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Now (The Walking Dead) Quotes

Now (The Walking Dead) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Now stopped airing in 1970.

Now (The Walking Dead) Quotes

  • (Rick Grimes) "Look, I know you're scared. You haven't seen anything like this. You haven't been through anything like this. But we're safe for now. The panel the truck hit seems intact. We reinforced it just in case. Either way, the wall's gonna hold together. Can you?"
  • (Dr. Denise Cloyd) "He hasn't woken up. His wound's infected. I don't know what the hell to do, so it doesn't really matter what I'm being."
  • (Tara Chambler) "Yeah, but you're still here."
  • (Dr. Denise Cloyd) "Why are you here?"
  • (Tara Chambler) "My head hurts."
  • (Dr. Denise Cloyd) "On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad?"
  • (Tara Chambler) "I'm lying. I'm just checking on you."
  • (Dr. Denise Cloyd) "Well -- here I am."
  • (Dr. Denise Cloyd) "Clueless on the floor."
  • (Tara Chambler) "You patched people up. You're helping make things better."
  • (Dr. Denise Cloyd) "I think he's gonna die. And I'm so scared about what's happening in here, that I can't think about what's happening out there. And that's actually good. And I don't know what to do with that. I just want him to live and for the roamers to go away. And for a doctor to show up at the gates so I can go back to my apartment and keep reading 'War And Peace'. But here comes the end of the world."
  • (Tara Chambler) "He's not dead yet."
  • (Dr. Denise Cloyd) "I don't know about that."
  • (Tara Chambler) "It's not like I don't feel it. You know, being afraid sucks."
  • (Aaron) "The flashlights, the rebar, the rope. You lower them off the wall a good distance apart, maybe spin them. That way, the walkers are drawn to each one and you open up a path. Now you're gearing up. Just waiting for dark, right? What happens when you twist an ankle jumping down? Hmm? Or you just get slowed down by one of them and have to deal with all of them? I can't let you do this."
  • (Maggie Greene) "You can't stop me."
  • (Aaron) "I'm going to help you. And I know a safer way out."
  • (Maggie Greene) "If he's alive --"
  • (Aaron) "If?"
  • (Maggie Greene) "He told Michonne he would've found some way to signal us if he got out. If he's alive or he's hurt or trapped maybe taken. If he's alive, he needs my help. That's why I'm doing this. And if he's dead, I don't want to be waiting on him. None of this is your fault you don't need to do this."
  • (Aaron) "People are dead. I was a part of that. And I have to live with that."
  • (Maggie Greene) "I burned his last picture of him because I said I wasn't gonna need it anymore. Because I was never gonna be away from him again."
  • (Maggie Greene) "I'm pregnant. He didn't want me to go out there and I said yes, and if I would've gone -- if I was with him, maybe I could've helped him. I don't know if he's alive. He would've shown me by now. That's what Michonne said. I just want to see his face. I can't. I don't get to know what will happen. I won't get to know what will happen, what I did right or wrong. Not now. I have to live with that, you do, too."
  • (Deanna Monroe) "I want to live. I want this place to stay standing."
  • (Rick Grimes) "You need to lead them."
  • (Deanna Monroe) "They don't need me. What they need is you."
  • (Jessie Anderson) "Why don't you wanna come downstairs?"
  • (Sam Anderson) "I just don't wanna go down there."
  • (Jessie Anderson) "Why?"
  • (Sam Anderson) "I just -- it didn't change up here."
  • (Jessie Anderson) "Well, I'm more than halfway up, so technically I'm upstairs. You can come here and you won't be downstairs."
  • (Sam Anderson) "No, it's okay, then."
  • (Deanna Monroe) "What I wanted for this place, was it really just pie in the sky?"
  • (Rick Grimes) "No."
  • (Deanna Monroe) "Are you drunk?"
  • (Spencer Monroe) "Getting there."
  • (Deanna Monroe) "This came from the pantry. You -- you stole it?"
  • (Spencer Monroe) "I wouldn't call it that."
  • (Deanna Monroe) "So what you told everyone -- that was just bulls***?"
  • (Spencer Monroe) "No. If they all went in and raided the pantry and everyone knew it, saw it, then that would be the end. But one person? One person, and no one ever would know. So, why not me? I stopped that little run at the bank. I deserve a reward. One last celebration. Because they were right, Mom, and you know it. We're all gonna be dead real soon."
  • (Deanna Monroe) "Damn it, Spencer."
  • (Spencer Monroe) "Me? Now that is some bulls***. You're the reason we're so screwed. You made us this way. We were never safe here. But you didn't want to see that. You didn't want us to see that. You just wanted to dream. What happened to Dad, to Aiden, that's all you."
  • (Rick Grimes) "Daryl, Abraham, Sasha, they have vehicles. They're gonna lead'em away, just like the others. And Glenn and Nicholas are going to walk back through the front gate after. They know what they're doing, and we know what we need to do. We keep noise to a minimum. Pull our blinds at night. Even better, keep the lights out. We'll try to make this place as quiet as a graveyard, see if they move on."
  • (Francine) "This place is a graveyard."
  • (Tara Chambler) "What is it?"
  • (Dr. Denise Cloyd) "It's the end of the world."
  • (Tara Chambler) "No, it's not."
  • (Dr. Denise Cloyd) "Yeah, being afraid sucks."
  • (Bruce) "Why don't you go make sure the gate's closed, Spencer?"
  • (Spencer Monroe) "Yeah. That was me. I did that. But that truck outside the walls, it'd be inside if it wasn't for me. I did that, too. If I didn't, maybe we wouldn't be talking right now. Where were you, Bruce?"
  • (Spencer Monroe) "Doing this will start us down a road where nothing matters. Where no one else matters. And then we'll all look back at this moment right now as when we destroyed this place."
  • (Michonne) "The town was overrun. He split off with Nicholas. He had this idea that -- if he lit a fire, it would stop the walkers from coming here. I tried to go instead. I wanted to. The fire never got lit. We had to keep going. I'm sorry. He said if he got stuck, he would find a way to send a signal."
  • (Maggie Greene) "A signal?"
  • (Rick Grimes) "Open the gate."
  • (Rick Grimes) "Open the gate."
  • (Carl Grimes) "So you just want to leave her out there?"
  • (Ron Anderson) "I told her to stop going over the wall, I told her there's bad people out there and that it's stupid and dangerous."
  • (Carl Grimes) "Not if you know what you're doing."
  • (Ron Anderson) "Well, I'm not gonna let you go. Carl. Carl, you're not going out there."
  • (Carl Grimes) "Back off."
  • (Ron Anderson) "I'll tell your dad. He'll go out to find you, then other people will, too. And then somebody's gonna die. Huh? You saved my life and now I'm saving yours."
  • (Jessie Anderson) "I used to not want to see -- the way things are. It's not that I couldn't, it's that I; I didn't want to. But this is what life looks like now. We have to see it. We have to fight it. If we don't fight, we die."

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