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Puddle Cruiser Quotes

Puddle Cruiser is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Puddle Cruiser ended its run in 1970.

It features Richard Perello as producer, Jim Kremens in charge of musical score, and Tony Foresta as head of cinematography.

Puddle Cruiser is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Puddle Cruiser is 102 min long. Puddle Cruiser is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Steve Lemme as Felix Bean, Jay Chandrasekhar as Zach, Kevin Heffernan as Grogan, Erik Stolhanske as Freaky Reaky, Paul Soter as Matt, Alison Clapp as Emily, and Jay Chandrasekhar as Sara.

Puddle Cruiser Quotes

Paul Soter as Matt

  • (Paul Soter) "Well hey, Sara."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Hey, Matt. Grogan's so funny."
  • (Paul Soter) "Yeah. Hey, sounds to me like you like him."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Well --"
  • (Paul Soter) "Wow. You and Garbage Dick. That's great, I mean he was just saying that --"
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Wait, what did you say?"
  • (Paul Soter) "I was just saying how Garbage Dick told me how he thought you were --"
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Garbage Dick?"
  • (Paul Soter) "Yeah. Oh, no, no. It's no big deal. I mean, that was at least a year to two ago, anyway."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Wait, what does that mean?"
  • (Paul Soter) "Ah, I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, everyone wears condoms these days, right?"
  • (Paul Soter) "Maybe it's one of those love numbers."
  • (Steve Lemme) "What like I want to be with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year"
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Yeah, but these numbers are 213147."
  • (Steve Lemme) "Oh well I guess she wants to be with you three days a week 21 hours a day 147 days a year."

Kevin Heffernan as Grogan

  • (Kevin Heffernan) "No book bag no deal. No book bag no deal."
  • (Unnamed) "Is Matt okay?"
  • (Kevin Heffernan) "He looks pretty good to me."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, does he have a girlfriend?"
  • (Kevin Heffernan) "No, no, no."
  • (Unnamed) "Cool."
  • (Kevin Heffernan) "No girlfriend. He's too loyal."
  • (Unnamed) "What do you mean?"
  • (Kevin Heffernan) "Well, I think he's still married -- Actually, I don't know if he's legally married. See he spent last summer in Natchez, Mississippi. Had a thing with a 12-year-old. I shouldn't be talking about this."
  • (Unnamed) "Twelve?"
  • (Kevin Heffernan) "See, they got married, and the cops found out, and, well, you know cops. That kinda ended it. They still write, though. Well, he writes. She's still learnin'. Ah, it's no big deal, you know, it's over. He's not allowed into Mississippi anymore, and she wanted to raise the kid there, and, uh, between you and me, I think that's for the best."

Steve Lemme as Felix Bean

  • (Steve Lemme) "It's like waiting in line for space mountain. You know"
  • (Steve Lemme) "In Russia?"
  • (Steve Lemme) "Oh, I'll show tasty bait."
  • (Steve Lemme) "Well, there's no way she heard that."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "How do you know?"
  • (Steve Lemme) "She would have called by now."
  • (Steve Lemme) "I'm not here."
  • (Kevin Heffernan) "Me neither."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Me neither."
  • (Erik Stolhanske) "Me neither."
  • (Paul Soter) "Me neither."
  • (Kevin Heffernan) "Greetings earthing. At the lazor please record your communication -- And take me to your leader"
  • (Paul Soter) "That is the funniest message I've ever heard."

Alison Clapp as Emily

  • (Alison Clapp) "The cops on this campus are great -- Great at eating donuts."
  • (Alison Clapp) "But I don't really like donuts. I just like the chocolate ones, the jelly ones, the --"
  • (Erik Stolhanske) "You gotta love them donuts."
  • (Alison Clapp) "Felix, I don't think anything's happening."
  • (Steve Lemme) "It'll happen, Don't worry, I'm on top of it."
  • (Alison Clapp) "On top of the aurora borealis?"

Jay Chandrasekhar as Zach

  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "What's the difference? It's just a bunch of old white men legislating my uterus anyway."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "So what's his name?"
  • (Steve Lemme) "Traci Shannon."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Traci Shannon. That's not just a firsty, firsty. It's also a girly girly"

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