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Mystic River (film) Quotes

Mystic River (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Mystic River stopped airing in 1970.

It features Clint Eastwood, Robert Lorenz, and Judie G. Hoyt as producer, Clint Eastwood in charge of musical score, and Tom Stern (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Mystic River (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Mystic River (film) is 137 minutes long. Mystic River (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Tim Robbins as Dave Boyle, Sean Penn as Jimmy, Kevin Bacon as Sean Devine, Sean Penn as Jimmy Markum, Tom Guiry as Brendan Harris, Andrew Mackin as John O'Shea, Kevin Conway as Theo, Marcia Gay Harden as Celeste Boyle, Tim Robbins as Dave, Laura Linney as Annabeth Markum, Laurence Fishburne as Whitey Powers, Cayden Boyd as Michael Boyle, and Emmy Rossum as Katie Markum.

Mystic River (film) Quotes

Sean Penn as Jimmy Markum

  • (Sean Penn) "I know in my soul I contributed to your death."
  • (Sean Penn) "And it's really starting to piss me off, Dave. She's my own little daughter, and I can't even cry for her."
  • (Tim Robbins) "Jimmy, you're crying now."
  • (Sean Penn) "This part -- you do alone."
  • (Sean Penn) "Is that my daughter in there?"
  • (Sean Penn) "We bury our sins here, Dave. We wash them clean."
  • (Sean Penn) "Is my daughter in there? Is she in there? Is she in there?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Hey. Hey, take it easy. That's the father."
  • (Sean Penn) "Is my daughter in there?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Motherf***ers. Is that my daughter in there? Is she in there?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Sean. Is that my daughter in there? Is that my daughter in there? No. No. No. No, aagggh, no. No. Oh, God. Oh, God. No."
  • (Sean Penn) "Shut up. It's MY daughter. So shut up."
  • (Sean Penn) "They put her in a bag."
  • (Kevin Conway) "What's that?"
  • (Sean Penn) "That's what Katie looked like when I saw her in the morgue. Like they put her in a bag and then they beat the bag with pipes. Janie died in her sleep, all due respect, but there you go. She went to sleep, she never woke up. Peaceful."
  • (Kevin Conway) "You don't need to talk about Janie."
  • (Sean Penn) "My daughter was murdered. They put a gun to her. As we stand here, she's on an autopsy slab getting cut open by scalpels and chest spreaders, and you're talking to me about domestic f***ing responsibility? Good to see you, Theo."
  • (Sean Penn) "You do death alone, but I coulda helped her with the dyin' part."
  • (Sean Penn) "How long?"
  • (Laurence Fishburne) "How long what?"
  • (Sean Penn) "How long till you catch my daughter's killer? I need to know."
  • (Sean Penn) "Admit what you did."
  • (Sean Penn) "I remember, I was more afraid of my little daughter than I ever was of being in prison."

Tom Guiry as Brendan Harris

  • (Tom Guiry) "I know you can speak. So say it, say you love me."
  • (Tom Guiry) "Don't look at him, look at me say it say you love me."
  • (Tom Guiry) "My brother does nothing without you, huh."
  • (Andrew Mackin) "No, please stop."
  • (Tom Guiry) "I'm comin' back."
  • (Tom Guiry) "You love me so much you gotta kill my f***ing girlfriend, huh? Speak you f***in' freak, or I will you f***ing kill you. Katie.Say it. Say it or you die."
  • (Tom Guiry) "I loved her so much. I'm never gonna feel that again. It doesn't happen twice."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Doesn't happen once most times."

Emmy Rossum as Katie Markum

  • (Emmy Rossum) "If my dad sees you sneaking in my car, he'll shoot you."
  • (Tom Guiry) "What if your dad sees me doing this?"
  • (Emmy Rossum) "He'll shoot you. And then he'll kill you."

Kevin Bacon as Sean Devine

  • (Kevin Bacon) "Sometimes I think, I think all three of us got in that car --"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "So Jimmy, when was the last time you saw Dave?"
  • (Sean Penn) "The last time I saw Dave --"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah, Dave Boyle."
  • (Sean Penn) "Dave Boyle --"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah Jimmy, Dave Boyle."
  • (Sean Penn) "That was twenty-five years ago, going up this street, in the back of that car."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Do you remember the man's name?"
  • (Liquor Store Owner) "Do I look senile to you?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Okay. "Hey Sean, how was your day?" Oh me? I'm tired of wishing things made sense. I'm tired of caring about some dead girl, and there's just gonna be another one after her. Sending killers to jail is just sending them where they've been heading all their dumb, pathetic lives. The dead are still dead."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "The reality is we're still 11 year old boys locked in a cellar imagining what our lives would have been if we'd escaped."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "What the f*** am I gonna tell him? "Hey, Jimmy. God said you owed another marker. He came to collect.""
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Jimmy, what did you do?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Thanks for finding my daughter's killer, Sean. If only you'd been a little faster."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "You gonna send Celeste Boyle 500 a month too?"

Laurence Fishburne as Whitey Powers

  • (Laurence Fishburne) "The girl just wants to bed you; she don't wanna wed you. You don't even blink? She wants to worship at the temple of Sean Devine."
  • (Laurence Fishburne) "The moment I laid eyes on him, I could tell he'd done time. They never lose it, you know. That tension, it settles up around their shoulders."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "He just lost his daughter, maybe that's what's settled in his shoulders."
  • (Laurence Fishburne) "No, that's in his stomach. The tension in his shoulders, that's prison."

Cayden Boyd as Michael Boyle

  • (Cayden Boyd) "Dad, you just said the F Word."

Tim Robbins as Dave

  • (Tim Robbins) "Maybe some day you forget what it's like to be human and maybe then, it's ok."
  • (Tim Robbins) "So, I'm walking to my car, and this guy comes up to me and he asks for a light. I say I don't smoke. He says neither does he. So, my heart starts clocking a buck fifty, 'cause there's no one around but me and him."
  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "Oh, my God."
  • (Tim Robbins) "So that's when I see the knife. He says, 'Your wallet or your life, bitch. I'm leaving with one of 'em.'"
  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "That's what he said?"
  • (Tim Robbins) "Yeah. So I try to brush past him, and that's when he slices me."
  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "I thought you said that you swung on him first."
  • (Tim Robbins) "Jesus, Celeste, can I tell the f***in' story?"
  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "I'm sorry, babe. Ssshh."
  • (Tim Robbins) "I went f***in' nuts on him, baby. I went off. I bashed his head on the parking lot. There was blood everywhere, and I might 'a' killed him."
  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "Killed him."
  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "Ssshh."
  • (Tim Robbins) "It makes you feel alone, you know, hurtin' somebody?"
  • (Tim Robbins) "Neighborhood needs a f***ing crime wave. Get property values where they belong."

Laura Linney as Annabeth Markum

  • (Laura Linney) "Their daddy's a king. And a king knows what to do and does it. Even when it's hard. And their daddy will do whatever he has to for those he loves. And that's all that matters. Because everyone is weak, Jimmy. Everyone but us. We will never be weak. And you, you could rule this town. And after Jimmy, let's take the girls down to the parade. Katie would like that."
  • (Laura Linney) "Celeste called looking for you. She was worried something might happen. She told me about Dave. Told me what she told you. What kind of wive says those things about her husband? And why'd she run to you?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Why did not you call?"
  • (Laura Linney) "Because it's like I told the girls. Their daddy is a king. And a king knows what to do and does it."

Marcia Gay Harden as Celeste Boyle

  • (Marcia Gay Harden) "He's been acting kind of nuts lately. I'm almost afraid of him. Do you know something?"
  • (Sean Penn) "I know he was taken in by the cops this morning. I know he saw Katie the night she was murdered. Didn't tell me about it until after the cops questioned him. And I know he's got a hand that looks like it's been punching a f***ing wall. Is there anything else I should know?"

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