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Parlamentet Quotes

Parlamentet is a television show that debuted in 1970 on TV4 (Sweden). Parlamentet ended in 1970.

It features Benjamin Thuresson as producer. Parlamentet is executive produced by Niklas Vestberg.

Parlamentet is recorded in Swedish language and originally aired in Sweden. Each episode of Parlamentet is 22 minutes long. Parlamentet is produced by Jarowskij.

Parlamentet Quotes

  • (Osama bin Laden) "I don't like that song "Hi, it's Nick-click"; it makes my beard go right up. Sorry about AIK, by the way."
  • (Henrik Schyffert) "What should we do to increase the interest for the Swedish language?"
  • (Mikael Tornving) "We shall punish all those who are talking -- what are you saying?"
  • (Henrik Schyffert) "I was asking how we could increase the interest for the Swedish la --"
  • (Mikael Tornving) "You're talking about the interest for the Swedish language, are you not?"
  • (Henrik Schyffert) "Yes."
  • (Mikael Tornving) "Sit straight when I'm talking to you, and look me in the eyes. You have a very suspicious mind, you know that?"
  • (Henrik Schyffert) "Sorry?"
  • (Mikael Tornving) "You should be clear of what you are saying, you are contradicting yourself."
  • (Henrik Schyffert) "You are obviously talking English --"
  • (Mikael Tornving) "SILENCE."
  • (Henrik Schyffert) "You are obviously talking English with a German touch --"
  • (Mikael Tornving) "YOU ARE A LICE."
  • (Anders S Nilsson) "Vote Red for Blue -- what the hell am I saying?"
  • (Henrik Schyffert) "Why shouldn't you place bananas close to other fruit?"
  • (Mikael Tornving) "Well, they have nothing to talk about. It's the shallowest damn fruit of them all -- it doesn't need to learn conversation with it's shape, it just lies there --"
  • (Henrik Schyffert) "Bananas release a gas, which make the other fruits grow too quickly."
  • (Johan Wahlström) "Banana gas --"
  • (Henrik Schyffert) "The hazardous banana gas is spreading."
  • (Mikael Tornving) "WÖÖÖ. WÖÖÖ. WÖÖÖ. WÖÖÖ. Don't panic: Banana gas alert."
  • (Mikael Tornving) "My son -- whatever you do, my boy, watch out for the banana gas. It took your grand-dad, and it almost took me --"
  • (Unnamed) "A lot of people see Bush as a stupid cowboy. I see him more like Manuel in "Fawlty Towers"."

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