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O.J.: Made in America Quotes

O.J.: Made in America is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . O.J.: Made in America stopped airing in 1970.

It features Gary Lionelli in charge of musical score, and Nick Higgins as head of cinematography.

O.J.: Made in America is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of O.J.: Made in America is 467 minutes long. O.J.: Made in America is distributed by ESPN Films.

O.J.: Made in America Quotes

  • (Yolanda Crawford) "I looked at Darden like, "I can't believe you did it. You let him play you. You are the weaker one, and you didn't have to be.""
  • (Ron Shipp) "so, I said OJ, what happened to your finger? And he says I cut on a glass I'm Chicago, and I went, oh ok, somebody else sat down and asked him the same question, and he said I was chipping golf balls, later on that evening, same question came up, oh you know I was getting a cell phone out of the Bronco, and cut myself and I was like "wow""
  • (Zoey Tur) "I've covered so many of these things. This was not usual police behavior. If O.J. Simpson were black, that s*** wouldn't have happened. He'd be on the ground getting clubbed. But because he transcended race and color to this exalted state of celebrity, he got a motorcade."
  • (Marcia Clark - Interviewee) "I didn't even want to look at him: you have been a liar throughout and the only reason I know you didn't plant the glove because you couldn't have, otherwise, I'm with them."
  • (O.J. Simpson) "when I first came here I was a porter which comprised on cleaning things in the unit I was in and basically after, a relatively short period of time I started working as a gym worker, I'd start each day disinfecting the work out equipment in the gym, moping the floors, with the other group of us that work in the gym. I've coached teams since I've been here, I like to say, "we won the championship and we're old guys, a totally mixed group of players, " I didn't play I just coached."
  • (Peter Hyams - Interviewee) "I thought there were worthy African American actors who had paid their dues as actors, who had shown their talent. My first choice was either Robert Hooks or Bernie Casey, so my reaction was less than enthusiastic. I had seen The Towering Inferno. I thought he was not going to frighten Daniel Day-Lewis. O.J. was a celebrity of enormous stature, and somebody who had not shown the chops to play the part. My goal was to see if I could make this guy work for what I wanted. It came time to do his last scene. He's a guy who's parched and delusional. So rather than him acting somebody who was desperately thirsty, I put appliances on his face that made it difficult for him to move and difficult to talk, and it just made him sound like he was in desperate trouble. And he was pretty good. You know, what can I say? He was a charming, terrific guy, he was a positive guy, he tried very hard, and it was clear that he saw a future for himself in film."
  • (Bill Hodgman) "later I was talking with the deputy sheriff he had taken jurors to where they were released he said all across the parking lot there were high fives and cheers and smiles and I heard it over and over "that was payback for Rodney King.""
  • (Mark Fuhrman) "for you it's a documentary, for me it's the end of my life. I', going to tell you a story: in 1989, I was married, I had a house, I had a daughter who was born in 1991, my son was born in 1993, I had this group of friends, unbelievable friends. Every one of them was different from me though. they all came from intact families, with fathers, houses they still go back to, rooms they still have, but they welcomed me into this group, I thought I had it made. I finally was really happy for the first time in my life."
  • (Peter Hyams - Interviewee) "I think the black jubilation was very offensive, and very hurtful, the news footage of African Americans cheering and whites crying, it put a huge red line across the American society."
  • (Jeffrey Toobin) "Chris Darden saw that this case was becoming this weird referendum on the LAPD, on the history of race in Los Angeles. And Chris, he understood that history."
  • (Carl Douglas) "Every black lawyer idolized Johnnie Cochran in 1994. And I say, Chris Darden wanted to "out-Johnnie" Johnnie. He wanted to beat the man on the biggest stage of his career."
  • (Marcia Clark - Interviewee) "Why don't you get the f*** out of here, you f***ing asshole?"
  • (Bill Hodgman) "I suspect Ron in an effort to free himself from Simpson's grasp, went to the hand that was controlling him Simpson's left hand, grabbed it, pulled it, probably in the process, wrenched the glove from his hand hence the left glove"
  • (Marcia Clark - Interviewee) "O.J. Simpson? Uh. I was never into sports, and I couldn't even tell you what game he played. I thought he was a has-been."
  • (Unnamed) "when I got there they had the scene pretty well secured. They had the entire block taped off, the front door was wide open, old music playing in the background, candles lit inside, it was a very violent confrontation: rage, two victims, blood everywhere, we find a glove, it was the left glove, and a blood trail, indicating the suspect has been wounded on the left side, so we're just getting into this, when we find out that this is apparently OJ Simpson and his "estranged" wife, they had two children asleep, a very brutal murder, someone's got to make death motivation for the next of kin, which is Simpson."
  • (Bill Hodgman) "He had a good reputation as somebody who could build a case. And, of course, most notably, Chris was black, and Marcia and I were not. I have to tell you personally, for all the cases I've tried, I never felt so white."
  • (Ron Shipp) "I tried to leave there and OJ goes Shipp, hold on, they asked me to take a lie detector test, I told them "no." I said what'd you mean you told them "no"? and he says jokingly truthfully, I've had dreams of killing her and I said I'm out of here."
  • (Marcia Clark - Interviewee) "Are you kidding me? Seriously, are you kidding me? you walked away from a double murder."
  • (Marcia Clark - Interviewee) "Chris says I want to do it and I told him in no uncertain terms why we should not be doing this, and he said if we don't do this: they will, then I said let them and we can show why it was a bulls*** experiment why it was never going to work between the shrinkage and the latex, it's never going to fit in the same way, don't do this: it was the biggest fight Chris and I ever had."
  • (Marcia Clark - Interviewee) "What the f***, dude?"
  • (T. Larry Kirkland Sr.) "I think each person who is in the limelight has an obligation to make things better for the last, the lost, the least, the left-out and the looked-over. And I thought he should have done more."
  • (Carl Douglas) "Marcia saw the wall, and she said, "Carl, you know damn well that he has never had this many black people on his wall in his entire life." I said, "Marcia. What are you talking about? How dare you accuse us of such things?""
  • (Bill Hodgman) "it was almost like an outer body experience. I had a feeling of numbness, did this really happen?"
  • (O.J. Simpson) "Thank you Jesus."
  • (O.J. Simpson) "As a kid growing up in the ghetto, one of the things I wanted the most was not money, it was fame. I wanted to be known, I wanted people to say, "hey there goes O.J.""
  • (O.J. Simpson) "I would never wear those ugly-ass shoes."
  • (Mark Witlock) "that guy should've been the model citizen: he should've been in church every week, should've been helping kids, instead he did more to hurt African Americans young men and boys by putting on this "charade.""
  • (Mark Fuhrman) "Simpson's left hand was perhaps around Ron's chest and in the course of a short exchange which could've included some taunting, Simpson "poked" Ron in the right cheek five times and drew the knife away twice across his throat"
  • (Carl Douglas) "I went to an inner-city high school. Our football team was terrible, but our fighters were good. We might lose the fourth quarter in the ballgame, but we'd win the fifth quarter after the game, the fight. It's called "the fifth quarter." That was, at most, a two-year crime dripping wet. The judge in that case held the jury out until eleven o'clock on a Friday night thirteen years to the day of O.J. Simpson's verdict on October the third. That in my mind was not a coincidence. And the 33-year sentence; reflecting the 33 million dollars in the civil verdict; was no coincidence. And that was the fifth quarter. They got back at O.J. for winning our case."
  • (Robin Greer) "She was free and she was happy without him, and I think he knew it was really over. She was saying to herself, "I'm going to date who I want, I'm going to go where I want, I'm going to be friends with who I want. I'm free. You have lost me, O.J. Watch me run." There was something almost unattainable about her that he couldn't quite control, and I think that was part of the attraction, and I think in the final analysis that's what got her killed."
  • (Yolanda Crawford) "Two hundred and sixty-six nights. Two hundred sixty-six nights all alone, shut out from the world."
  • (Fred Goldman) "he lied about everything, there's not one honest bone in his body. He lived a life of fraud."
  • (O.J. Simpson) "I'm not black, I'm O.J."
  • (Jeffrey Toobin) "Really? O.J. Simpson as a civil rights victim? It was disgusting. It was appalling."
  • (Bill Hodgman) "I believe she went down: four stab wounds, three were deep ones, one shallow, inflicted on the left side of her neck, her head was on the first step above the first pavement level where the rest of her body was. I believe Ron Goldman was on the scene after Nicole had been subdued, as Ron came upon Nicole as he moved forward to the fallen Nicole OJ grabbed Ron from behind and probably had the knife at his throat."
  • (O.J. Simpson) "I don't know how I ended up here, I just don't know how I ended up here. I thought I lived a great life. I thought I treated everybody well, I went out of my way to make everybody comfortable and happy. I felt the goodness in myself and the goodness I gave him, I don't feel any goodness in myself right now. I feel empty, I feel totally empty but I feel I have a last thing to say to somebody, please remember me as "the juice", please remember me as a "good guy", please."
  • (Bill Hodgman) ", I believe Nicole had come out of the house expecting Ron Goldman, she encountered OJ, then she was quickly subdued, there was evidence of blood forced trauma near the crown of her head, possibly consistent with the testimony of the coroner"
  • (David Gascon) "That wasn't a police chase, that's an "accompaniment"."
  • (Mark Fuhrman) "I wish to assert my fifth amendment privilege."

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