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Pusher 3 Quotes

Pusher 3 is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Pusher 3 ended its run in 1970.

It features Johnny Andersen as producer, Peter Peter (Danish musician) in charge of musical score, and Morten Søborg as head of cinematography.

Pusher 3 is recorded in Danish language and originally aired in Denmark. Each episode of Pusher 3 is 108 minutes long. Pusher 3 is distributed by Nordisk Film.

The cast includes: Zlatko Burić as Milo, Ramadan Hyseni as Rexho, Kujtim Loki as Luan, and Slavko Labović as Radovan.

Pusher 3 Quotes

Slavko Labović as Radovan

  • (Slavko Labović) "What the f***? Milo, you said there was only one body. Who's that guy?"
  • (Zlatko Burić) "An Albanian."
  • (Slavko Labović) "Then it's okay."
  • (Slavko Labović) "Listen, do you know who I am?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, I don't give a f*** who you are."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "He shouldn't have said that."

Zlatko Burić as Milo

  • (Zlatko Burić) "I NEED DOPE."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "King Kong of Copenhagen."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "What's with the new shirt?"
  • (Ramadan Hyseni) "You don't like it? It's a Hugo Boss."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "Hugo Boss? I don't think so. "Hugo Bugo" maybe, but not Hugo Boss."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "What's up?"
  • (Corrupt Cop) "That's Little Mohammed."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "I can see that. How much do you want for him?"
  • (Zlatko Burić) "I got a problem."
  • (Slavko Labović) "What kind of a problem?"
  • (Zlatko Burić) "A big problem."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "Where is my ecstasy?"
  • (Unnamed) "If you wan't to survive, you have to depend on the new generation."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "New generation? And who might that be?"
  • (Unnamed) "Me. Who else? That's me. The King of Copenhagen."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "King Kong of Copenhagen?"
  • (Unnamed) "That's right. So what are you gonna do? We outnumber you."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "Well, well. Do you know anything about ecstasy?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah sure. Why?"
  • (Zlatko Burić) "I'm trying out new markets. You know? New generations, new markets."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "WHERE IS MY MONEY? I NEED MY MONEY."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "My name is Milo. I'm a drug addict."
  • (Unnamed) "You f***ing junkie."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "Shut the f*** up. Don't call me a junkie."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "It's a Bulgari, worth twelve thousand dollars."
  • (Ramadan Hyseni) "He says it's worth twelve thousand."
  • (Kujtim Loki) "It's a nice watch, but to me, it's worth a thousand dollars."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "Look, it's worth twelve thousand --"
  • (Kujtim Loki) "It's worth a thousand to me. Okay?"
  • (Zlatko Burić) "Okay, okay. I understand. Okay. Thanks."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "You're f***ing me."

Kujtim Loki as Luan

  • (Kujtim Loki) "What's the problem here?"
  • (Ramadan Hyseni) "I think he's in trouble."

Ramadan Hyseni as Rexho

  • (Ramadan Hyseni) "You work for us now."
  • (Zlatko Burić) "I work for nobody."
  • (Ramadan Hyseni) "You want me to call Luan? And tell him that you said that?"
  • (Ramadan Hyseni) "Don't be so stressed, Milo. It's not healthy for an old man like you to get so stressed."

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