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Papillon (1973 film) Quotes

Papillon (1973 film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Papillon ended in 1970.

It features Robert Dorfmann as producer, Jerry Goldsmith in charge of musical score, and Fred J. Koenekamp as head of cinematography.

Papillon (1973 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Papillon (1973 film) is 150 minutes long. Papillon (1973 film) is distributed by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation (USA).

The cast includes: Dustin Hoffman as Dega, Anthony Zerbe as Toussaint, William Smithers as Warden Barrot, Richard Angarola as Camp Commandant, Robert Deman as Maturette, Don Gordon as Julot, and Woodrow Parfrey as Clusiot.

Papillon (1973 film) Quotes

Dustin Hoffman as Dega

  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Well, it now seems quite possible that until we get to a decent jail with bribeable guards, I may stand in some need of -- rather close physical protection."
  • (Papillon) "That depends on how long you want to live."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "For a long time."
  • (Papillon) "Then you got a problem."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Well, I presume that you have some, uh, goals, some particular need that outrates all the others. I mean, if so -- may I aslk what it is?"
  • (Papillon) "Money."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "For what?"
  • (Papillon) "Escape."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Very good. You keep me alive until we land in Guyana, and I'll underwrite any escape you care to arrange."
  • (Papillon) "Escape for me, not for us."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Oh, of course. I, I, I --"
  • (Dustin Hoffman) ". I have no intention, uh, of even attempting to escape; ever."
  • (Papillon) "Done."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Remember what the chicken said to the weasel?"
  • (Papillon) "If he was a healthy weasel, the chicken didn't get a chance to say anything."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "If I stay; here in this place -I will die."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Blame is for God and small children."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "It seems so desperate. You think it will work?"
  • (Papillon) "Does it matter?"
  • (Doctor) "You're fine. NEXT."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Must be better than I feel."
  • (Doctor) "You're in wonderful shape."
  • (Papillon) "How do you fail an examination like this?"
  • (Doctor) "NEXT."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "A temptation resisted is a true measure of character."
  • (Unnamed) "I know you, you're Degas. You're a very intelligent man."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Thank you. I seem to be known in all the wrong places."

William Smithers as Warden Barrot

  • (William Smithers) "Your five years in solitary confinement are at an end. You've paid part of your debt to France."
  • (William Smithers) "Forget France and put your clothes on."
  • (William Smithers) "Papillon made it to freedom. He lived out the rest of his natural born life. The Penal Colony did not."
  • (William Smithers) "Your term is completed."
  • (William Smithers) "Put all hope out of your mind. And masturbate as little as possible, it drains the strength."

Richard Angarola as Camp Commandant

  • (Richard Angarola) "Make the best of what we offer you, and you will suffer less than you deserve."

Anthony Zerbe as Toussaint

  • (Anthony Zerbe) "If you're going to catch leprosy, it's better to catch it from money than from people."
  • (Anthony Zerbe) "How did you know I have dry leprosy, that it isn't contagious?"
  • (Papillon) "I didn't."

Woodrow Parfrey as Clusiot

  • (Woodrow Parfrey) "You're Louis Dega. I'm Clusiot. How come you ended up in a place like this?"
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Favouritism."

Robert Deman as Maturette

  • (Robert Deman) "I'll do what you ask, on one condition: You keep your money and you take me with you."
  • (Papillon) "No."
  • (Robert Deman) "I'm the only one who can get you out of here."
  • (Papillon) "You're --"
  • (Robert Deman) "I know. I'm a queer, a fairy, a poof, huh? But there's one thing you forgot. You may have been framed, as you say you were -- but I wasn't. Between the two of us -- I'm the one who's killed a man, not you."
  • (Papillon) "Okay."
  • (Robert Deman) "We all have sensitive spots."

Don Gordon as Julot

  • (Unnamed) "Papillon. Papi. You'll be back, Papillon. Don't worry, you'll be back."
  • (Don Gordon) "No, you won't."

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