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My Blue Heaven (1990 film) Quotes

My Blue Heaven (1990 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . My Blue Heaven ended its run in 1970.

It features Ira Newborn in charge of musical score, and John Bailey (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

My Blue Heaven (1990 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of My Blue Heaven (1990 film) is 95 minutes long. My Blue Heaven (1990 film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Steve Martin as Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli, Joan Cusack as Hannah Stubbs, Rick Moranis as Barney, William Hickey as Billy Sparrow, Carol Kane as Shaldeen, Rick Moranis as Barney Coopersmith, Deborah Rush as Linda, Melanie Mayron as Crystal, Colleen Camp as Dr. Margaret Snow Coopersmith, Gordon Currie as Wally Bunting, and Steve Martin as Vince.

My Blue Heaven (1990 film) Quotes

Steve Martin as Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli

  • (Steve Martin) "Two double scotches please."
  • (Stewardess #1) "I'm sorry we can only serve two drinks at a time. Two double scotches would be four drinks."
  • (Steve Martin) "OK how about this? You sell me my double scotch, and you sell my friend his double scotch, but instead of putting his double scotch on his tray, you put it on mine and I'll pay you for both. By the way have I told you that you look lovely in red and blue -- Pam."
  • (Stewardess #1) "Ok, fine. Here you go."
  • (Steve Martin) "Keep the change."
  • (Stewardess #1) "Oh, we're not allowed to accept tips."
  • (Steve Martin) "Not allowed to accept tips."
  • (Steve Martin) "Green side up, fellas. Green side up."
  • (Steve Martin) "You know, sometimes I even amaze myself."
  • (Steve Martin) "What a day for a mow eh?"
  • (Steve Martin) "I never touched a gun in my life. That and that alone forever doomed me to middle management."
  • (Steve Martin) "I am the worst case scenario of Thomas Jefferson's dream."
  • (Steve Martin) "The shoes, right? The shoes are tragic."
  • (Unnamed) "Hello sir, would you like to try a vanilla-bran oat crunchy?"
  • (Steve Martin) "What do you think?"
  • (Steve Martin) "How's the turtle Mrs. Stubbs? Did your kids ever figure out you switched turtles on them because I know it would be a major disappointment for the to find out."
  • (Steve Martin) "Arugula. I haven't had arugula in six weeks."
  • (Supermarket Manager) "What's that?"
  • (Steve Martin) "It's a vegetable."
  • (Steve Martin) "You dirty rat."
  • (William Hickey) "Snitch."
  • (Steve Martin) "Stool pigeon."
  • (William Hickey) "Informer."
  • (Steve Martin) "Squealer."
  • (William Hickey) "You dirty rat."
  • (Steve Martin) "I already said you dirty rat."
  • (William Hickey) "Yeah, but I say it better."
  • (Steve Martin) "5 o'clock Christmas morning, I run downstairs and look under the tree and what do I find? Uncle Alfresco, dead on the floor, shot through the back of the head. Plus no bicycle. It was a disappointing Christmas on many levels."
  • (Supermarket Employee) "Have a nice day."
  • (Steve Martin) "f*** you."
  • (Steve Martin) "You know, it's dangerous for you to be here in the frozen food section."
  • (Carol Kane) "Why is that?"
  • (Steve Martin) "Because you could melt all this stuff."
  • (Steve Martin) "Are you trying to say capeesh?"
  • (Rick Moranis) "Yeah."
  • (Steve Martin) "Well don't do it, cause it hurts my ears when you do it"
  • (Steve Martin) "Ehh, she's not my type. I like 'em -- I dunno, kinda dirty or something."
  • (Steve Martin) "It's not tipping I believe in. It's overtipping."

Joan Cusack as Hannah Stubbs

  • (Joan Cusack) "The books --"
  • (Steve Martin) "You have something against books?"
  • (Joan Cusack) "I have nothing about books. I am curious about the books in your trunk."
  • (Steve Martin) "You see, I was thinking of writing my story, so I bought this one on how to do it."
  • (Joan Cusack) "Why do you need 25 copies of it?"
  • (Steve Martin) "In case I want to read it more than once --"
  • (Joan Cusack) "I see that it's funny. I have a sense of humor."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Of course you have a sense of humor. Everyone thinks they do, even people who don't."
  • (Joan Cusack) "Your honor, are we to believe that this man is in danger? That some cartoon character men in black suits with white on white ties armed with guns are going to walk through that door as we --"
  • (Melanie Mayron) "DUCK."

Colleen Camp as Dr. Margaret Snow Coopersmith

  • (Colleen Camp) "Barney, look at the way you eat pancakes."
  • (Gordon Currie) "How does he eat pancakes?"
  • (Colleen Camp) "He has a system for eating pancakes."
  • (Rick Moranis) "So the bottom pancake gets the same amount of syrup as the first."
  • (Colleen Camp) "He has a system for everything."

Rick Moranis as Barney

  • (Rick Moranis) "Would you care to bet on that?"
  • (Joan Cusack) "I never bet when I'm sure and right."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Presumably you haven't done a lot of betting considering you've only been wrong once in your life."
  • (Joan Cusack) "Twice."
  • (Rick Moranis) "The Padres play the Mets every so often, though you folks would probably be Yankees fans. It's been my experience that most organized crime people are."
  • (Steve Martin) "I love the Yankees, Linda loves the Yankees, so does Terry."
  • (Deborah Rush) "Who's Terry?"
  • (Steve Martin) "You are."
  • (Rick Moranis) "You don't tip FBI men."
  • (Steve Martin) "Sure you do."
  • (Rick Moranis) "It's gonna be a lot easier if you two start calling each other Terry and Todd."
  • (Deborah Rush) "It's a nice house, Terry, okay?"
  • (Rick Moranis) "No, you're Terry, he's Todd."

Deborah Rush as Linda

  • (Deborah Rush) "Yes, I'd like a cab please at, ah --"
  • (Deborah Rush) "What the frig is the address here?"
  • (Steve Martin) "How should I know? Number One, Happy Street."

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