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Playing God (1997 film) Quotes

Playing God (1997 film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Playing God ended in 1970.

It features Marc Abraham as producer, Richard Hartley in charge of musical score, and Anthony B. Richmond as head of cinematography.

Playing God (1997 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Playing God (1997 film) is 94 minutes long. Playing God (1997 film) is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: David Duchovny as Eugene, Angelina Jolie as Claire, Michael Massee as Gage, Timothy Hutton as Raymond, and David Duchovny as Eugene Sands.

Playing God (1997 film) Quotes

David Duchovny as Eugene

  • (David Duchovny) "Thanks for getting shot."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "Anytime."
  • (David Duchovny) "What, are you gonna arrest me for failure to live up to my potential?"
  • (David Duchovny) "Alone at last."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "You must be somebody who's always on the lookout for a new way to f*** up."
  • (David Duchovny) "Why is it that you always find me so objectionable?"
  • (Angelina Jolie) "Other than the fact that you're a drug addict and the only patients you treat are criminals?"
  • (David Duchovny) "You mean your associates? I'm not a drug addict. I take drugs to feel normal, to get level. I regulate my intake very precisely."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "I'm sorry, that's right, you're a highly trained professional. You should know."
  • (David Duchovny) "No, you were actually right the first time- I'm just basically always looking for a new way to f*** up."
  • (David Duchovny) "Sometimes we all wonder how things come to be. A chain of events: A leads to B leads to C leads to Z. Each life is made up of big decisions and each day is made up of a million little decisions. What shirt to wear, what street to walk on, what to eat for lunch. Now all of these seemingly inconsequential choices may change your life forever. But who can handle that kind of responsibility? It would paralyze you to think about it. So you have to trust your instinct, what the Greeks might call your character. You better pray to whatever god you believe in that your character knows what the hell it's doing. I thought I was a man of character. Good character. Then I made a mistake. A bad one that changed everything. That's why I found myself walking into a lousy L.A. bar to buy some Phenolcitrate; -synthetic heroin, my personal favorite. See, when I got high, the chain of events disappeared. No past, no future, just the sweet and sticky now. But before I could get home that night with my bag of goodies something happened. I did a good thing. One good deed that started another chain that I wasn't ready for. A ride I had no business taking."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm with the FBI."
  • (David Duchovny) "What do you want?"
  • (Unnamed) "I want you to let go of my neck."
  • (Unnamed) "Don't worry, we'll protect you."
  • (David Duchovny) "Yeah, I saw your work at Ruby Ridge."
  • (David Duchovny) "In any case I guess I learned that if you are in the business of saving lives you had better start with your own. And, of course, always call 911."
  • (David Duchovny) "I don't know what I'm doing here."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "You're dancing."
  • (David Duchovny) "That's a matter of opinion."
  • (David Duchovny) "Now I get to use a phrase I always wanted to use in med school: take your clothes off and get under the sheets."
  • (David Duchovny) "Sometimes in life, we are given a choice between being a slave in Heaven or a star in Hell. And Hell does not always look like Hell. On a good day, it can look a lot like LA."
  • (David Duchovny) "Tonight, I said to myself, "I will not get high." I might just as well have said to myself, "Tonight, I will not breathe.""

Timothy Hutton as Raymond

  • (Timothy Hutton) "what does it look like I'm doing? I'm f***ing everybody."
  • (Timothy Hutton) "You think I'm criminal?"
  • (David Duchovny) "I think you're about as much of a criminal as I'm a doctor."
  • (Timothy Hutton) "And you're a very good doctor."
  • (Timothy Hutton) "Dr. Eugene Sands?"
  • (David Duchovny) "How do you know my name?"
  • (Timothy Hutton) "Took an interest."
  • (David Duchovny) "I'm sorry, you are?"
  • (Timothy Hutton) "Oh, I'm sorry. Raymond Blossom."
  • (David Duchovny) "You gonna hurt me?"
  • (Timothy Hutton) "You asking because you're afraid or because you want me to?"
  • (David Duchovny) "Just trying to plan my day."
  • (Timothy Hutton) "Oh, man, if I'm interfering with your plans, please forgive me. It's just I was so knocked out by what you did last night I said I gotta meet this guy. That's it. That's all there is to it. Medical Science amazes me."
  • (David Duchovny) "Is kidnapping the only way you can meet new friends?"
  • (Timothy Hutton) "Use the Force, Luke."

Michael Massee as Gage

  • (Michael Massee) "You might want to take a piss before we go."
  • (David Duchovny) "And on the way there can we stop at Dairy Queen?"
  • (Michael Massee) "Gage."
  • (Timothy Hutton) "It's Raymond Blossom."
  • (Michael Massee) "Do I know you?"
  • (Timothy Hutton) "As well as you can know someone you have under 24 hour surveillance."
  • (Michael Massee) "Oh, that Raymond Blossom."

Angelina Jolie as Claire

  • (Angelina Jolie) "How did you lose your license?"
  • (David Duchovny) "I was operating on a patient and the patient died."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "Was it your fault?"
  • (David Duchovny) "I was under the influence of narcotics and methamphetamines at the time, so yes, you could say it was my fault."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "How long ago was it?"
  • (David Duchovny) "Ten months, five days -- what time is it now?"
  • (Angelina Jolie) "Where are we?"
  • (David Duchovny) "My family's summer home. When I was a kid, whenever a friend of mine would get shot, I'd bring him here."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "C'mon. Take it to the hole."
  • (Timothy Hutton) "Oh, baby. I love it when you talk dirty."
  • (Angelina Jolie) "Stop the car."
  • (Timothy Hutton) "Stop the car? THIS IS A CAR CHASE. I went to considerable expense to set this up. We can't just stop."

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