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Our Mrs. Reynolds Quotes

Our Mrs. Reynolds is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Our Mrs. Reynolds ended its run in 1970.

The cast includes: Christina Hendricks as Saffron.

Our Mrs. Reynolds Quotes

Christina Hendricks as Saffron

  • (Christina Hendricks) "We've been wed. Aren't we to become one flesh?"
  • (Mal) "Well, no. Uh, we're still two fleshes here."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "I'm sorry that I shame you."
  • (Mal) "You don't shame me. Zoë, would you get Wash."
  • (Zoë) "This is Zoë. We need all personnel in the cargo bay."
  • (Mal) "All? I said Wash."
  • (Zoë) "Captain, everyone should have a chance to congratulate you on your day of bliss."
  • (Mal) "There's-there's no bliss. I don't know this girl."
  • (Jayne Cobb) "Then can I know her?"
  • (Mal) "Who the hell are you?"
  • (Christina Hendricks) "What do you mean?"
  • (Mal) "Well, I think I was pretty clear. What are you doing on my boat?"
  • (Christina Hendricks) "But, you know, I'm to cleave to you."
  • (Mal) "To whubba who?"
  • (Christina Hendricks) "Did Elder Gommen not tell you?"
  • (Mal) "Tell me what? Who are you?"
  • (Christina Hendricks) "Mr. Reynolds, sir, I'm your wife."
  • (Mal) "Could you repeat that please?"
  • (Christina Hendricks) "I am your wife. That was your agreement with Elder Gommen, since he hadn't cash or livestock enough --"
  • (Mal) "I-I-I'm sorry. Go back to the part where you're my wife."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "I don't please you?"
  • (Mal) "You can't please me. You never met me. Zoë, why do I have a wife?"
  • (Christina Hendricks) "Are you gonna kill me?"
  • (Mal) "What? What kind of crappy planet is that? Kill you."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "In the maiden's home, I heard talk of men who weren't pleased with their brides --"
  • (Mal) "Well, I ain't them. And don't you ever stand for that sort of thing. Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "Leave me at the nearest port, never look upon me again. I'll make my way with the strength that you've taught me, only let me have my wedding night."
  • (Mal) "Oh, I'm gonna go to the special hell."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "Five days -- we'll be together?"
  • (Mal) "We'll be together on the ship, but not in any --"
  • (Christina Hendricks) "That'll be fine."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "I thought last night during the ceremony that you were pleased."
  • (Mal) "Well, yeah, last night I was. Had some mulled wine, pretty girl gave me a hat made out of a tree. Nobody said I was signing up to have and to hold."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "How'd you find me?"
  • (Mal) "Only a few places that shuttle would make it to from where you left. Happy to find it intact."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "You're quite a man, Malcolm Reynolds."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "I've been waiting a long time for someone good enough to take me down."
  • (Mal) "Saffron, you even think about playing me again I will riddle you with holes."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "Everybody plays each other. That's all anybody ever does. We play parts."
  • (Christina Hendricks) "You're a good man."
  • (Mal) "You clearly haven't been talkin' to anyone else on this boat."

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