lennon) "I am Ay, the Grand Vizier."
  • (Max Charles) "Dada."
  • (Ty Burrell) "No, Sherman, not Dada, you shall call me Mr. Peabody, or, in less formal moments, simply Peabody."
  • (Max Charles) "Mepa Pebaba?"
  • (Ty Burrell) "That's right, Mr. Pebaba."
  • (Max Charles) "Where are we going today, Mr. Peabody?"
  • (Ty Burrell) "Not where, Sherman -- When."
  • (Max Charles) "The only mistake Mr. Peabody ever made -- was me."
  • (Max Charles) "Now can we have some cake?"
  • (Marie Antoinette) "Mais oui."
  • (Max Charles) "Sorry, heh. May WE have some cake?"
  • (Marie Antoinette) "Mais oui."
  • (Max Charles) "Maybe she can't hear me through the hair."
  • (Max Charles) "I don't get it."
  • (Max Charles) "Who's that, Mr. Peabody?"
  • (Ty Burrell) "King Tut."
  • (Ariel Winter) "My boyfriend."
  • (Max Charles) "WHAT? His name rhymes with "butt"."
  • (Max Charles) "I have an idea: we can go back to the past and warn Mr. Peabody about what happens."
  • (Ariel Winter) "You said we're not supposed to go back to a history where we already existed --"
  • (Max Charles) "What choice do we have?"
  • (Max Charles) "Gimme a break. It's not like I want to hold her hand or go to the park with her or watch her while she's brushing her hair -- or anything."
  • (Max Charles) "If being a dog means you're like Mr. Peabody, who never turns his back on you, and who's always there to pick you up when you fall, and loves you no matter how many times you mess up; if that's what it means to be a dog, then yeah."
  • (Max Charles) "I'm a dog, too."
  • (Max Charles) "Ugh. This water tastes terrible."
  • (Ty Burrell) "Interestingly, that's not water."

Ariel Winter as Penny Peterson

  • (Ariel Winter) "I'm going to have a big fat Egyptian wedding."
  • (Ty Burrell) "Spoiler alert: King Tut dies young. Are you sure you've thought this through?"
  • (Ariel Winter) "Oh, trust me, I've thought it through. I'm getting everything."
  • (Ariel Winter) "I'm a dog, too."
  • (Ariel Winter) "Uh, hold up a second. Can you walk me through that, somebody?"
  • (King Tut) "What he means, Penny, is that when I die they'll kill you too, and the they'll rip out your organs, stuff them in canopic jars, and then mummify whatever's left."
  • (Ariel Winter) "Okay, I'm seeing this now. Thank you. I'm gonna' go with them."
  • (Ariel Winter) "I'm not Penny, anymore. Now, I'm Princess Hatshepsut, precious flower of the Nile."
  • (Ty Burrell) "Precious, perhaps, but if you think we're going to leave you here, you are most definitely in DE-NILE."
  • (Max Charles) "I don't get it."
  • (Ariel Winter) "What is that smell?"
  • (Patrick Warburton) "That is the smell of victory."
  • (Ariel Winter) "What's the ancient Egyptian for tattle tale?"
  • (Ty Burrell) "Mufshi asur, but that's beside the point. Get your clothes on, we're going home."
  • (Ariel Winter) "Who died and made you Pharaoh?"

Ty Burrell as Mr. Peabody

  • (Ty Burrell) "Sherman, sit."
  • (Max Charles) "I won't. I'm not a dog."
  • (Ty Burrell) "What did you say?"
  • (Max Charles) "I said I'm not a dog."
  • (Ty Burrell) "-- you're right, Sherman. You're not a dog. You're just a very bad boy."
  • (Ty Burrell) "Why can't children be simple?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Children are not machines, Peabody. I tried to build one, it was creepy --"
  • (Ty Burrell) "Sherman, I came back in time to make sure that you don't touch yourself."
  • (Ty Burrell) "You used time-travel improperly -- we must rewrite history in order to save the universe."
  • (Ty Burrell) "I received my degree from Harvard. Valedogtorian, of course."
  • (Ty Burrell) "Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, they get married too young in Ancient Egypt -- or perhaps I'm just some old Giza."
  • (Ty Burrell) "I learned that from a swami at the Begawan Giri in Ubud Bali."
  • (Ty Burrell) "So, what have we learned today, Sherman?"
  • (Max Charles) "I learned that the French Revolution was crazy."
  • (Ty Burrell) "How so?"
  • (Max Charles) "Well, all those guys getting their heads chopped off, and nobody standing up and saying it wasn't right."
  • (Ty Burrell) "And to think, Marie Antoinette could have avoided the whole revolution if she had just issued an edict to distribute bread among the poor. But then she couldn't have finished her desert. After all, you can't have your cake and edict too."
  • (Max Charles) "I don't get it."
  • (Ty Burrell) "You know what they say: If at first you don't succeed, Troy Troy again --"
  • (Ty Burrell) "This is no time for puns. Even good ones."
  • (Ty Burrell) "What on earth provoked it?"
  • (Max Charles) "She called me a dog --"
  • (Ty Burrell) "Oh, dear."
  • (Ty Burrell) "No doubt about it, every dog should have a boy."
  • (Ty Burrell) "Sherman, don't you remember why I told you to stay close to me during the French Revolution?"
  • (Max Charles) "Because after the French Revolution, it was gonna' to rain?"
  • (Ty Burrell) "Close, I said after the French Revolution comes the Reign of Terror."
  • (Ty Burrell) "Careful, Sherman -- It's a booby trap."
  • (Ty Burrell) "What's so funny?"
  • (Max Charles) "You said "booby"."
  • (Ty Burrell) "Our story begins high above New York City, in the luxurious penthouse apartment of perhaps the most unlikely genius the world's ever known."
  • (Ty Burrell) "Oh. Sorry, caught me doing my yoga. You were expecting a downward dog, perhaps?"
  • (Ty Burrell) "My name is Mr. Peabody."

Dennis Haysbert as Judge

  • (Dennis Haysbert) "Mr. Peabody, you're a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a world-renowned explorer, and you're an Olympic gold medalist in the long jump and the decathlon. You're sure you're capable of meeting ALL the challenges of raising a human boy?"
  • (Ty Burrell) "Given all that I've accomplished, how hard could it possibly be?"
  • (Dennis Haysbert) "If a boy can adopt a dog, I see no reason why a dog can not adopt a boy --"

Stanley Tucci as Leonardo da Vinci

  • (Mona Lisa) "Leonardo, tell'a me one thing I have'a to smile about?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "The sunshine, the pasta, all of the thing that make Italy such a popular tourist destination."
  • (Mona Lisa) "I'a have not'a seen any of them, Leonardo, because I am sitting here all day on my abbondanza."
  • (Max Charles) "I don't think that means "chair" in Italian."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Peabody."
  • (Max Charles) "Looks like the past is coming to us"
  • (Robespierre) "I will get you dog, and your little boy too."
  • (King Tut) "Penny, my bride."
  • (Max Charles) "What?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "They grow up so fast, the little bird leaving the nest. Isn't life wonderful?"

Stephen Colbert as Paul Peterson

  • (Stephen Colbert) "So he's literally a dog."
  • (Ty Burrell) "I prefer the term "literate" dog."

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