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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (film) Quotes

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Perfume: The Story of a Murderer completed its run in 1970.

It features Bernd Eichinger as producer, Reinhold Heil; Johnny Klimek; Tom Tykwer in charge of musical score, and Frank Griebe as head of cinematography.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Germany, France, and Spain. Each episode of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (film) is 147 minutes long. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (film) is distributed by DreamWorks Pictures.

The cast includes: Alan Rickman as Antoine Richis, Ben Whishaw as Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, Dustin Hoffman as Giuseppe Baldini, and Rachel Hurd-Wood as Laura Richis.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (film) Quotes

Alan Rickman as Antoine Richis

  • (Alan Rickman) "Forgive me -- my son."
  • (Alan Rickman) "Why did you kill my daughter?"
  • (Ben Whishaw) "I just needed her."
  • (Alan Rickman) "Very well, but remember this -- I'll be looking at you when you're laid on the cross and the twelve blows are crashing down on your limbs. When the crowd is finally tired of your screams and wandered home, I will climb up through your blood and sit beside you. I will look deep into your eyes -- and drop by drop I will trickle my disgust into them like burning acid until -- finally -- you perish."
  • (Alan Rickman) "Whatever his insane scheme is -- it will surely be incomplete without you"
  • (Alan Rickman) "Last night I dreamt you were dead."
  • (Councillor 3) "This man is a demon. A phantom, who cannot be fought by human means. Now I insist that we call upon our Bishop to excommunicate him."
  • (Alan Rickman) "What good would that do?"
  • (Councillor 1) "Have you no faith in the power of our holy mother Church?"

Dustin Hoffman as Giuseppe Baldini

  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Because it's a legend, you numbskull."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Talent means next to nothing, while experience acquired in humility and hard work means everything."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Now pay attention to what I tell you. Just like a musical chord, a perfume chord contains four essences, or notes, carefully selected for their harmonic affinity. Each perfume contains three chords: the head, the heart and the base, necessitating 12 notes in all. The head chord contains the first impression, lasting a few minutes before giving way to the heart chord, the theme of the perfume, lasting several hours. Finally, the base chord, the trail of the perfume lasting several days."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Mind you, the Egyptians believed that one can only create a truly original perfume by adding an extra note, one final essence that will ring out and dominate the others. Legend had it that an amphora was once found in a pharaoh's tomb, and when it was opened, a perfume was released, after all those thousands of years, a perfume of such subtle beauty, and yet such power, that for one single moment every person on earth believed they were in paradise. 12 essences could be identified, but the 13th, the vital one, could never be determined."

Ben Whishaw as Jean-Baptiste Grenouille

  • (Ben Whishaw) "That's a really good perfume."
  • (Ben Whishaw) "Don't you want to smell it, Master?"
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "I'm not in the mood to test it now. I have other things on my mind."
  • (Ben Whishaw) "But Master --"
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Go. Now."
  • (Ben Whishaw) "Can I come to work for you, Master, can I?"
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Let me think about it."
  • (Ben Whishaw) "Master. I have to learn how to keep smell."
  • (Ben Whishaw) "I can make Amour and Psyche for you. Now."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "And you think I'd just let you sop around in my laboratory? With essential oils that are worth are fortune?"
  • (Ben Whishaw) "Yes."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Pay attention. What's your name, anyway?"
  • (Ben Whishaw) "Jean-Baptiste Grenouille."
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Well, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, you will have the opportunity now to prove yourself. And your grandiose failure will also be a lesson in humility."
  • (Ben Whishaw) "How much do you want me to make?"
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "How much of what?"
  • (Ben Whishaw) "How much Amour and Psyche do you want me to make? Shall I fill this flask?"
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "No, you shall not. You may fill this one."
  • (Ben Whishaw) "Yes, Master."
  • (Ben Whishaw) "You want to make this leather smell good, don't you?"
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "Why of course, and so it shall."
  • (Ben Whishaw) "With Amor and Psyche by Pelissier?"
  • (Dustin Hoffman) "What ever gave you the absurd idea I would use someone else's perfume?"
  • (Ben Whishaw) "It's all over you."

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Laura Richis

  • (Rachel Hurd-Wood) "Papa, what's the matter?"
  • (Alan Rickman) "We're going home. Now."
  • (Rachel Hurd-Wood) "But why? I'm enjoying myself."
  • (Alan Rickman) "Don't argue with me, Laura."
  • (Rachel Hurd-Wood) "Stop it. I'm grown up."
  • (Alan Rickman) "Laura. Laura."

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