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Never a Dull Moment (1968 film) Quotes

Never a Dull Moment (1968 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Never a Dull Moment ended its run in 1970.

It features Ron W. Miller as producer, Robert F. Brunner in charge of musical score, and William E. Snyder (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Never a Dull Moment (1968 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Never a Dull Moment (1968 film) is 99 minutes long. Never a Dull Moment (1968 film) is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Dick Van Dyke as Jack Albany, Tony Bill as Florian, Henry Silva as Frank Boley, Edward G. Robinson as Leo Joseph Smooth, Dorothy Provine as Sally Inwood, Richard Bakalyan as Bobby Macoon, Slim Pickens as Cowboy Schaeffer, and Jack Elam as Ace Williams.

Never a Dull Moment (1968 film) Quotes

Edward G. Robinson as Leo Joseph Smooth

  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Stop that bleeding, will ya? It's stupid."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Ace, I need you tomorrow, so I don't want you getting hurt. You get hurt, I'll kill you."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "He warned me to keep you away from booze and broads. He said booze and broads put you right out of your head."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Have a good game, gentlemen. I'll be waiting outside to see who comes out ace high."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "I brought Cowboy in from Vegas. Fastest tommy gun in the West."
  • (Slim Pickens) "Aw, shucks, Joe."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "A new car, less than a thousand miles, and it's broken?"
  • (Dorothy Provine) "Well, quite possibly it was not built to withstand crashing into a tree. Of course, that's just an opinion. I am not a mechanic."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "You know, Bobby used to be a fighter. Pretty good, too."
  • (Richard Bakalyan) "Eight years in the ring."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Now he's my communications expert."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Oh, still listening for the bell, huh Bobby?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Oh, you wrapped up the car?"
  • (Tony Bill) "Well, she hit me."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "I slapped him, for the classic reason."
  • (Tony Bill) "All I did was --"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "I know what you did."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Medulla oblongata? Well, in every art form, there's an element of spontaneity, you know. I'm the first to appreciate that."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "If you'll shut your ignorant yaps, I'll set you guys straight on a few facts. First. It's not a lousy picture. It's a very fine picture and it's a very famous picture -- worth around 600 Gs."
  • (Richard Bakalyan) "600 Gs?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "And, second, it's 40 feet long."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "How'd you do it? I'm curious."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Just an ordinary Australian neck clop."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Ah, so the kid got out of hand. He's sorry. And it's no great disaster."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "What are you always bleeding for?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Well, I wanna do something that'll make a place in history for my name. Posterity doesn't honor executives."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "What're you always bleedin' for?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "What's going on here?"
  • (Dorothy Provine) "I would like another car, please, and another driver to take me home."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Why? Something's wrong with the car?"
  • (Dorothy Provine) "It's broken."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Oh, so I've got a pair of aces, and I've gotta discard one."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "You've got one ace -- and a joker."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "I wanna be remembered."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Well, as it is if you wouldn't be?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Oh, yes, in some circles, but -- Dillinger, Capone, Bugsy Moran. Those are names the whole world knows. They live on through the deeds associated with 'em."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Keep your hands to yourself or I'll take 'em away from you."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Pepé was right about you and broads."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "You know, I used to paint things you could recognize. You know, flowers, trees, waterfalls. Now I do that kinda stuff,"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "and she swears its progress."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "You know what we're trying to accomplish, Mr. Smooth."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Well, someday we're going back to flowers and trees."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "And they'll be YOUR flowers and trees."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "I heard about that big run-in you had with the Treasury boys."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Yeah, yeah, I heard that."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Well, you were there."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Well, I heard you heard."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Frank, I want you to shake hands with Ace Williams. And from now on, I want you to treat him like a brother."
  • (Henry Silva) "Last year I worked my brother over so bad --"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Now, Frank --"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "I'm glad you were able to control yourself. I'm paid up for three more lessons."

Dick Van Dyke as Jack Albany

  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Well, I,just wanna know how cozy you are with Joe. I mean, I like your style, but then, uh, he' the boss."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "Before you go any further, hot stuff, let me tell you something out of pure generosity. I have been living alone in New York City for four years. I know how to take care of myself."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "How could you have seen "Twelfth Night" and not have noticed me?"
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Well, I like a girl with spirit."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "And for the record, my relationship with Mr. Smooth is strictly teacher-pupil. My relationship with you is nothing."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "If I kill him, his mouth is sealed forever."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Let it be sealed."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Then you never find out who "they" is."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Yeah. Well, that's good thinking."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Well, how did you know to hit him?"
  • (Dorothy Provine) "It was pretty obvious which one wasn't the professional killer -- "an umbrella of peace spreading -- ""
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Do you want me to fall off of here and beak my neck?"
  • (Dorothy Provine) "Would you?"
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "That's a terrible thing to say."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "Well, be insulted and go away."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Well, Pepé's too kind. I'll admit, when I kill somebody, even I don't know what happened."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "I've never been in love before. Except with myself. I've got goose bumps all over."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "You, uh, belong to Joe's organization, sweetheart?"
  • (Dorothy Provine) "Sure thing. I head up the mob's fine arts division."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "You're puttin' me on."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "Am I?"
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "I have to kill two guards quietly. I can't kill two guards quietly."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Why'd they call a tough kid like you a sissy name like Florian?"
  • (Tony Bill) "It's a tough name."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Oh, thank you."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "What for?"
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "For saving my life."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "Oh, that. I'd do that for any great actor."
  • (Lenny) "Coffee and group therapy at Walgreen's?"
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Oh, I can't tonight, Lenny. I got a soap tomorrow. I haven't even looked at the script yet."
  • (Lenny) "Maybe it's better that way."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "What's your name, punk?"
  • (Tony Bill) "Florian."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Florian? Why'd they call a tough kid like you a sissy name like Florian?"
  • (Tony Bill) "It's a tough name."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "I get nervous when I don't have a weed."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "You save the coupons?"
  • (Tony Bill) "How do you think I got my knife?"
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Help."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "You really are insane."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Whatever you say. Just help me up."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Oh, shut up, you greasy little punk."

Henry Silva as Frank Boley

  • (Henry Silva) "So this is the big killer man from Frisco."
  • (Tony Bill) "Yeah. Frank Boley, this is Ace Williams."
  • (Henry Silva) "You don't look so dangerous to me."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Some of you boys here in the East a little short on manners, punk?"
  • (Henry Silva) "Maybe your friend would like to teach me some."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Ask him when he wants me to tear him apart. Before I meet the boss or after?"
  • (Henry Silva) "Tell him it's no difference to me."
  • (Tony Bill) "Look, after, huh. We're late and Joe's sore."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "For the sake of the punk, I'll defer the pleasure."
  • (Henry Silva) "Likewise."

Jack Elam as Ace Williams

  • (Jack Elam) "What is this, some kinda nut house?"

Tony Bill as Florian

  • (Tony Bill) "Look, Ace, I didn't know what to do. All that crazy talk. I mean, I can't take no chances. If it turns out that you wasn't Ace --"

Dorothy Provine as Sally Inwood

  • (Dorothy Provine) "Are you insane or do you take something?"

Slim Pickens as Cowboy Schaeffer

  • (Slim Pickens) "Who died?"
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "My Aunt Gladys."
  • (Slim Pickens) "Well, we all gotta go sometime."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Only person who ever loved me."
  • (Slim Pickens) "Now pull yourself together."
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "I'd give anything if I could see her again. Anything."
  • (Slim Pickens) "What happened to her?"
  • (Dick Van Dyke) "Well, she was makin' book in Oakland and they caught her on the take and dropped her in the bay. Splash."
  • (Slim Pickens) "That's rough."

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