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My Soul to Take Quotes

My Soul to Take is a television show that first aired in 1970 . My Soul to Take completed its run in 1970.

It features Wes Craven, Anthony Katagas, and Iya Labunka as producer, Marco Beltrami in charge of musical score, and Petra Korner as head of cinematography.

My Soul to Take is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of My Soul to Take is 107 minutes long. My Soul to Take is distributed by Rogue Pictures.

The cast includes: Max Thieriot as Bug, Zena Grey as Penelope, John Magaro as Alex, Raul Esparza as Abel, Frank Grillo as Paterson, Nick Lashaway as Brandon, Emily Meade as Fang, Paulina Olszynski as Brittany, Jessica Hecht as May, and Danai Gurira as Jeanne-Baptiste.

My Soul to Take Quotes

John Magaro as Alex

  • (John Magaro) "I thought that guy would never leave."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Alex?"
  • (John Magaro) "Where's the biggest knife in the kitchen?"
  • (Max Thieriot) "Where it needs to be."
  • (John Magaro) "They will come for you with torches."
  • (John Magaro) "You're a condor. You eat death for breakfast. Remember that."
  • (John Magaro) "Enough with the f***s."
  • (Max Thieriot) "You say f***."
  • (John Magaro) "The fish stinks from the head."
  • (John Magaro) "Condor?"
  • (Max Thieriot) "Crow."
  • (John Magaro) "It's all right, Bug. Feels great."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Feels f***ing great."
  • (John Magaro) "f***ing great."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Fly now. I know you're up there, and I know we're down here."
  • (John Magaro) "No, it's not okay, what I did. It's not okay for everybody to be killing each other all the time."
  • (John Magaro) "Say, "Thanks, Fang, that felt great.""
  • (Max Thieriot) "I'd be lying."
  • (John Magaro) "That's the point."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Thanks, Fang, that felt great."
  • (John Magaro) "That felt f***ing great."
  • (Max Thieriot) "That's a bad word."
  • (John Magaro) "You bet. Makes things good."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Everything's backwards with you."

Nick Lashaway as Brandon

  • (Nick Lashaway) "Bug takes a little longer 'cause he's a little slower."
  • (The Ripper) "Anybody you want to say goodbye to?"
  • (Nick Lashaway) "My unborn child."
  • (The Ripper) "f*** your f***ing unborn child. Now where'd I leave your bitch?"
  • (Nick Lashaway) "Brittany, look, I know you're there. I can hear you walking. I understand that you don't want to talk. I probably disgust you. It's okay. I disgust myself sometimes. I know I'm a pig. I can't help it. No, pigs are nicer. Actually, I'm just what you said. I'm a f***ing crotch dog. I'm sorry."
  • (The Ripper) "It's too late to be sorry."
  • (Nick Lashaway) "Who is this?"
  • (The Ripper) "Someone from your past. You wouldn't remember."
  • (Nick Lashaway) "Put Brittany on, please."
  • (The Ripper) "She's not here."
  • (Nick Lashaway) "Well, where is she?"
  • (The Ripper) "Where you're going to go."
  • (Nick Lashaway) "I'm gonna go to the church."
  • (The Ripper) "No, you're not."
  • (Nick Lashaway) "What do you mean, "No, I'm not?""
  • (The Ripper) "Think hotter."
  • (Nick Lashaway) "Miami?"
  • (The Ripper) "Try hell."

Max Thieriot as Bug

  • (Max Thieriot) "That puppet was scary."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Well, maybe it was just too painful."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Now we're all gonna die and it's my fault."
  • (Max Thieriot) "I'm scared."
  • (John Magaro) "We're sixteen, Bug. Like it or not, we're men now."
  • (Max Thieriot) "I don't feel like a man."
  • (John Magaro) "No one does, that's why you gotta fake it."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Fake being a man to be a man?"
  • (John Magaro) "That's the way it works. You can't run, you have to face your fear like a man."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Even though I'm not a man?"
  • (John Magaro) "Because you're not a man. Listen, the better you fake it, the better man you are."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Just fake it."
  • (John Magaro) "Fake it good. Like if you're scared, act like you don't give a s***, or if somebody hurts you, say, "Thank you very much, that felt wonderful.""
  • (Max Thieriot) "Thanks, Brandon, that-I can't raise my arm, feels good."
  • (John Magaro) "Yeah, there you go."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Is that all you got, Brandon? I mean -- I feel downright -- cheated."
  • (John Magaro) "I'm amazed that you're getting this so quick, it's tricky stuff."
  • (Max Thieriot) "I was faking what I did."
  • (John Magaro) "You were?"
  • (Max Thieriot) "Completely."
  • (John Magaro) "Yeah, but you were faking it good."
  • (Max Thieriot) "I was?"
  • (John Magaro) "Abso-f***in'-lutely. You now have permission to shave."
  • (Max Thieriot) "I am the condor. The Keeper of the Souls. I eat death for breakfast. I live in a house of blood and I accept that. That's all a man can do. I was ready to be arrested that night. I wasn't ready for what happened instead. Leah had told them everything and I was celebrated as a hero. Alex Dunkelman killed his stepfather, a cop, a mother, and five of the Riverton Seven. And I alone had stopped him from killing more. I didn't feel like a hero at all. But if it makes Riverton feel safe at night, I'll fake that I'm their hero. And I'll fake it good. Alex wouldn't have it any other way."
  • (Max Thieriot) "I know you're not my mother."
  • (Jessica Hecht) "Bug, I'm so sorry, I never meant --"
  • (Max Thieriot) "I hope you know something, too."
  • (Jessica Hecht) "What?"
  • (Max Thieriot) "That you are my mom. That one you're stuck with, like it or not."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Do you think I'm a monkey, Alex?"
  • (John Magaro) "Have you killed people, Bug?"
  • (Max Thieriot) "Not that I can remember."
  • (John Magaro) "Well I can't remember buying you bananas, either."
  • (Max Thieriot) "I wished I could take back what I did today, and make you proud of me."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Just because you were out there doesn't mean you were spying."
  • (John Magaro) "I was spying."

Zena Grey as Penelope

  • (Zena Grey) "If things get too hot, just turn on the prayer conditioning."
  • (Zena Grey) "We're all doomed, Bug. It's the human condition."
  • (Zena Grey) "What men will do to you in prison is nothing compared to what demons will do to you in hell, on beds of fire, for all eternity."
  • (Nick Lashaway) "I'm gonna get you for this, Penelope."
  • (Zena Grey) "Pray for our souls, Bug. He's coming."
  • (Max Thieriot) "Jesus?"
  • (Zena Grey) "Please remember, You put the apple and the snake in one small garden."

Emily Meade as Fang

  • (Emily Meade) "Take a look in the mirror Bug"
  • (Emily Meade) "Brandon would enjoy Hell."
  • (Emily Meade) "Happy birthday, insect."
  • (Emily Meade) "Do you know who your daddy was?"
  • (Max Thieriot) "May told me that he loved us very much."
  • (Emily Meade) "Yes, but who was he?"
  • (Max Thieriot) "I don't know. He died in a car accident"
  • (Emily Meade) "On the way to the hospital while she was giving birth to you."
  • (Emily Meade) "What a sad and lovely story. Do you ever wonder why May doesn't talk about him or why there are no single f***ing pictures of him in this house?"
  • (Emily Meade) "Wake up and smell the Starbucks."

Raul Esparza as Abel

  • (Raul Esparza) "This is for you, you c***."
  • (Frank Grillo) "That's for shut the f*** up."
  • (Raul Esparza) "Abel's not here, anymore."

Frank Grillo as Paterson

  • (Frank Grillo) "What did your grandmother say?"
  • (Danai Gurira) "What?"
  • (Frank Grillo) "Did she tell you not to worry if somebody you thought was dead just might come back alive? If he was evil enough?"

Jessica Hecht as May

  • (Jessica Hecht) "Just because Leah says mean things doesn't make them so."
  • (Max Thieriot) "What if they are so?"

Paulina Olszynski as Brittany

  • (Paulina Olszynski) "How 'bout I have my dog bite it off and bury it in my backyard?"
  • (Nick Lashaway) "How big is your backyard?"

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