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Muppet Babies (1984 TV series) Quotes

Muppet Babies is a Animated series; Fantasy; Comedy; Adventure that first aired in 1984 on CBS. Muppet Babies ended its run in 1991.

Muppet Babies was on for 8 seasons and 107 episodes. It features Bob Richardson as producer, Greg Berg; Barbara Billingsley; Katie Leigh; Laurie O'Brien; Russi Taylor; Frank Welker; Howie Mandel doing voices, Hank Saroyan as theme composer, and Rob Walsh as composer. Muppet Babies is executive produced by Margaret Loesch. Muppet Babies is created by Jim Henson.

Muppet Babies is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Muppet Babies is 25 minutes long. Muppet Babies is produced by Marvel Productions and distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

The cast includes: Frank Welker as Kermit, Greg Berg as Beaker, Greg Berg as Fozzie, Katie Leigh as Rowlf, Russi Taylor as Gonzo, Dave Coulier as All, Laurie O'Brien as Piggy, Dave Coulier as Animal, Barbara Billingsley as Nanny, Howie Mandel as Skeeter, and Peter Cullen as Guy.

Muppet Babies Quotes

Russi Taylor as Gonzo

  • (Scooter) "This is really weird."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Yeah, isn't it great?"
  • (Russi Taylor) "We love working in salt mines, right guys?"
  • (Dave Coulier) "Gonzo."
  • (Greg Berg) "Yeah we don't even mind pepper."
  • (Dave Coulier) "Fozzie."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Woo-hoo. She touched my nose. I think she's in love."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Let's synchronize our watches."
  • (Scooter) "We don't have any watches."
  • (Russi Taylor) "That's okay, I don't know what synchronize means anyway."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Awww, she called me a nerd. Next I'll be the nerd of her dreams."
  • (Scooter) "Gonzo, what's that noise?"
  • (Russi Taylor) "Oh, it's just termites chewing on my nose."
  • (Scooter) "But your nose isn't made of wood, Gonzo."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Of course it is. Pinocchio was my cousin."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Maybe my brain isn't working right."
  • (Katie Leigh) "Your brain's never worked right, Gonzo."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Oh yeah, I forgot."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Hey, stay in focus. You're fuzzy."
  • (Greg Berg) "No way, Gonzo. I'm not Fuzzy, I'm Fozzie."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Piggy, have you seen my baby chick Camilla?"
  • (Russi Taylor) "Come on, bust a move, will ya? Heard that on MTV."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Weird is my middle name."

Greg Berg as Fozzie

  • (Greg Berg) "Meep, meep meep meep."
  • (Sherlock Bunsen) "How am I going to get us out of this mess? Elephant fleas, my dear Beaker, all we have to do is not listen to the next episode."
  • (Scooter) "What happened. Fozzie?"
  • (Greg Berg) "Rowlf went into the closet to think about my joke. He'll probably come out when he thinks it's funny."
  • (Howie Mandel) "Boy, we'll never see him again."
  • (Greg Berg) "Yeah -- Huh?"
  • (Greg Berg) "What's the difference between an orange?"
  • (Barbara Billingsley) "Go ahead, Fozzie, finish the joke."
  • (Greg Berg) "It is finished. That's the joke."
  • (Unnamed) "We don't serve comedians here."
  • (Greg Berg) "Good, 'cause I don't wanna eat one."
  • (Greg Berg) "This looks like a joke I once told."
  • (Katie Leigh) "You can't see a joke, Fozzie."
  • (Greg Berg) "You can once you get hit with tomatoes."
  • (Greg Berg) "We all have a lullaby."
  • (Frank Welker) "I think you mean alibi."
  • (Greg Berg) "That's what I said, lullaby."
  • (Greg Berg) "What do you call a yo-yo that goes down but won't come up? A yo. Wokka wokka wokka."
  • (Greg Berg) "Hey, Rowlf, wanna hear a funny joke?"
  • (Katie Leigh) "No thanks, Fozzie."
  • (Greg Berg) "Okay here it goes: what food do you eat with your mouth open? Give up? see food. Get it? Wokka, wokka, wokka."
  • (Greg Berg) "This fantasy is rated PG. We're under age."
  • (Unnamed) "We gotta take five."
  • (Greg Berg) "Five? Why can't we all go?"
  • (Greg Berg) "How do you like my painting? I call it "Still-Life With Tomatoes.""
  • (Katie Leigh) "I think you oughta stick to telling jokes, Fozzie."
  • (Greg Berg) "This is one of the worst peanut butter and traffic jams I've ever seen. Get it? Peanut butter, traffic jam?"
  • (Dave Coulier) "We got it."
  • (Greg Berg) "Are you the Great Gurgle?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, I'm Snow White."
  • (Greg Berg) "Snow White? I thought she was shorter."
  • (Greg Berg) "Maybe I should tell them a joke."
  • (Frank Welker) "I don't think so, Fozzie, we're in enough trouble as it is."
  • (Greg Berg) "Yeah -- Huh?"
  • (Greg Berg) "Aw gee, my imagination must be outta gas."
  • (Greg Berg) "Don't worry Piggy, I'm a professional, OOPS."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "You're a professional oops all right."
  • (Greg Berg) "Personally, I don't think this Mer-Bear stuff is so hot."
  • (Frank Welker) "Um, Fozzie, I think you have your imagination on backwards. Your legs are supposed to look like a fish, not your head."
  • (Greg Berg) "Oh, I knew that."

Laurie O'Brien as Piggy

  • (Laurie O'Brien) "I know what Kermit's wish is. It's that we get married."
  • (Frank Welker) "I don't wanna waste a wish."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "WHAT?"
  • (Frank Welker) "Uh, on something that's gonna happen anyway."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "Gonzo, you're weird."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Thanks."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "Once there was a little green tadpole and he got chased down a tadpole hole."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Hey, Piggy, don't you mean a little rabbit that got chased down a rabbit hole?"
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "I say it's a little green tadpole that got chased down a tadpole hole and unless you want to get shoved into a weirdo hole"
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "you'd better keep quiet."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "Scooter, if you had ten hot dogs and Skeeter took three of them, what would you have?"
  • (Greg Berg) "He'd have a tummy ache. Get it? Ha ha. Wokka wokka wokka."
  • (Scooter) "Why do you always go first?"
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "The answer to that is simple."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "IT'S BECAUSE I SAY SO."
  • (Scooter) "Oh."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "Oh Kermit. You saved me and my millions. How can I ever repay you?"
  • (Frank Welker) "Um, well about two bucks for gas oughta cover it."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "WHAT?"
  • (Frank Welker) "On second thought, let's just call it even, keep the money."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "You can't fool me. You stole that move from James Bond."
  • (Russi Taylor) "And I stole this move from Michael Jackson."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "Here's your order, Kermie."
  • (Frank Welker) "Gee, thanks, Piggy, but I didn't order anything."

Frank Welker as Kermit

  • (Frank Welker) "Hey, did you guys see what I heard?"
  • (Frank Welker) "They don't call me the fastest gum in the west for nothing, ya know."
  • (Frank Welker) "Sheesh."
  • (Unnamed) "Mr. President, what do you plan to do about the high cost of living?"
  • (Frank Welker) "Good question. I guess I'll have to get my allowance raised."
  • (Frank Welker) "Well Mr -- Um --"
  • (Unnamed) "Edgar."
  • (Frank Welker) "What?"
  • (Unnamed) "My name's Edgar. Putinteen. Ask me again and I'll tell you the same."
  • (Unnamed) "Mr. President, how does it feel to be the first frog in the White House?"
  • (Frank Welker) "It feels, uh, green. I mean keen. It feels really keen."
  • (Frank Welker) "That book is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
  • (Greg Berg) "Gee, a story about an under water bowling team?"
  • (Unnamed) "Meet those Spacetons."
  • (Frank Welker) "Stop that singing."
  • (Unnamed) "Stop that singing."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "Kermit, fix it."
  • (Unnamed) "Kermit, fix it."
  • (Frank Welker) "Sheesh."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "Oh, brother."
  • (Unnamed) "Sheesh, oh brother."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "Quiet."
  • (Frank Welker) "Shut up."
  • (Unnamed) "Quiet, shut up."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "I hate this song."

Dave Coulier as Animal

  • (Dave Coulier) "Go bye-bye."

Howie Mandel as Skeeter

  • (Howie Mandel) "Rowlf can pick up the scent."
  • (Katie Leigh) "I didn't know anybody dropped it."

Peter Cullen as Guy

  • (Peter Cullen) "Hey it's Porky Pig's sister."
  • (Laurie O'Brien) "WATCH IT THERE, BUB."

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