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Once Were Warriors (film) Quotes

Once Were Warriors (film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Once Were Warriors ended its run in 1970.

It features Robin Scholes as producer, Murray Grindlay in charge of musical score, and Stuart Dryburgh as head of cinematography.

Once Were Warriors (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in New Zealand. Each episode of Once Were Warriors (film) is 102 minutes long. Once Were Warriors (film) is distributed by Fine Line Features.

The cast includes: Rena Owen as Beth Heke, Temuera Morrison as Jake Heke, Mere Boynton as Mavis, and Cliff Curtis as Bully.

Once Were Warriors (film) Quotes

Rena Owen as Beth Heke

  • (Policewoman) "Beth Heke?"
  • (Rena Owen) "What now?"
  • (Policeman) "He's been keeping bad company."
  • (Rena Owen) "Was that before or after you picked him up?"
  • (Rena Owen) "You did this to me you bastard. I hope you spew your guts out."
  • (Rena Owen) "Got your period bub? Bound to make you a bit uptight eh."
  • (Rena Owen) "He's gone. He's gone to welfare. And you slept through the whole bloody thing."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "Is that all? Is that what all this slamming of f***ing doors, crying and carrying on is about?"
  • (Nig Heke) "Got any money?"
  • (Rena Owen) "What do you want money for? You've got everything you need right here. You got booze -- food."
  • (Rena Owen) "Our people once were warriors. But unlike you, Jake, they were people with mana, pride; people with spirit. If my spirit can survive living with you for eighteen years, then I can survive anything."
  • (Rena Owen) "You raped a 13 year old girl and sat here drinking with her father while the rest of us buried her."
  • (Cliff Curtis) "You should learn to control your Missus."
  • (Rena Owen) "Sneaking around the house laying your filthy f***ing hands on my baby."

Temuera Morrison as Jake Heke

  • (Temuera Morrison) "I bought seafood today; bloody everything. Just wanted to put a smile on her face. Think she'd let me? Not a chance. All I said was that I got laid off. Anybody would've thought I'd told her my prick had dropped off."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "You're a f***en mess. Don't you ever speak to me again you hear?"
  • (Temuera Morrison) "Where the f*** you off to? Come have a feed boy."
  • (Nig Heke) "Nuh."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "f*** him."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "Well f*** off, then. You'll get nothing from me."
  • (Rena Owen) "You have nothing I want, Jake."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "You would rather stay with a pad of f***ing wankers."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "Cook the man some f***ing eggs."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "Tell Jakey you love him."
  • (Rena Owen) "That's the trouble Jake, I do."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "In case you wanna know it's Jake. Jake The Muss."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "I'll kill you first."
  • (Rena Owen) "Well go on, do it. You're still a slave Jake. To your fists. To the drink. To yourself. Well go on; kill the bloody lot of us."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "Barman. Six milkshakes; easy on the ice cream."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "You do as you're f***ing told."
  • (Temuera Morrison) "I was right -- too much weights, not enough speedwork. Useless prick."

Mere Boynton as Mavis

  • (Mere Boynton) "You know the rules; keep your mouth shut and your legs open."
  • (Mere Boynton) "Jesus girl, is that the result of one hell of an orgasm or what?"

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