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Porky's II: The Next Day Quotes

Porky's II: The Next Day is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Porky's II: The Next Day completed its run in 1970.

It features Don Carmody, and Bob Clark as producer, Carl Zittrer in charge of musical score, and Reginald H. Morris as head of cinematography.

Porky's II: The Next Day is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Porky's II: The Next Day is 98 minutes long. Porky's II: The Next Day is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Roger Wilson as Mickey, Fred Buch as Commissioner Hurley, Richard Liberty as Commissioner Couch, Mal Jones as Mayor Abernathy, Eric Christmas as Carter, Kaki Hunter as Wendy, Dan Monahan as Pee Wee, Scott Colomby as Brian, Mark Herrier as Billy, and Wyatt Knight as Tommy.

Porky's II: The Next Day Quotes

Wyatt Knight as Tommy

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Scott Colomby as Brian

  • (Scott Colomby) "This zemel has been used to chop off literally hundreds of foreskins -- what better to shave the heads of a bunch of pricks like you?"
  • (Steve) "Brian, really, who do I look like?"
  • (Scott Colomby) "For the third time -- Boris Karloff as "The Mummy"."

Kaki Hunter as Wendy

  • (Kaki Hunter) "Hey waiter. Put s***-face's drink here on Commissioner Gebhart's bill. For piss-sake he's up for re-election next week, you think he needs this s***?"
  • (Kaki Hunter) "Pee Wee it's not that bad, just tell the guys that you called up all the girls in your harem and none of them wanted to do it with all those jerks."
  • (Dan Monahan) "I bet you would."
  • (Kaki Hunter) "I don't have a harem."
  • (Dan Monahan) "That's not what I heard."
  • (Kaki Hunter) "Do you know how I got my reputation?"
  • (Dan Monahan) "How?"
  • (Kaki Hunter) "In the 8th grade, I didn't know anything. A bunch of guys wanted to get me to go skinny dipping, I didn't want to but I didn't care if they did so I just watched. I thought it was funny, flopping around -- the next day I was a slut, the original mattress-back."

Roger Wilson as Mickey

  • (Roger Wilson) "Hey Pee Wee, how's it feel?"
  • (Dan Monahan) "How does what feel?"
  • (Roger Wilson) "Getting laid."
  • (Dan Monahan) "Same as it always feels."
  • (Roger Wilson) "I don't believe it."
  • (Wyatt Knight) "Never again."
  • (Dan Monahan) "What are you guys talking about, I got bodies laid all over South Florida."
  • (Roger Wilson) "Morris, the last time you got any action, it was your fist. The old rosy palm."
  • (Dan Monahan) "You guys are just jealous because I ruined Wendy for everybody else."
  • (Dan Monahan) "Now that she's had me, what's left?"
  • (Roger Wilson) "Yeah well, that's not what she told me, Pee Wee."
  • (Dan Monahan) "Well, what did she tell you?"
  • (Wyatt Knight) "Ask her, Pee Wee, here she comes."
  • (Mark Herrier) "Yeah, I can hear her panting from here."
  • (Dan Monahan) "Look man, when they've been had by Pee Wee Morris, they stay had. I mean, they can't keep their hands off me. You guys better watch out because when she sees me you're likely to get caught in the stampede. Watch this."
  • (Kaki Hunter) "Hi, boys."
  • (Roger Wilson) "She's in a frenzy, Pee Wee."
  • (Wyatt Knight) "Yeah, she's rabid."
  • (Dan Monahan) "She didn't see me. She didn't know I was here."
  • (Wyatt Knight) "That's what she said about you on the bus."
  • (Dan Monahan) "Oh man, the girl's my slave."
  • (Reverend Flavel) "Behold the Spawn of Satan. The Bowels of Perdition. Hear what I say. I speak Salvation. I speak Redemption."
  • (Roger Wilson) "Now."
  • (Reverend Flavel) "CLEARLY I say this to thee --"
  • (Fred Buch) "Holy s***. Look at the dick on that son of a bitch."
  • (Richard Liberty) "Hey, Mayor. That guy's dork's even bigger that yours."
  • (Fred Buch) "If you had a dick like that, you could give your secretary a flying@#$%."
  • (Mal Jones) "Look at that snatch."
  • (Woman at Rally) "Oh My God."
  • (Little Girl) "Oh, Mother."
  • (Richard Liberty) "Hey, Mayor. Does Reverend Flavel approve of THIS?"
  • (Reverend Flavel) "You Scum."
  • (Mal Jones) "Approve? Are you kidding? Reverend Flavel GAVE me this one."

Mark Herrier as Billy

  • (Mark Herrier) "What's this?"
  • (Wyatt Knight) "Blueprints."
  • (Mark Herrier) "I know they're blueprints. What are they of."
  • (Wyatt Knight) "Take a look."
  • (Mark Herrier) "Okay, here the school."
  • (Mark Herrier) "Okay, so this is the gym."
  • (Wyatt Knight) "Right."
  • (Mark Herrier) "So now what?"
  • (Wyatt Knight) "So we take this snake --"
  • (Mark Herrier) "Jesus Christ. What the hell are you doing?. Get that out of my face."
  • (Wyatt Knight) "You don't like snakes?"
  • (Mark Herrier) "I hate snakes. You know I hate snakes. Jesus."
  • (Mark Herrier) "What are you going to do, kill her?"
  • (Wyatt Knight) "No, it's just a rat snake. It's not poisonous."
  • (Mark Herrier) "Yaah."

Dan Monahan as Pee Wee

  • (Dan Monahan) "I GOT LAID."
  • (Dan Monahan) "Say "I'm Ruined.""

Eric Christmas as Carter

  • (Reverend Flavel) "Blaspehmy. Shakespeare must go. So sayeth the Shepherd."
  • (Unnamed) "SO SAYETH THE FLOCK."
  • (Reverend Flavel) "And what sayeth you, Mr. Carter?"
  • (Eric Christmas) "Get the Flock out of here."
  • (Reverend Flavel) "This means war. HOLY WAR. Flock. FOLLOW."

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