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Once in a Lifetime (2000 film) Quotes

Once in a Lifetime (2000 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Once in a Lifetime completed its run in 1970.

It features Thomas Heinesen as producer.

Once in a Lifetime (2000 film) is recorded in Swedish language and originally aired in Sweden. Each episode of Once in a Lifetime (2000 film) is 106 minutes long.

The cast includes: Helena Bergström as Mona, Thomas Hanzon as Bosse, Björn Kjellman as Candy Darling, Jonas Karlsson as David, and Regina Lund as Sabina.

Once in a Lifetime (2000 film) Quotes

Helena Bergström as Mona

  • (Helena Bergström) "And next week, I'm gonna be interviewed on TV. It's so amazing. It's just so amazing to die to."
  • (Björn Kjellman) "Well, I'm gonna die anyway. Is it OK, if I lie down a bit?"
  • (Helena Bergström) "You know what happened today? I think I'm gonna go nuts."
  • (Björn Kjellman) "What is it?"
  • (Helena Bergström) "Micke Biendelfeldt invited me to VIP party."
  • (Björn Kjellman) "Wow. This is great. Congratulations."
  • (Helena Bergström) "Great? For God's sake horrible. What am I gonna wear? Jeans and some old T-Shirt with the hospital banner on it?I'm so gonna make fool out of myself."
  • (Björn Kjellman) "Well, that's no problem. Go to my closet and pick whatever you want. I'm not going anywhere anyway."
  • (Helena Bergström) "ooohhh, how lucky I am to have a brother who's a transvestite."
  • (Helena Bergström) "I know, but don't thank me, thank God who made me like that."
  • (Helena Bergström) "Was it really, really bad?"
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "What?"
  • (Helena Bergström) "You know. That thing I sang."
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "No, it wasn't bad idea, not at all."
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "I think, that you are OK, as you are."
  • (Helena Bergström) "What do you mean? What do you mean with that?"
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "That you -- you -- you are you, this matters the most. The people have to be what they are. So, forget it. It's worthless dreaming about things you know, that will never come true"
  • (Helena Bergström) "Yeah -- you're right."
  • (Nurse) "Long live schlager queen."
  • (Nurse) "Ohh ohhhh. Well we only could manage to collent for some flowers 'cause we just wanna say to you how proud we are.I mean we had no clue that you could write and sing songs it's just so amazing."
  • (Helena Bergström) "Oh. Whatta nice flowers, I dunno what to say.."
  • (Nurse) "Long live schlager queen."
  • (Helena Bergström) "And do you know what happened today? A very nice guy called, his name was Leif and he's a producer"
  • (Nurse) "What?.?"
  • (Helena Bergström) "And on the afternoon, he invited me on lunch to some very nice place --"
  • (Nurse) "Well he's buying, isn't he?"
  • (Helena Bergström) "Well I damn hope so. I don't have 2 bucks in the pocket."
  • (Carola) "Did you write it?"
  • (Helena Bergström) "Well what do you think?"
  • (Björn Kjellman) "It's just made to be a hit. It's fantastic. Send it somewhere, send it to Melodifestivalen, they're just looking for songs."
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "But to Melodifestivalen, come on. You're not serious."
  • (Helena Bergström) "Exactly. And what a lyrics, I had an F in Swedish in school by the way."
  • (Björn Kjellman) "Send it I said. But only if I make a dress."
  • (Helena Bergström) "Of course you make it."
  • (Björn Kjellman) "Oooohhhh, awesome. A lot of glitter, a lot of legs a lot of everything."
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "Well you can't be serious."
  • (Helena Bergström) "Oh yeah, and why not?"
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "Are you gonna make a fool out of yourself in front of the entire Swedish nation? You don't have a chance."
  • (Helena Bergström) "Well I'm sorry to bother all of you. It was just some stupid idea, exactly what David said, it's OK --"
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "Oh come on, I didn't mean to --."
  • (Helena Bergström) "It was exatcly what you meant. It's OK. Cofee anyone?"
  • (Helena Bergström) "What is that?"
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "You said you wanted to send it."
  • (Helena Bergström) "You're nuts. You said, that I'm bad."
  • (Thomas Hanzon) "The disc is in the envelope, now you just put a stamp and throw it to the mailbox"
  • (Helena Bergström) "You're damn nuts."

Jonas Karlsson as David

  • (Jonas Karlsson) "So are we gonna win this vulgar, this s***ty contest for people with amazingly bad taste?"
  • (Helena Bergström) "OK, well say what you want but don't be such a f***ing snob."

Regina Lund as Sabina

  • (Regina Lund) "You probabbly don't know who I am."
  • (Helena Bergström) "Of course I know we've been talking --"
  • (Regina Lund) "Whatever. I'm Sabina"
  • (Regina Lund) "I'm making a comeback"
  • (Regina Lund) "And you don't honestly think that some old fool is gonna come up against me?."

Thomas Hanzon as Bosse

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Björn Kjellman as Candy Darling

  • (Björn Kjellman) "That's not true."
  • (Helena Bergström) "It's true."
  • (Björn Kjellman) "You're kidding."
  • (Helena Bergström) "I'm not."
  • (Björn Kjellman) "We will dance in the neon, on the journey trough the night -- Champagne, we must toast this."
  • (Helena Bergström) "Is it a real champagne?"
  • (Björn Kjellman) "Nah, just some Spanish crap, that I bought in the supermarket. Fake, fake, fake.That's my life's moto. AAAAH. I have tons of things-purple, gold, more purple, more gold -- I'm gonna dress Schlager Queen for real. I see myself as the dresses's Picasso. This is my brush and you, you can I make into the biggest diva that will ever exist. Or something like that"
  • (Helena Bergström) "Well, that won't work.I read that Sabina will make a comeback.It's in all newspapers. Noone is gonna care anything about me."

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