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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003 TV series) Quotes

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a Magical girl; Sentai; Tokusatsu that debuted in 2003 on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon completed its run in 2004.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon lasted 49 + 2 specials + Concert episodes. It features Koichi Yada as producer, Keiko Han doing voices, and Michiru Oshima as composer.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is recorded in Japanese language and originally aired in Japan. Each episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is 24-25 minutes (per episode) long. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is produced by Toei Company.

The cast includes: Jun Masuo as Jedeite, Kaori Moriwaka as Ikuko Tsukino, Naoki Takeshi as Shingo Tsukino, Aya Sugimoto as Queen Beryl, Hiroyuki Matsumoto as Nephrite, Naoki Takeshi as Usagi Tsukino, and Masaya Kikawada as Motoki Furuhata.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Quotes

Aya Sugimoto as Queen Beryl

  • (Aya Sugimoto) "Endymion -- So Queen Metalia is also no more. Princess. Why have you always taken everything from me? Since long ago, in the past life,"
  • (Aya Sugimoto) "Endymion, wealth, power -- and this time,"
  • (Aya Sugimoto) "even Queen Metalia. You are the evil that brings tragedy."
  • (Unnamed) "Wrong. Usagi saved this planet from you and Metalia."
  • (Naoki Takeshi) "-- Endymion -- I killed -- I killed -- Endymion -- Endymion is -- dead. Endymion."
  • (Naoki Takeshi) "This entire planet -- I will finish it -- along with Endymion --"
  • (Aya Sugimoto) "And I thought you were just a little girl --"
  • (Aya Sugimoto) "Why must you always take everything away from me, Princess?"
  • (Aya Sugimoto) "If you bring the Illusionary Silver Crystal, you can have anything that you want --"
  • (Hiroyuki Matsumoto) "All I want is you -- your majesty --"

Jun Masuo as Jedeite

  • (Jun Masuo) "No matter the past, now my loyalty is to Queen Beryl."

Naoki Takeshi as Usagi Tsukino

  • (Unnamed) "Idiot."
  • (Naoki Takeshi) "Who are you calling an idiot?"
  • (Unnamed) "Usagi. I heard about Venus."
  • (Naoki Takeshi) "-- Yeah --"
  • (Unnamed) "You; Idiot. Go ahead and cry. When I'm with you, you don't have to hold back."

Kaori Moriwaka as Ikuko Tsukino

  • (Kaori Moriwaka) "So, how was she? Was your sister studying?"
  • (Naoki Takeshi) "Yep. Hard to believe."
  • (Kaori Moriwaka) "And she was really concentrating? I wonder what's up -- She's been like this since yesterday -- But hey, this may be a good thing."
  • (Naoki Takeshi) "I don't know. Sometimes when people study too much, they snap."
  • (Kaori Moriwaka) "Snap?"

Masaya Kikawada as Motoki Furuhata

  • (Masaya Kikawada) "Thank you --"
  • (Masaya Kikawada) "for the food --"
  • (Hiroyuki Matsumoto) "This tastes bad."
  • (Hiroyuki Matsumoto) "DISCUSTING."
  • (Hiroyuki Matsumoto) "DISCUSTING."

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