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Open Season (2006 film) Quotes

Open Season (2006 film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Open Season ended in 1970.

It features Michelle Murdocca as producer, and Paul Westerberg in charge of musical score.

Open Season (2006 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Open Season (2006 film) is 86 minutes long. Open Season (2006 film) is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

The cast includes: Ashton Kutcher as Elliot, Martin Lawrence as Boog, Gary Sinise as Shaw, Billy Connolly as McSquizzy, Georgia Engel as Bobbie, Gordon Tootoosis as Gordy, Jon Favreau as Reilly, Patrick Warburton as Ian, and Cody Cameron as Mr. Weenie.

Open Season (2006 film) Quotes

Ashton Kutcher as Elliot

  • (Ashton Kutcher) "You know, I've been thinking, we should have a secret handshake, and like nicknames and stuff. Like, I can call you Boogster, and you can call me the Incredible Mr. E. You like that? I just made it up."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "I feel a little light-headed."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. It's terrible and wonderful at the same time. It's like freedom in a cup."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "I come in peace."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Ian's right, I'm a loser"
  • (Martin Lawrence) "No you're not a loser"
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Yes I am."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "No you're not."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Yes."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "No."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Trust me, you know the day I met you Ian kicked me out of the herd, I lost my antler, I got run over, and tied to the hood of a truck. What do you call that?"
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Ahhh -- a loser. But check this out -- behold the mighty grizzly -- I look like a bear, I talk like a bear but I can't fish, I can't climb a tree, I can't even go in the woods."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Thats nothing. Half doe, half buck. I'm a duck."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "I ride a unicycle for crackers."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "I have a glass eye."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "I can't snap."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "I thought log was a colour."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "I can't see my feet."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "I killed a man."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Don't look now, but I see a little bush with your name written all over it."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "A bush? Are you serious?"
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Go on. Its just like riding a bicycle, only -- you're crapping on it."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Show us your GRRR face, nature boy."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Hey, Boog. Look, no hands. Though I think I'm getting a sunburn."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "All right, where's home?"
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Or maybe it's a moonburn. Check it out."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Ow."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Look at me. I'm a doe and I'm a buck. I'm a DUCK."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "I get it. You're like a pet."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "I'm nobody's pet."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Right."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Ok, righty tighty"
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Leeefffttty loosey"
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Okay, Forest 101: These tall stick things are called trees. The big rocks are called mountains and the little rocks are their babies."

Patrick Warburton as Ian

  • (Patrick Warburton) "Herd, circle formation."
  • (Patrick Warburton) "You pinheads, that's an oval. More -- circle-y."
  • (Patrick Warburton) "Boog? What's that short for? Booger?"

Martin Lawrence as Boog

  • (Martin Lawrence) "Hello, idiot."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "That's Elliot."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "All right, fish. Give it up for Boog."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "When I'm a bear-skin rug, they can walk all over me. Until then, I ain't going down without a fight."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Get out of here."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Hey, I took you out of the garage. You should thank me."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Thank you?"
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "You're welcome."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "What are you looking at? I told you not to wait up."
  • (Beth) "You're in big trouble mister."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Shush."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Where's home? It's gone. Someone stole it."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "We've been going around in circles."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Cir-cle. One time around."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Yeah, and the giraffes taste almost exactly like the elephants. That's messed up."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Ooooohhh -- pretty"
  • (Martin Lawrence) "The woods is no place for a bear."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Take a good look around, Elliot. What's missing?"
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Wait, don't tell me, I know this one --"
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Timberline is missing."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Oh, I was just going to say that."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "My garage is missing. My breakfast, lunch and dinner are missing. My life is missing, and it's all -- your -- fault."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "What are you going to do?"
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "AHHHHHHHH."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "Ha ha. you're funny. I was like, "No way" and then I was like, "Uh-huh." Ha ha ha ha."

Billy Connolly as McSquizzy

  • (Billy Connolly) "Mess not with the Fuzzytail Clan, protectors of the weak, crusaders of the righteous, guardians of the pine."
  • (Billy Connolly) "Aw, Mister Happy didn't go off."
  • (Billy Connolly) "Oy, you late for Sunday school? This is McSquizzy's turf. Nobody messes with McSquizzy, coz that's me."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "What?"
  • (Billy Connolly) "Touch a needle on this tree, and I'll give you such a doing."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "You and what army?"
  • (Unnamed) "Oy."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Oh, that army."
  • (Billy Connolly) "Is this a private fight or can anybody join? Because McSquezzy wants in."
  • (Martin Lawrence) "Good, 'cause we're gonna need your nuts."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "And your acorns, too."
  • (Billy Connolly) "Ged off my trees ya buck-toothed sporran."

Georgia Engel as Bobbie

  • (Georgia Engel) "Alright, Mr. Weenie, Mama's gonna go take a dip."
  • (Cody Cameron) "Good. Mama's getting kind of gamey."

Gary Sinise as Shaw

  • (Gary Sinise) "Don't trust him. Pets are double agents. the moment you turn your backs, he'll shiv you."
  • (Georgia Engel) "Oh, no he can't. We had him fixed."
  • (Gary Sinise) "Somebody's been eatin' my candy."
  • (Gary Sinise) "Somebody's been sitting in my chair."
  • (Gary Sinise) "Somebody -- FORGOT TO FLUSH. Aaargh."
  • (Gary Sinise) "How far does this conspiracy go? How many animals are in on it? God bless America. I hope the bald eagle hasn't turned."
  • (Gary Sinise) "It walks -- like a man."

Jon Favreau as Reilly

  • (Jon Favreau) "Hey, guys. Check it out. The largest carnivore in North America. The grizzly bear."
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "And he's a good dancer. We're gonna be in a show."
  • (Jon Favreau) "What's he doing?"
  • (Billy Connolly) "Is he not gonna maul her?"
  • (Ashton Kutcher) "No. She's his mom. She's taking us home."
  • (Porcupine) "Every buddy?"
  • (Jon Favreau) "Yo, O'Toole."
  • (O'Toole) "Yeah, boss?"
  • (Jon Favreau) "I want you to cantilever that cedar on a bias by the north side."
  • (O'Toole) "Huh?"
  • (Jon Favreau) "Put a twig in the hole."
  • (O'Toole) "Oh."
  • (Jon Favreau) "Rookie."
  • (Jon Favreau) "It's a pet. He'll give us away."
  • (Cody Cameron) "I've been living a lie."
  • (Cody Cameron) "Take me with you."

Cody Cameron as Mr. Weenie

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Gordon Tootoosis as Gordy

  • (Gordon Tootoosis) "You know, the longer you wait, the harder it's gonna to be for him to adapt."
  • (Beth) "Oh, I'm sure he'll -- that is, I think he'll --"
  • (Gordon Tootoosis) "And the harder it's gonna be for you to leave him."
  • (Gordon Tootoosis) "Shaw, open season isn't for three days. What is that buck doing on your hood?"
  • (Gary Sinise) "It ain't my fault. I hit him while driving."
  • (Gordon Tootoosis) "Where, on the interstate?"
  • (Gary Sinise) "Sorta."
  • (Gordon Tootoosis) "You're not his mother."
  • (Beth) "I'm not mothering him."
  • (Beth) "Excuse me a moment. Go to bed, Boog."

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