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Pusher (The X-Files) Quotes

Pusher (The X-Files) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Pusher completed its run in 1970.

Pusher (The X-Files) Quotes

  • (Mulder) "I don't know, maybe it's an aspect of some Eastern martial art. You know, a specific alteration of the brain's chemistry caused by some specific timbre or cadence in Modell's voice. His voice seems to be the key."
  • (Scully) "Mulder, Modell's last employment was as a convenience store clerk. He has never been trained by ninjas, he has never even been outside the U.S. He is just a little man who wishes that he were someone big. And we're feeding that wish. That failed psych screening? If Modell could actually control people's minds, right now he'd be an FBI agent, right? He'd be a Green Beret, a Navy SEAL --"
  • (Mulder) "You mean you killed this man for nothing, you sick bastard?"
  • (Robert Patrick Modell) "Haven't you figured it out, Mulder? They all kill themselves."
  • (Mulder) "He had to go."
  • (Mulder) "Modell psyched the guy out, he put the whammy on him."
  • (Scully) "Please explain to me the scientific nature of the Whammy."
  • (Scully) "I dug up a few things on a Robert Patrick Modell."
  • (Mulder) "Let me guess: he was an average student, he went to an average community college, and he did an average stint in the military."
  • (Scully) "Which branch of service?"
  • (Mulder) "Not his first choice. He wanted to be a Navy SEAL, and then he wanted to be an Army Special Forces Green Beret, was promptly washed out of both, though not for lack of intelligence. Ended up becoming a supply clerk at Fort Bragg. Served two years, general discharge."
  • (Scully) "Did you know that he applied to the FBI?"
  • (Scully) "He didn't even come close to passing the psych screenings."
  • (Mulder) "You got a copy of that?"
  • (Scully) "Yeah. They found him to be "acutely ego-centered." He has no regard for the feelings of others and insists on perceiving people as objects. He is extremely suspicious of governments and authority --"
  • (Mulder) "Yet he wants to be in authority."
  • (Scully) "The screener caught him in a dozen self-aggrandizing lies, saying he was a master of martial arts, that he had been trained by Gurkhas in Nepal and ninjas in Japan --"
  • (Mulder) "Well, ninjas are said to be able to cloud the minds of their opponents."
  • (Scully) "Are we talking kung fu movies, Mulder?"
  • (Scully) "There's no telling how long he'll hang on, but he'll never regain consciousness."
  • (Mulder) "You know, we thought he was undergoing treatment. We were wrong."
  • (Scully) "What do you mean?"
  • (Mulder) "Read his chart. The MRI's were a way to gauge how much life he had left, but he consistently refused treatment. The tumor remained operable right up until the end, but he refused to have it removed."
  • (Scully) "Why?"
  • (Mulder) "I think it's like you said. He was always such a little man. This was finally something that made him feel big."
  • (Scully) "I say we don't let him take up another minute of our time."

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