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Pilot (Supergirl) Quotes

Pilot (Supergirl) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Pilot stopped airing in 1970.

Pilot (Supergirl) Quotes

  • (Hank Henshaw) "Your ship. We keep it here as a reminder of the day you crashed on Earth. You're the reason for all of this."
  • (Kara Danvers) "Me? But -- My -- But my cousin was here two dozen years before me."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "And it was his arrival that triggered the need for this organization. We realized we weren't alone in the universe and we might soon would be getting more -- immigrants. Sure enough, you came along. And with you, Fort Rozz."
  • (Kara Danvers) "Fort Rozz?"
  • (Hank Henshaw) "Krypton's maximum security prison. Banished to the Phantom Zone, same place your ship got stuck. But just like yours, it didn't stay there. We're not sure how your pod got loose. What we do know is this. You pulled Fort Rozz with you. When it crashed, the alien convicts, the worst criminals in the galaxy, they all escaped. And you brought them here. These beings, some of them have powers from your darkest nightmares. For over a decade, they've stayed hidden. But in the last year many have been emerging,"
  • (Kara Danvers) "I can help you stop them."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "How? You couldn't even stop us from capturing you."
  • (Kara Danvers) "I -- I'm still learning."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "Our job is keeping people in the dark about alien life on Earth, and nothing says "covert operation" like a flying woman in a red skirt."
  • (Kara Danvers) "They know about my cousin, they don't fear him."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "Plenty of people do, just not popular to admit it. You wanna help? Go back to getting somebody's coffee."
  • (Kara Danvers) "I'm not flying around saving people in this thing. I -- I wouldn't even wear it to the beach. Where's my cape?"
  • (Winn Schott) "Capes are lame. You can tell your cousin I said so. Actually, never, never do that."
  • (The Commander) "General, Vartox is dead. He chose death over capture."
  • (Astra) "Typical of his race."
  • (The Commander) "He did accomplish one thing. The identity of the girl. It seems she is Alura's daughter."
  • (Astra) "My dear little niece. Of course. She escaped with her cousin."
  • (The Commander) "And much less of a threat than he is to our endeavors."
  • (Astra) "You're wrong. If she's anything like her mother, she will be just as formidable. It was my right to lead Krypton, I will lead Earth. We all will. Find her and kill her."
  • (The Commander) "Are you certain, General? After all, Kara Zor-El is your blood."
  • (Astra) "No one can be allowed to stand against us. Not even my niece."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "It's Agent Danvers and her sister from another planet."
  • (Alex Danvers) "She's here to help us fight Vartox."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "I told you I don't trust aliens."
  • (Alex Danvers) "There's no one I trust more"
  • (Vartox) "Now you know what it's like to bleed. Soon, your whole city will bleed."
  • (James Olsen) "Here. From him."
  • (Kara Danvers) "It's the blanket he was wrapped in when he was a baby."
  • (James Olsen) "He's really proud of you. Me too. Now, don't you have a city to protect? You now -- Up, up and away?"
  • (Kara Danvers) "Pretty cool, huh?"
  • (Winn Schott) "A plane saving lady? How is the world supposed to take her seriously if she can't even come up with a suit? What -- Metropolis gets him and what does National City get? Some rookie superhero?"
  • (Kara Danvers) "You're downsizing the Tribune? But that was your first acquisition."
  • (Cat Grant) "Go see if the new art director has the layout ready. It's not that I don't see your frown, it's just not I don't care enough to ask why it's there."
  • (Kara Danvers) "All those people, they're going to lose their jobs. What's going to happen to them, their families? They don't have to downsize at the Daily Planet."
  • (Cat Grant) "Metropolis has a person who wears a cape and flies around performing heroic acts. The Planet puts this superlative man on their cover 54% of the time. You want to save the Trib? Go find me a hero, Kerah."
  • (Winn Schott) "Uh,if -- If I believe the comments on the website, they mentioned a "female/reptilian boxing match in the desert"."
  • (Kara Danvers) "I'll tell you all about it in our next crime-fighting lunch hour."
  • (Winn Schott) "Wait, so the Super-Friends are back?"
  • (Kara Danvers) "We're not calling ourselves that."
  • (Supergirl) "People of this city will die because something I did. I started this. You have to let me stop it."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "Make sure you win."
  • (Kara Danvers) "My name is Kara Zor-El. 24 years ago, my planet, Krypton, was in serious peril. My cousin, Kal-El, was sent to a planet called Earth for his own safety and protection. You may know his story. The story you don't know is that I was sent to protect him."
  • (Vartox) "Just because you wear that symbol on your chest doesn't mean you're him. Fighting him would be an honor. Fighting you is just exercise."
  • (Alex Danvers) "She followed your orders. She won."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "Yeah. This time."
  • (Alex Danvers) "Director Henshaw. I wasn't recruited because of my sister, was I?"
  • (Hank Henshaw) "Yeah, she's why you got in. You is why you to get to stay."

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