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Outing Riley Quotes

Outing Riley is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Outing Riley stopped airing in 1970.

It features Judd Nissen as producer, Rick Butler in charge of musical score, and Peter Biagi as head of cinematography.

Outing Riley is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Outing Riley is 99 minutes long. Outing Riley is distributed by Wolfe Releasing.

The cast includes: Pete Jones as Bobby Riley, Stoney Westmoreland as Connor Riley, Nathan Fillion as Luke Riley, Dev Kennedy as Jack Riley, Julie Pearl as Maggie Riley, and Michael McDonald as Andy.

Outing Riley Quotes

Pete Jones as Bobby Riley

  • (Pete Jones) "That's Maggie. She's the youngest and only girl among four boys. When we were kids, Maggie & I went on expeditions in search of her lost penis. We never found it."
  • (Pete Jones) "That's my older brother Luke. Luke's that rare oddity in an Irish family. He can go out in the sun with something lower than SPF 45 and not burn. If gay marriage were legal in Chicago; about as likely as the Cubs winning the World Series; Luke would be my best man."
  • (Pete Jones) "That's my 2nd oldest brother, Connor. If we were the Corleone's, he'd be Fredo."
  • (Pete Jones) "That's my eldest brother, Father Jack. The nice thing about having a brother that's a priest is no matter how much of a jackass I am, I'm a lock to get into heaven."
  • (Pete Jones) "Andy's therapist would tell me that my life isn't a movie, that everybody doesn't love me, I don't save the day, I don't get the guy and I most definitely don't ride off into the sun set -- Andy's therapist? He can go f*** himself."

Julie Pearl as Maggie Riley

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Stoney Westmoreland as Connor Riley

  • (Stoney Westmoreland) "We still going on the fishing trip?"
  • (Nathan Fillion) "Hell, yeah, we're still going on the fishing trip, Connor. Dad would want us to."
  • (Dev Kennedy) "It's not like it's the seventh game of the World Series."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "Well a fishing trip's a nice way to honor Father."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "My brother the father, can you get away from your flock?"
  • (Nathan Fillion) ""Ah, Father Dreary. Father Jack here. Can you cover for me this weekend? Those altar boys are wearing me out.""
  • (Stoney Westmoreland) ""Especially that Hugo, he's got the tightest little ass.""
  • (Stoney Westmoreland) "Oh, come on guys."
  • (Stoney Westmoreland) "He made an altar-boy joke and he's a funny man. I make one and I'm an asshole?"

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