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Ned Kelly (2003 film) Quotes

Ned Kelly (2003 film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Ned Kelly ended in 1970.

It features Lynda House, and Nelson Woss as producer, Klaus Badelt, and Bernard Fanning in charge of musical score, and Oliver Stapleton as head of cinematography.

Ned Kelly (2003 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Australia. Each episode of Ned Kelly (2003 film) is 110 minutes long. Ned Kelly (2003 film) is distributed by Focus Features, Universal Studios, and United International Pictures.

The cast includes: Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly, Joel Edgerton as Aaron Sherritt, Orlando Bloom as Joe Byrne, Laurence Kinlan as Dan Kelly, Naomi Watts as Julia Cook, Jonathan Hardy as The Great Orlando, and Philip Barantini as Steve Hart.

Ned Kelly (2003 film) Quotes

Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly

  • (Heath Ledger) "I was the hero of Hughes Creek. I can still see the glint in me Da's eye as he looked down at me, his hand on me shoulder. What did he call me that day? Ah, what did Da call me? That's right. He called me Sunshine."
  • (Heath Ledger) "The country belongs to us, and we'll go where ever we like."
  • (Heath Ledger) "I wore it seriously, my hero's sash of green and gold; proof that i'd saved a life as well."
  • (Heath Ledger) "They say the trouble with the Irish is that they rely too much on dreams and not enough on gunpowder. Whereas the English were shy on dreams, as usual, but had plenty of the other. Now we had both."
  • (Heath Ledger) "They said i'd lost what it meant to be human, maybe never had it in the first place, but wasn't this about protecting the ones I loved? The ones who gave me food, and shelter, even the clothes on me back? And therefore wasn't it now a war?"
  • (Heath Ledger) "What I best recall is riding alone with the sun behind me, seeing me own shadow cantering ahead against the roadside weeds and willows, and leaving me stretched far behind galloping to chase it. Like a centaur in the picture books."
  • (Heath Ledger) "Wasn't this the challenge of you whole life, Superintendent Hare? A feather in your cap? You can't catch me, you don't have a hope of catching me, so you take my friends instead. Over one hundred men arrested, stuck in stinking cells without trial while their crops perish the fields. And guess what? Not one of 'em caves in and tries to claim the reward. Not one of 'em, They loved me the same and hated you all the more, didn't they? Did you really think I was gonna let 'em all rot?"
  • (Heath Ledger) "You must be the great orlando"
  • (Jonathan Hardy) "I am"
  • (Heath Ledger) "Well I am the wonderfull Ned Kelly, and this is the fabulous Joe Byrne"
  • (Heath Ledger) "I've never shot a man, but if I do, so help me God, you'll be the first."
  • (Heath Ledger) "I give fair warning to all those who has reason to fear me to sell out and and do not attempt to reside in Victoria but as short a time as possible after reading this notice, neglect this and abide by the consequences, which shall be worse than the rust in the wheat in Victoria. I do not wish to give the order full force without giving timely warning. but I am a widows son outlawed and my orders must be obeyed"
  • (Heath Ledger) "Such is life."
  • (Heath Ledger) "There's a certain type of black tribesman that bends in the wind. Blends into the background. Mostly he employs the help of the dead to destroy other people. "The Night Dancer", they call him."

Laurence Kinlan as Dan Kelly

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Naomi Watts as Julia Cook

  • (Naomi Watts) "I've been riding this horse pretty hard all day."
  • (Naomi Watts) "Don't make me grieve for you"
  • (Heath Ledger) "I ain't dead yet."

Orlando Bloom as Joe Byrne

  • (Orlando Bloom) "Surely there's no harm in being friendly"
  • (Orlando Bloom) "Where do you think Da is, heaven or hell?"
  • (Heath Ledger) "No. He wouldn't be in hell, you know. He wasn't such a bad fella. He -- he was just a dumb paddy who got picked on his whole life. And that does something to your pride, you know?"
  • (Orlando Bloom) "He said what a lucky fellow I am to be with such a beauty as you."
  • (Joel Edgerton) "Too lucky, if you ask me."
  • (Orlando Bloom) "What are these? These skulls?"
  • (Unnamed) "I collect them."
  • (Orlando Bloom) "Hello."

Joel Edgerton as Aaron Sherritt

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