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My Own Private Idaho Quotes

My Own Private Idaho is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . My Own Private Idaho stopped airing in 1970.

It features Laurie Parker as producer, Bill Stafford in charge of musical score, and John J. Campbell as head of cinematography.

My Own Private Idaho is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of My Own Private Idaho is 102 minutes long. My Own Private Idaho is distributed by Fine Line Features.

The cast includes: Keanu Reeves as Scott Favor, River Phoenix as Mike Waters, William Richert as Bob Pigeon, James Russo as Richard Waters, River Phoenix as Walt, and Rodney Harvey as Gary.

My Own Private Idaho Quotes

River Phoenix as Mike Waters

  • (River Phoenix) "I love you, and you don't pay me."
  • (Daddy Carroll) "I am so lucky, i was born on April 4th 1944, thats 4.4.44, if you add that up it comes to 16: 1-6, one plus six is seven: luckiest number of all."
  • (River Phoenix) "You know your Math."
  • (Daddy Carroll) "It's more than math Mike, it's -- imaculate perfection."
  • (River Phoenix) "How'd we get home?"
  • (Keanu Reeves) "That German guy. Hans. He brought you downtown, you were passed out. He said he was heading to Portland, so I asked him for a ride."
  • (River Phoenix) "For some reason I'm forgetting a German guy named Hans."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "Well. You were sleeping."
  • (River Phoenix) "How much do you make off me while I'm sleeping?"
  • (Keanu Reeves) "Just a ride, Mike. I don't make anything. What, you think that I sell your body while you are asleep?"
  • (River Phoenix) "Yeah."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "No, Mike. I'm on your side."
  • (River Phoenix) "I've been tasting roads my whole life."
  • (River Phoenix) "This is a nice home. Do you live here? -- I don't blame you."
  • (River Phoenix) "Walt."
  • (River Phoenix) "Yeah, Mike?"
  • (River Phoenix) "You think, um, that you could spot me ten more dollars?"
  • (River Phoenix) "Ten dollars? What's the matter, you can't get it from your dad?"
  • (River Phoenix) "My dad and I don't get along too well, you know that Walt."
  • (River Phoenix) "We're not getting along that well either now, are we?"
  • (River Phoenix) "No we don't get along too well -- or else he wouldn't have gone out and drowned himself at Boxcar Canyon."
  • (River Phoenix) "Again? He hit the water this time?"
  • (River Phoenix) "He survived the first time, this time --"
  • (River Phoenix) "Oh, God."
  • (River Phoenix) "You're the only one I can ask, you know that Walt. Please. I'll owe you a date, how about that? I'll owe you a date. Pleeeeeeeease."
  • (River Phoenix) "Oh God, tears crying, hold on. Here you go."
  • (River Phoenix) "Thanks."
  • (River Phoenix) "This chick's living in a new car ad."
  • (River Phoenix) "This road never ends. It probably goes all around the world."

William Richert as Bob Pigeon

  • (William Richert) "Are you not a coward? Answer that, and that goes double."
  • (River Phoenix) "You're calling me a coward? You fat duck."
  • (William Richert) "I'd give a thousand dollars to be able to run as fast as you can."
  • (River Phoenix) "It'll never happen Bob."
  • (William Richert) "I'm afraid if I shared your wine, I might catch this awful disease you appear to have. My jacket would grow little zippers all over it and my toes would have jingle bells on them like those there."

Keanu Reeves as Scott Favor

  • (Keanu Reeves) "Getting away from everything feels good."
  • (River Phoenix) "Yeah, it does."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "When I left home, the maid asked me where I was off to. I said "Wherever. Whatever. Have a nice day.""
  • (River Phoenix) "You had a maid. If I had a normal family, and a good up-bringing, then I would have been a well-adjusted person."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "It depends on what you call normal."
  • (River Phoenix) "Yeah, it does. Well, you know. Normal. Like a mom and a dad and a dog, and s*** like that. Normal. Normal."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "So, you didn't have a normal dog?"
  • (River Phoenix) "No, I didn't have a dog."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "Didn't -- or -- didn't have a normal dad?"
  • (River Phoenix) "Didn't have a dog or a normal dad anyway, yeah. That's alright. I don't feel sorry for myself. I mean, I feel like I'm -- I feel like I'm -- you know -- well-adjusted."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "I never thought I could be a real model, you know fashion-s***, cause I'm better at full body stuff It.8 okay so long as the photographer doesn't come on to you and expect something for no pay I'm trying to make a living, you know, and I like to be professional 'Course if the guy wants to pay me, then s***-yeah. Here I am for him. I'll sell my ass, I do it on the street all the time for cash. And I'll be on the cover of a book. It's when you start doing it for free that you start to grow wings, Right, Mike?"
  • (Keanu Reeves) "Look Mike, sandwiches."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "It's when you start doing things for free, that you start to grow wings. Isn't that right, Mike."
  • (River Phoenix) "What?"
  • (Keanu Reeves) "Wings, Michael. You grow wings, and become a fairy."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "When you wake up, wipe the slugs off your face. Be ready for a new day."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "But how could you see green if it was so dark you could not see your own hand?"
  • (Keanu Reeves) "I only have sex with a guy for money."
  • (River Phoenix) "Yeah, I know."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "And two guys can't love each other."
  • (River Phoenix) "Yeah."
  • (River Phoenix) "Well, I don't know. I mean -- I mean, for me, I could love someone even if I, you know, wasn't paid for it -- I love you, and -- you don't pay me."
  • (Keanu Reeves) "Mike --"
  • (River Phoenix) "I really wanna kiss you, man -- Well goodnight, man -- I love you though -- You know that -- I do love you."

Rodney Harvey as Gary

  • (Rodney Harvey) "Hey man, did you get into that Sinead O'Connor concert last night?"
  • (River Phoenix) "To the Sinead? What?"
  • (Rodney Harvey) "You know, the chick with the bald head."
  • (River Phoenix) "I've never been to a concert before, dude."
  • (Rodney Harvey) "Dude, if we can't steal from them going into the bar, Dude, we can get them coming out. See, Bob-dude?"

James Russo as Richard Waters

  • (James Russo) "That guy. He was your real dad, Mike."
  • (River Phoenix) "Don't f*** me in the head anymore man. I know the f***ing truth. I know who my f***ing real dad is."
  • (James Russo) "Who? -- Who?"
  • (River Phoenix) "Dick, you. Richard, you're my dad. I know that."
  • (James Russo) "You know too much."

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