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My Bloody Valentine (film) Quotes

My Bloody Valentine (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . My Bloody Valentine stopped airing in 1970.

It features John Dunning, André Link, and Stephen Miller as producer, Paul Zaza in charge of musical score, and Rodney Gibbons as head of cinematography.

My Bloody Valentine (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of My Bloody Valentine (film) is 93 minutessfn My Bloody Valentine (film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures (U.S.).

My Bloody Valentine (film) Quotes

  • (Jessie 'T.J.' Hanniger) "Hey, who busted the lock? I've got the keys right here."
  • (Gretchen) "Ugh, Howard did it."
  • (Howard Landers) "Nope. Harry Warden did it."
  • (Happy) "It was the night of the Valentine's Day dance at the union hall. It had been a tradition for over a hundred years. Everybody was there, except for seven miners at the Hanniger Mine, five of them still down below. Two supervisors were waiting for the men to come up. Anxious to get to the party, they left before the men were safely out, failing to check the methane gas levels in the tunnels down below. For six weeks we dug 'round the clock to try and save 'em. When we broke through, one man was found alive. I was the one who found him. Harry Warden spent the next year in the state mental hospital. Exactly one year later, on Valentine's Day, he came back to town. He killed the two supervisors who'd left their posts the year before, and he cut out their hearts, stuffed 'em into these heart-shaped candy boxes. That night at the dance, they found the boxes, blood dripping out the sides. Inside was a note, a warning from Harry to NEVER hold a Valentine's dance ever again. Every February 14th, Harry comes back to town, his pickaxe stained with blood, waiting in the shadows of the Hanniger Mine, just for someone to kill, should they not heed his warning. IT COULD BE YOU."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "Aren't you goint to open that?"
  • (Mayor Hanniger) "Yeah."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "Better read the card first."
  • (Mayor Hanniger) "From the heart comes a warning, filled with bloody good; cheer, remember what happened as the 14th draws; near."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "It can't be."
  • (Mrs. Raleigh) "Well, I'm afraid I have no records of a Harry Warden, past or present."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "How can that be? He was committed there, under court order."
  • (Mrs. Raleigh) "I'm sorry. I have no records on him. In 20 years, any number of things could have happened. Now, if this Harry Warden was committed as you say, then he's simply no longer here -- and if I have no records on him, I have to assume -- that he's transferred, he's released, or he's on the slab. One of three, take your pick."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "One out of three? Now, look, Mrs. Raleigh -- you're gonna have to do better than that. Now, I have to know what happened to this man -- and I have to know what happened to him now. Now, have you checked everything?"
  • (Mrs. Raleigh) "Everything except the microfilms over in central file -- and it will take several days to check that."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "I need answers fast. I'll be waiting on your call."
  • (Howard Landers) "Gretchen I want you to be my date for the dance. Okay?"
  • (Gretchen) "Dry up."
  • (Howard Landers) "Gretchen, you know what'd look really good on you?"
  • (Gretchen) "What?"
  • (Howard Landers) "Me."
  • (Gretchen) "Suck it in and zip it up, will ya?"
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "Goddammit, Tommy Whitcomb what the hell's the matter with you? Where's your brains? I --"
  • (Tommy Whitcomb) "Chief, listen to me. You have to go to the mine. We were having a party and Harry Warden started killing everybody."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "You'd better put that thing back where you found it or I'll turn you both upside-down, especially you."
  • (Dave) "This is my date, Chief."
  • (Gretchen) "Eh, what's going on?"
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "The mayor's cancelled the dance, and that's all there is to it -- well, in the light of Mabel's death, we had no choice."
  • (Sylvia) "Mabel would've wanted us to have the dance, I mean she worked so hard on it."
  • (John) "Yeah, you can't cancel it now."
  • (Tommy Whitcomb) "You're just looking for an excuse to cancel the dance."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "That's the way it is. There'll be no dance tomorrow night, and no parties either, you understand me?"
  • (Sarah) "T.J., will you stop this? I don't wanna go with you. Jessie, are you listening to me?"
  • (Jessie 'T.J.' Hanniger) "Nope."
  • (Harvey Smight) "Oh yeah, package for ya, Chief."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "-- Get me a coffe, will you, Smight?"
  • (Harvey Smight) "-- Uh, sure Chief."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "My god --"
  • (Chief Jake Newby) "-- Oh, Mabel."
  • (Howard Landers) "Well, last one into town gets the broom, lets go."
  • (Axel Palmer) "Okay, let's go, guys."
  • (Hollis) "Yee-haw, whoop."
  • (Jessie 'T.J.' Hanniger) "Look, give me a chance. If you still want me to go away I will. But I have to tell you that I love you and want you back."
  • (Sarah) "How was I supposed to know that, Jessie? I honestly didn't think you were ever coming back. You just left me here."
  • (Patty) "Eh, what happened to Mike and Harriet?"
  • (Howard Landers) "-- Maybe Harry Warden got 'em."
  • (Patty) "Stop it."
  • (Mabel Osborne) "Roses are red, violets are blue, one is dead, and so are you."
  • (Dave) "I've got the munchies."
  • (Sarah) "Oh Axel -- why?"
  • (Sarah) "Help me. Help me, please."
  • (Sarah) "Ahh."
  • (Axel Palmer) "Sarah, be my bloody Valentine. Daddy's gone away, Harry Warden made you pay --"
  • (Sylvia) "You know what we need?"
  • (John) "Yup, I got one right here."
  • (Sylvia) "Uh, no. I meant a couple of beers, John."
  • (Jessie 'T.J.' Hanniger) "We'll have a party in the mine."
  • (Howard Landers) "Yeah. Beware of Harry Warden. OOOOOOOHHHHH."
  • (Hollis) "SHUT THE f*** UP."
  • (Happy) "Beware of what you make fun of, you little asshole."
  • (Howard Landers) "Who?"
  • (Happy) "YOU."
  • (Chief Jake Newby) ""You didn't stop the party." Stop the party? What party?"
  • (Axel Palmer) "This whole f***ING TOWN is going to die."
  • (Happy) "Beware of having a party at all on Saturday night. You may not live to see daylight."
  • (Mayor Hanniger) "Your decorating committee has done one hell of a job."
  • (Mabel Osborne) "Well, after all, the first Valentine's dance in 20 years has to be something special."
  • (Mayor Hanniger) "Yeah, well; Of course you're right, Mabel, but we'd all be better off if you played down the fact that it's the first Valentine's dance in 20 years if you know what I mean."
  • (Howard Landers) "Harry Warden did it."
  • (Hollis) "You're kinda hard on him, T.J., you can't exactly blame him."
  • (Jessie 'T.J.' Hanniger) "Sure it's not his fault, it nobody's fault -- man, I dunno what to do. Anyway, I really do like that son-of-a-bitch -- yeah, remember? Remember how we used to tear this place apart? Get drunk, race out to the blast furnaces -- that was great -- Guess things change, eh?"
  • (Hollis) "Nothing stays the same."
  • (Tommy Whitcomb) "You're lookin' pretty good babyface, what's the occasion?"
  • (Dave) "I figure it'll get Newby off my back and besides, I wanna get outta this town real soon."

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