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Party Games (Yes Minister) Quotes

Party Games (Yes Minister) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Party Games completed its run in 1970.

It features Peter Whitmore as producer.

Party Games (Yes Minister) Quotes

  • (Sir Humphrey Appleby) "How would you feel about your present master as the next Prime Minister?"
  • (Sir Humphrey Appleby) "Are you in a hurry?"
  • (Bernard Woolley) "No, I was just checking my watch to see it wasn't April 1st."
  • (Sir Humphrey Appleby) "How are things at the Campaign for the Freedom of Information, by the way?"
  • (Sir Arnold Robinson) "Sorry, I can't talk about that."
  • (Annie Hacker) "He's obviously been held up. You can stamp some of these cards for me while you're waiting if you like."
  • (Bernard Woolley) "Oh, but aren't they to constituents?"
  • (Annie Hacker) "Yes."
  • (Bernard Woolley) "Well, that's not government business, Mrs Hacker, that's political activity. I'm not allowed to help with the Minister's political activities."
  • (Annie Hacker) "Suppose they were all to journalists?"
  • (Bernard Woolley) "Oh, that would be alright."
  • (Annie Hacker) "They're all to journalists."
  • (Bernard Woolley) "Fine. I suppose licking is an essential part of relationships with the press."
  • (James Hacker) "What will happen to him?"
  • (Sir Humphrey Appleby) "Well, I gather he was as drunk as a lord. So, after a discreet interval, they'll probably make him one."
  • (Annie Hacker) "Have you heard the news?"
  • (Annie Hacker) "Yes."
  • (Sir Humphrey Appleby) "I think they refer to it as "horizontal jogging"."
  • (Bernard Woolley) "Minister, I've heard something quite different."
  • (James Hacker) "What?"
  • (Bernard Woolley) "That there is £1 million worth of diamonds from South Africa in a Downing Street safe, but of course it's only a rumour."
  • (James Hacker) "Is that true?"
  • (Bernard Woolley) "Oh, yes."
  • (James Hacker) "So, there ARE all those diamonds in Downing Street."
  • (Bernard Woolley) "Are there?"
  • (James Hacker) "You just said there were."
  • (Bernard Woolley) "No, I didn't."
  • (James Hacker) "Yes, you did. You said you'd heard this rumour, I said is it true, you said yes."
  • (Bernard Woolley) "I said yes, it was true that it was a rumour."
  • (James Hacker) "You said you heard it was true."
  • (Bernard Woolley) "No, I said it was true that I heard it."
  • (Annie Hacker) "I'm sorry to cut into this important discussion, but do you believe it?"
  • (James Hacker) "I believe I heard it. Oh, about the diamonds. No."
  • (Annie Hacker) "Is it impossible?"
  • (James Hacker) "No, but it's never been officially denied. First rule in politics: never believe anything until it's officially denied."

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