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Pilot (The Flash) Quotes

Pilot (The Flash) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Pilot completed its run in 1970.

It features Sarah Schechter, and David Nutter; Andrew Kreisberg; Greg Berlanti as producer, and Blake Neely in charge of musical score.

Pilot (The Flash) Quotes

  • (Clyde Mardon) "The night of the storm, after S.T.A.R. Labs blew, after our plane went down, and I woke up on the ground alive, what I saw what I can do, I understood. I am God."
  • (Joe West) "Shut the hell up."
  • (Henry Allen) "Hey, slugger."
  • (Barry Allen) "You've been calling me that since I was 11. Funny thing is, I finally got into a fight today."
  • (Henry Allen) "You just got out of a coma. I'm not sure you should be picking fights. Hey -- did you win?"
  • (Barry Allen) "Yeah, I did."
  • (Joe West) "What you can do -- it was the lightning bolt?"
  • (Barry Allen) "More or less."
  • (Joe West) "I'm sorry, Barry. I'm sorry I didn't believe you. And I called you crazy for chasing the impossible. But you really did see something that night your mom died. And your dad is innocent."
  • (Dr. Harrison Wells) "You can do this, Barry. You were right. I am responsible for all of this. So many people have been hurt because of me, and when I looked at you, all I saw was a potential victim of my hubris. And yes, I created this madness, but you, Barry, you can stop it. You can do this. Now, run, Barry, run."
  • (Captain David Singh) "The last excuse was car trouble, want to know why that was particularly memorable?"
  • (Barry Allen) "I don't own a car."
  • (Oliver Queen) "So why come to me? Something tells me you didn't just run 600 miles to say "hi" to a friend."
  • (Barry Allen) "All my life, I've wanted to do more -- be more. And know I am. And the first chance I get to help someone, I screw up. What if Wells is right? What if I'm not a hero. What if I'm some guy who was struck by lightning?"
  • (Oliver Queen) "I don't think that bolt of lighting struck you, Barry. I think it chose you."
  • (Barry Allen) "I'm just not sure I'm like you, Oliver. I don't know if I can be some -- vigilante."
  • (Oliver Queen) "You can be better. Because you can inspire people in a way that I never could; watching over your city like a guardian angel -- making a difference -- saving people -- in a flash. Take your own advice. Wear a mask."
  • (Barry Allen) "He can control the weather, there were robberies during freak meteoric events, when I confronted him, street enveloped in fog, of course you don't believe me, you never did believe me"
  • (Cisco Ramon) "You thought the world was slowing down, you were moving so fast, it looked like everyone else was standing still"
  • (Iris West) "So that's detective pretty boy?"
  • (Iris West) "That's what My Dad calls him, keeps count of every arrest"
  • (Barry Allen) "I wasn't the only one affected by the particle accelerator, was I?"
  • (Dr. Harrison Wells) "We don't know for sure."
  • (Barry Allen) "You said the city was safe, that there was no residual danger. But that's not true, so what really happened that night?"
  • (Dr. Harrison Wells) "Well -- the accelerator went active. We all felt like heroes and then -- it all went wrong. A dimensional barrier ruptured unleashing unknown energies into our world. Anti-matter, dark energy, x-elements."
  • (Barry Allen) "Those are all theoretical."
  • (Dr. Harrison Wells) "And how theoretical are you?"
  • (Detective Fred Chyre) "My dad gave me that pen before he died."
  • (Barry Allen) "Sorry."
  • (Dr. Harrison Wells) "We mapped the dispersion around throughout and around Central City. Thought we have no way of knowing what or -- who's been exposed, we've been searching for other meta-humans like yourself."
  • (Barry Allen) ""Meta-humans"?"
  • (Caitlin Snow) "That's what we're calling them."
  • (Barry Allen) "I saw one today. He's a bank robber, and he can control the weather."
  • (Cisco Ramon) "This just keeps getting cooler."
  • (Barry Allen) "This is not cool. All right? A man died. Mardon must have gotten his powers the same way I did from the storm cloud. He's still out there. We have to stop him before he hurts anyone else."
  • (Dr. Harrison Wells) "Barry. That's a job for the police."
  • (Barry Allen) "I work for the police."
  • (Dr. Harrison Wells) "As a forensic assistant."
  • (Barry Allen) "You're responsible for this. For him."
  • (Dr. Harrison Wells) "What's important is you. Not me. I lost everything. I lost my company. I lost my reputation. I lost my freedom. And then you broke your arm, and it healed in three hours. Inside your body could be a map to a whole new world; genetic therapies, vaccines, medicines, treasure buried deep within your cells and we cannot risk losing everything because you want to go out and play hero. You're not a hero. You are just a young man who was struck by lightning."
  • (Bank Teller) "This is a robbery"
  • (Bank Teller) "is this a joke?"
  • (Clyde Mardon) "You tell me"
  • (Clyde Mardon) "Do you think your guns can stop God?"
  • (Joe West) "Why the hell would God have to rob banks?"
  • (Barry Allen) "To understand what I'm about to tell you, you need to do something, you need to believe the impossible, can you do that? Good"
  • (Barry Allen) "that's me, there I am again"
  • (Barry Allen) "I just noticed you don't smile too much."
  • (Caitlin Snow) "My once promising career in bioengineering is over, my boss in a wheelchair for life, the explosion that put you in a coma also killed my fiancé. So this blank expression kind of feels like the way to go."
  • (Iris West) "I watched you die, your heart kept stopping"
  • (Barry Allen) "It's still beating"
  • (Iris West) "It's really fast"
  • (Clyde Mardon) "I didn't think there were anymore like me."
  • (Barry Allen) "I'm not like you, you're a murderer."
  • (Nora Allen) "Barry got into a fight."
  • (Henry Allen) "Oh, yeah?"
  • (Nora Allen) "And he won."
  • (Henry Allen) "Ah, way to go, slugger. Oh, and uh, no more fighting."
  • (Barry Allen) "My name is Barry Allen, I am the fastest man alive. A friend of mine recently gave me an idea for a new name, something tells me it's gonna catch on."
  • (Clyde Mardon) "It's time to think big."
  • (Barry Allen) "What is happening? What is going on?"
  • (Cisco Ramon) "You were struck by lightning, dude."
  • (Barry Allen) "What? Lightning gave me abs?"

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