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Nadia (film) Quotes

Nadia (film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Nadia ended its run in 1970.

It features James Thompson as producer, Christopher L. Stone in charge of musical score, and Frank Beascoechea as head of cinematography.

Nadia (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Nadia (film) is 100 minutes long.

The cast includes: Joe Bennett as Bela Karolyi, Leslie Weiner as Young Nadia Comaneci, Johann Carlo as Older Nadia Comaneci, Karrie Ullman as Young Teodora Ungureanu, Talia Balsam as Marta Karolyi, Simone Blue as Older Teodora Ungureanu, Jonathan Banks as Gheorge Comaneci, Carl Strano as Nicholae Vieru, Conchata Ferrell as Mili Simonescu, and Carrie Snodgress as Stefania Comaneci.

Nadia (film) Quotes

Conchata Ferrell as Mili Simonescu

  • (Conchata Ferrell) "He's very interested in our Onesti program. He sees you as the bright stars of our future."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Yes, I can see that."
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "You must understand Vieru's problem. Bucharest is the capital. It has the most expensive facilities, the most experienced coaches, and supposedly the best gymnasts."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Does Bucharest win medals? No. Onesti wins medals."
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "Nicu, you are the expert for men, I for women. Trust me. We have no better girls here, or anywhere else in Romania. The Karolyis are training champions."
  • (Carl Strano) "That is another thing: I really do not like your man Karolyi. He is ruthless. He will do anything to win."
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "Yes, he will."
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "Isn't that wonderful?"

Talia Balsam as Marta Karolyi

  • (Talia Balsam) "I still think you're pushing too hard. It's not the Olympics, you know."
  • (Joe Bennett) "It will be. Canada, Marta, we're going to Canada."
  • (Talia Balsam) "Bela."
  • (Talia Balsam) "Our girls are too young. They; they haven't even won a European event yet."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Yes. That's why we're going to Paris first."
  • (Talia Balsam) "Bela?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "Yes?"
  • (Talia Balsam) "The girls -- they're gone."
  • (Joe Bennett) "What?"
  • (Talia Balsam) "The team, they've been moved to Bucharest."
  • (Joe Bennett) "That's impossible."
  • (Talia Balsam) "It's true, Bela."
  • (Joe Bennett) "But we're their coaches."
  • (Talia Balsam) "Not anymore."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Nadia too?"
  • (Talia Balsam) "All of them."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Family. For nine years, Marta, we were family."

Simone Blue as Older Teodora Ungureanu

  • (Simone Blue) "So, Nadia, how do you like Fort Worth?"
  • (Johann Carlo) "The judges were tough on you."
  • (Simone Blue) "It was about right."
  • (Johann Carlo) "You usually do better. Judges resent the fact that little girls grow up."
  • (Simone Blue) "Nadia, gymnastics has changed, and we're the ones that changed it. What used to be special is now ordinary. You and I, we can't compete with ourselves anymore. I wanted to help the team win if I could, but before Fort Worth, I had already decided to retire. It's tough being with a lot of twelve-year-olds that are better than I am --"
  • (Johann Carlo) "They're not."
  • (Simone Blue) "Not all of them. But they're getting better, and I'm getting worse. It's time."
  • (Johann Carlo) "What will you do?"
  • (Simone Blue) "Join the circus."
  • (Johann Carlo) "The circus?"
  • (Simone Blue) "Yeah. It'll be fun."
  • (Simone Blue) "I'm sorry."
  • (Johann Carlo) "For what?"
  • (Simone Blue) "For being jealous. You deserve all your wins."
  • (Johann Carlo) "I have often wondered what would have happened if Bela had chosen you in Paris, instead of me."
  • (Simone Blue) "So have I."
  • (Simone Blue) "What do you think?"
  • (Johann Carlo) "Let's go home."
  • (Simone Blue) "I took an Olympic silver medal right next to you, and no-one even knows that I was there."
  • (Johann Carlo) "It's not my fault if people don't pay attention to you. I wish they would. I wish they'd leave me alone."

Joe Bennett as Bela Karolyi

  • (Joe Bennett) "Does anyone want to tell me who the other cartwheeler was?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "How about you?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "I think you know who it is. And I'll bet that if you give her this card, she'll think about it and fill it out. Don't you?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "Do you think it's possible for a little girl to fly?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "So do I."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Don't cry about today."
  • (Leslie Weiner) "I'm not crying. I never cry."
  • (Joe Bennett) "You should. So that I could tell you not to. Nadia, the tragedy isn't that you fell. It's that you were the best, and you didn't live up to it. You completely lost your concentration."
  • (Leslie Weiner) "It will never happen again. Never."
  • (Joe Bennett) "You're not serious about gymnastics."
  • (Leslie Weiner) "Yes I am."
  • (Joe Bennett) "No you're not, you're just playing. You should quit."
  • (Leslie Weiner) "No."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Did you ever see anyone as bad as you were today?"
  • (Leslie Weiner) "No."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Neither did I. Quit."
  • (Leslie Weiner) "No."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Go back to the schoolyard and do cartwheels if you just want to play."
  • (Leslie Weiner) "No. I want to be a champion."
  • (Joe Bennett) "I'll confess something to you. I've been playing too. When I first found you, I only knew four sports. I wasn't even a real gymnastics coach. So I'll make a pact with you so we can both stop playing, hmm? Instead of teaching you what I don't know, I want to teach you what I do know. I will teach you how to have a runner's strength, the cunning of a handball player, and how, like a boxer, to be fearless of pain. You interested?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "I'm talking about a lot of work. Total commitment. Total concentration. Don't take up my time and then quit."
  • (Leslie Weiner) "I'll never quit."
  • (Joe Bennett) "No one has ever worked as hard as I'm going to work you."
  • (Leslie Weiner) "I shall work."
  • (Joe Bennett) "You do, and you will be the best in the world."
  • (Joe Bennett) "If we don't go, I'll tell everyone why. Including the press."
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "That would not be wise."
  • (Joe Bennett) "A-ha. Tell me, where are all the wise coaches?"
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "I don't know."
  • (Joe Bennett) "That's because you've never heard of them. Being wise is not what we do best."
  • (Talia Balsam) "Would you like more, Mili?"
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "Don't tempt me, Marta, thank you. Take care, Bela. Don't push too hard."
  • (Joe Bennett) "That is what we do best."
  • (Joe Bennett) "She's getting very good."
  • (Jonathan Banks) "I suppose. But will all this make her happy?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "Well, you just saw her; I have to order her to stop."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Over here."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Come on in, the water's great."
  • (Talia Balsam) "You're supposed to be one of the coaches, not one of the children."
  • (Joe Bennett) "They like it."
  • (Talia Balsam) "I didn't bring you here to be liked."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Sometimes people just can't help themselves."
  • (Joe Bennett) "What are you doing?"
  • (Johann Carlo) "I will compete."
  • (Joe Bennett) "I can't let you."
  • (Johann Carlo) "What does the team need to win?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "Nine-point-nine."
  • (Johann Carlo) "Tell the judges I'm competing."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Are you sure?"
  • (Johann Carlo) "Tell them."
  • (Joe Bennett) "How could that happen to her?"
  • (Talia Balsam) "She's totally dependent on you."
  • (Joe Bennett) "What do you mean?"
  • (Talia Balsam) "Bela, you didn't teach her to control her appetite; you took away her food."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Nadia is not dependent on me. She is irritatingly independent. She always fought with me."
  • (Talia Balsam) "And you always won."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Marta, I can't be with her forever. What will she do then?"
  • (Talia Balsam) "That's a very good question."
  • (Joe Bennett) "How can a little girl do that?"
  • (Talia Balsam) "That's what comes from serious work."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Listen to me. Don't let anyone's reputation intimidate you. All it means is that they used to be good. They must prove that they still are."
  • (Johann Carlo) "They're still good."
  • (Joe Bennett) "You're late again, Teodora; that's two hundred sit-ups."
  • (Simone Blue) "Why not make it four hundred?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "Very good idea, make it four hundred."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Do you remember how long a day took when you were a child? A week. And a week lasted a month, and a month lasted a year."

Carl Strano as Nicholae Vieru

  • (Carl Strano) "She is not even training."
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "No. She is not. For the first time since she was six years old. But she will."
  • (Carl Strano) "She must. I want you to confine her to the dormitory, and restrict her eating."
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "You want me to do that?"
  • (Carl Strano) "Yes. Now. And no visitors."
  • (Carl Strano) "That is blackmail."
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "But he's right."
  • (Carl Strano) "Congratulations."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Thank you. It is so good to finally beat the national;"
  • (Carl Strano) "Hello, Bela. How is our top coach?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "Hello."
  • (Carl Strano) "Any new Nadias on your team?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "There will never be another Nadia, and even if I had one, I wouldn't tell you."
  • (Carl Strano) "Tell me about Emilia Eberle."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Emilia?"
  • (Carl Strano) "Yes."
  • (Joe Bennett) "Yes. You just saw her. She will win another gold before the evening is over."
  • (Carl Strano) "Yes. Impressive. How old?"
  • (Joe Bennett) "Twelve. The whole team is twelve. They are harder to steal when they're twelve."

Leslie Weiner as Young Nadia Comaneci

  • (Leslie Weiner) "We have such fun. We run and jump into a big hole filled with bouncy things."
  • (Jonathan Banks) "A big hole filled with bouncy things?"

Johann Carlo as Older Nadia Comaneci

  • (Johann Carlo) "Is that how you talk about me when I'm not here?"
  • (Simone Blue) "No, I just --"
  • (Johann Carlo) "You tell everybody I'm fat, right?"
  • (Simone Blue) "No --"
  • (Johann Carlo) "Right?"
  • (Simone Blue) "I don't have to, Nadia. Look at you; you are fat."
  • (Johann Carlo) "Teodora. Teodora. Psst. Over here. Smell that food?"
  • (Simone Blue) "Mmmm. What is it?"
  • (Johann Carlo) "I don't know. But I like the way it smells."
  • (Simone Blue) "Do you think they're dancing down there?"
  • (Johann Carlo) "Maybe. I know they're eating, though."
  • (Simone Blue) "I think we ought to sneak down there, don't you?"
  • (Simone Blue) "Nadia; it's now or never."
  • (Johann Carlo) "Let's go."
  • (Johann Carlo) "Why don't you ask me questions about gymnastics?"

Karrie Ullman as Young Teodora Ungureanu

  • (Karrie Ullman) "You're the best here, aren't you?"
  • (Karrie Ullman) "I knew it. Are you jealous?"
  • (Karrie Ullman) "Why not?"
  • (Leslie Weiner) "It was beautiful."
  • (Karrie Ullman) "Another delicious carrot stick, my dear?"
  • (Leslie Weiner) "Which one is delicious?"
  • (Karrie Ullman) "So, Nadia, how do you like Paris?"
  • (Leslie Weiner) "Wonderful. Especially the airport."

Carrie Snodgress as Stefania Comaneci

  • (Carrie Snodgress) "If you do anything to ruin this for her --"
  • (Jonathan Banks) "For her, Stefania? For her ?"

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