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Once Upon a Time in Mexico Quotes

Once Upon a Time in Mexico is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Once Upon a Time in Mexico ended its run in 1970.

It features Elizabeth Avellán; Carlos Gallardo, and Robert Rodriguez as producer, Robert Rodriguez in charge of musical score, and Robert Rodriguez as head of cinematography.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico is recorded in English, and Spanish and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Once Upon a Time in Mexico is 101 minutes long. Once Upon a Time in Mexico is distributed by Columbia Pictures, and Dimension Films.

The cast includes: Danny Trejo as Cucuy, Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi, Johnny Depp as Sands, Cheech Marin as Belini, Gerardo Vigil as Marquez, Marco Leonardi as Fideo, Salma Hayek as Carolina, Eva Mendes as Ajedrez, Enrique Iglesias as Lorenzo, Eva Mendes as Barillo, Tony Valdes as Chicle Boy, Rubén Blades as Jorge FBI, and Mickey Rourke as Billy.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico Quotes

Danny Trejo as Cucuy

  • (Danny Trejo) "There's cartel on every corner."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Sands told me you handle protection."
  • (Danny Trejo) "I don't work for Sands anymore. And since I'm a Mexi-can, I can do whatever I want."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Then I guess I don't work for Sands neither. Goodbye."
  • (Danny Trejo) "There's a price on your head. I'm going to collect. Why don't you just tell Barillo everything you know and then maybe he'll just cut off your hands."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "And if I don't?"
  • (Danny Trejo) "Remember that old man I killed in your village? What if your whole village was next?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Would you kill them?"
  • (Danny Trejo) "Me?"
  • (Danny Trejo) "They certainly would."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Then I guess I have no choice -- but to kill you all."
  • (Agent Sands) "Are you a Mexi-CAN or a Mexi-CAN'T?"
  • (Danny Trejo) "I'm a Mexi-CAN"
  • (Agent Sands) "Good. Then do as I say."
  • (Danny Trejo) "The man I work for, Mr. Sands, is hiring El Mariachi to kill General Marquez."
  • (Eva Mendes) "So you want to join us. First you must understand. There is the bait and there is the trade."
  • (Danny Trejo) "So El Mariachi is the trade?"
  • (Eva Mendes) "You are."

Rubén Blades as Jorge FBI

  • (Rubén Blades) "Barillo and Dr. Guevara should be inside of the building, having entered from the back or basement. They should be"
  • (Rubén Blades) "mid-procedure by now."
  • (Rubén Blades) "Federale agents -- this is going down now"
  • (Rubén Blades) "Do you remember a man named Archuleta?"
  • (Eva Mendes) "Why?"
  • (Mickey Rourke) "I present to you Special Agent Jorge Ramirez."
  • (Rubén Blades) "You tortured and murdered Agent Archuleta. He was my partner. He was also my friend."
  • (Eva Mendes) "Agent Ramirez. You have to follow certain rules --"
  • (Rubén Blades) "Oh, I'm retired. Rules don't apply to me any more than they do to you."
  • (Eva Mendes) "Mr. Chambers?"
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Yes, sir?"
  • (Eva Mendes) "You just going to stand there?"
  • (Mickey Rourke) "I'm afraid anything but standing's going to cost you extra."
  • (Eva Mendes) "You leave me no choice."
  • (Rubén Blades) "Hey."
  • (Agent Sands) "You get your man?"
  • (Rubén Blades) "One of them."
  • (Agent Sands) "Well, if that isn't inter-agency cooperation, I don't know what is."
  • (Rubén Blades) "See you around."
  • (Agent Sands) "f*** you."

Johnny Depp as Sands

  • (Johnny Depp) "Hey, you get your man?"
  • (Rubén Blades) "One of them."
  • (Johnny Depp) "If that isn't inter-agency cooperation, I just don't know what is."
  • (Johnny Depp) "You're a good rat. I like you."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Sometimes a revolution is exactly what is needed for cleaning out the system. One giant enema, which just so happens to be my area of expertise."
  • (Johnny Depp) "My name is Sheldon Jeffery Sands. I work for the Central Intelligence Agency. I throw shapes. I throw shapes, I set them up, I watch them fall. I'm living la vida loca."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Oh yeah, things may get a wee bit dangerous there sugarbutt so -- can you dig it?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Was I right?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Hmmm. Guess not."

Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi

  • (Antonio Banderas) "Why me?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Frankly, because you've got nothing to live for -- and in a way you're already dead and Marquez is the one that killed you so why not return the favor?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "You want me to shoot the cook?"
  • (Agent Sands) "No. I'll shoot the cook. My car's parked out back, anyway."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Any suggestions, Ms. "Why don't we get a room on the 5th floor so we can see the beautiful sunset"?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Go practice."
  • (Marco Leonardi) "Practice playing or shooting?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "What do you think?"
  • (Marco Leonardi) "I don't think, I drink."

Salma Hayek as Carolina

  • (Salma Hayek) "What do you want in life?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "To be free --"
  • (Salma Hayek) "Simple."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "No."

Tony Valdes as Chicle Boy

  • (Tony Valdes) "Is someone following you?"
  • (Agent Sands) "Well, it's a little difficult for me to tell right now, because I'm kinda having a bad day."
  • (Agent Sands) "Ouch."
  • (Agent Sands) "Is he close?"
  • (Tony Valdes) "Si."
  • (Agent Sands) "Ok. Smoke him -- Smoke the f***er. Send him straight to f***ing Broadway."
  • (Tony Valdes) "No Puedo."
  • (Tony Valdes) "Are you going to be OK?"
  • (Agent Sands) "I don't know kid, I don't know."
  • (Tony Valdes) "You will be."
  • (Agent Sands) "Have you ever seen one of these? Have you ever used one? Don't ever because, they're very very bad. But right now I need you to aim it at the bad guy who's following us, and shoot him in the head."
  • (Tony Valdes) "Matalo?"
  • (Agent Sands) "Oh yeah. Very matalo."

Enrique Iglesias as Lorenzo

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Eva Mendes as Barillo

  • (Eva Mendes) "Sorry, baby. I told you I wasn't interested in your little scheme. Too small."
  • (Agent Sands) "Oh my Christ. Is that Barillo?"
  • (Eva Mendes) "That's the new Barillo. The old Barillo died in surgery a few hours ago."
  • (Agent Sands) "What kind of cartel would have you running its operations?"
  • (Eva Mendes) "I'm his daughter."
  • (Agent Sands) "I feel its only fair to warn you, that killing me is crossing the line and you will have every single Marine from here to Guantanamo Bay up your keester mister, so just know that."
  • (Eva Mendes) "Fortunately for you, nothing you did is worth dying for. You have only seen too much. We are going to make sure this does not happen again."
  • (Eva Mendes) "You're gonna pay for that cop."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Why doesn't my key work any more?"
  • (Eva Mendes) "It's too small."
  • (Agent Sands) "I will have the puerco pibil and a tequila with lime."
  • (Agent Sands) "Yeah, I need a new line. This one's been compromised. Okay? Thank you. I'll be waiting here at La Vaca Volanda --"
  • (Agent Sands) "-- that's right, the flying -- cow."
  • (Eva Mendes) "You really didn't see it coming, did you?"
  • (Eva Mendes) "See anything you like?"
  • (Agent Sands) "No."

Gerardo Vigil as Marquez

  • (Gerardo Vigil) "Carolina?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "She died."
  • (Gerardo Vigil) "Your daughter?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "She died."
  • (Gerardo Vigil) "You?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Dead."
  • (Gerardo Vigil) "And me?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Alive and well."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "In hell."

Cheech Marin as Belini

  • (Agent Sands) "I never heard of him."
  • (Cheech Marin) "Who?"
  • (Agent Sands) "The man you recommended."
  • (Cheech Marin) "The guitar fighter?"
  • (Cheech Marin) "People say he was the biggest Mexican they'd ever seen -- he was 5 9, 5 10 tops, it was no record, but bigger than most of us"

Mickey Rourke as Billy

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Marco Leonardi as Fideo

  • (Marco Leonardi) "The man who wants nothing is invincible, cabron."

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