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My Sister's Keeper (film) Quotes

My Sister's Keeper (film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . My Sister's Keeper ended its run in 1970.

It features Stephen Furst as producer, Aaron Zigman in charge of musical score, and Caleb Deschanel as head of cinematography.

My Sister's Keeper (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of My Sister's Keeper (film) is 109 minutes long. My Sister's Keeper (film) is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Evan Ellingson as Jesse Fitzgerald, Cameron Diaz as Sara Fitzgerald, Alec Baldwin as Campbell Alexander, Jason Patric as Brian Fitzgerald, Sofia Vassilieva as Kate Fitzgerald, Thomas Dekker as Taylor Ambrose, Evan Ellingson as Jesse, and Joan Cusack as Judge De Salvo.

My Sister's Keeper (film) Quotes

Alec Baldwin as Campbell Alexander

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Thomas Dekker as Taylor Ambrose

  • (Thomas Dekker) "I'm Taylor. AML."
  • (Sofia Vassilieva) "I'm Kate. APL."
  • (Thomas Dekker) "Oh, a rarity."
  • (Thomas Dekker) "I bet you'll lose your cookies within three minutes"
  • (Sofia Vassilieva) "You're disgusting."

Sofia Vassilieva as Kate Fitzgerald

  • (Sofia Vassilieva) "This is it. I know I'm going to die now. I suppose I've always known that. I just never knew when. And I'm okay with it. Really. I don't mind my disease killing me. But it's killing my family, too."
  • (Sofia Vassilieva) "Do I look pretty daddy?"
  • (Sofia Vassilieva) "Want to hear our routine?"
  • (Cameron Diaz) "What routine?"
  • (Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald) "Hey baby, what's your sign?"
  • (Sofia Vassilieva) "Cancer."
  • (Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald) "You're a cancer?"
  • (Sofia Vassilieva) "No, I'm a Leo."
  • (Sofia Vassilieva) "But I have cancer."

Evan Ellingson as Jesse Fitzgerald

  • (Evan Ellingson) "Jesus christ, Anna, just tell them."
  • (Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald) "You shut up."
  • (Evan Ellingson) "Tell them why we're here. Tell them what we're doing here in court --"
  • (Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald) "You promised me that you wouldn't do this."
  • (Evan Ellingson) "God, you people are so stupid."
  • (Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald) "you promised."
  • (Evan Ellingson) "Kate wants to die."
  • (Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald) "Stop it."
  • (Evan Ellingson) "She's making Anna do all this 'cause she knows she's not gonna survive another operation."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "That's a lie, Jesse."
  • (Evan Ellingson) "Mum, no, it's not. Kate's dying and everybody knows it. You just love her so much that you don't want to let her go."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Your honor?"
  • (Evan Ellingson) "But it's time Mum, Kate's ready."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "That's not true. Kate would've told me."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "You're honor, I --"
  • (Evan Ellingson) "Mum, she did tell you,"
  • (Jason Patric) "She did. She told you million times, you didn't want to hear it."
  • (Evan Ellingson) "I tried to wake her up. I poked her and everything."

Cameron Diaz as Sara Fitzgerald

  • (Cameron Diaz) "Oh my God, you're good. You're really good. You know, I've seen your commercials, right? I mean, who hasn't? And I always thought that you were some sort of headline-seeking hack. But you have real talent. You almost had me believing that you cared about Anna."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Funny, I was about to say the same thing to you."

Joan Cusack as Judge De Salvo

  • (Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald) "Look at me, I'm crying like an idiot."
  • (Joan Cusack) "You're not an idiot. I see idiots everyday. You're not even close."

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