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Red Beard Quotes

Red Beard is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Red Beard stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ryūzō Kikushima as producer, Masaru Sato in charge of musical score, and Asakazu Nakai as head of cinematography.

Red Beard is recorded in Japanese language and originally aired in Japan. Each episode of Red Beard is 185 minutes long. Red Beard is distributed by Toho.

The cast includes: Yūzō Kayama as Dr. Noboru Yasumoto, Tatsuyoshi Ehara as Genzo Tsugawa, Yoshio Tsuchiya as Dr. Handayu Mori, and Takashi Shimura as Tokubei Izumiya.

Red Beard Quotes

Tatsuyoshi Ehara as Genzo Tsugawa

  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "It's terrible here. You'll have to stay and see for yourself. The patients are slum people, full of fleas and lice. They even smell bad. We don't get much money. And Red Beard is after us night and day."
  • (Yūzō Kayama) ""Red Beard"?"
  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "The head doctor. His beard is sort of reddish."
  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "The waiting room for outpatients. They're treated for free in the afternoons --"
  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "I don't know -- All of them would be better off dead."
  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "It's really terrible here. Being here makes you wonder why you wanted to be a doctor."
  • (Yūzō Kayama) "It smells like rotten fruit."
  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "It's the smell of the poor."
  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "We knew you were coming two weeks ago. It seems he likes you. He's unfriendly to people he likes. Not me. He never finds fault with me. He ignores me completely."

Yūzō Kayama as Dr. Noboru Yasumoto

  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "Why don't you eat, Yasumoto?"
  • (Yūzō Kayama) "I don't want to."
  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "Does it mean that you're not hungry, or that the food doesn't suit you?"
  • (Yūzō Kayama) "It means this place doesn't suit me."
  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "Even bad food tastes good if you chew it well. Same with our work here if you try hard."
  • (Yūzō Kayama) "Are these things the rule here?"
  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "Red Beard's rules. He's the dictator here. A good doctor, dedicated to his work. Many daiyamo and rich people trust him. But he's stubborn, inconsiderate, radical -- and proud."
  • (Yūzō Kayama) "It smells like rotten fruit."
  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "It's the smell of the poor."
  • (Yūzō Kayama) "Go and get me some sake."
  • (Tatsuyoshi Ehara) "We don't drink sake here."
  • (Yūzō Kayama) "That's why I'll drink. I'll break every rule. No uniform. I'll be such a nuisance he'll ask me to leave."
  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "Poverty's a political problem they say. But what has politics ever done for the poor? Has a law been passed to get rid of poverty and ignorance?"
  • (Yūzō Kayama) "But this place. Government funds- --"
  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "Better this than nothing. The problem is deeper than that. If it weren't for poverty, half of these people wouldn't be sick."
  • (Yūzō Kayama) "I know."
  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "There is always some story of great misfortune behind illness."

Yoshio Tsuchiya as Dr. Handayu Mori

  • (Yoshio Tsuchiya) "The cooks are calling Chobo back. There's a belief that if you call into a well, you can call a dying person back. Wells lead to the bottom of the earth."
  • (Yoshio Tsuchiya) "The pain and loneliness of death frighten me. But Dr. Niide looks at it differently. He looks into their hearts as well as their bodies."

Takashi Shimura as Tokubei Izumiya

  • (Takashi Shimura) "Pardon my abrupt question, but is it true that doctors play no part in life and death?"
  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "It seems so."
  • (Takashi Shimura) "The people meant to live recover, and those meant to die pass away? Doctors have nothing to do with it?"
  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "It may mean that."
  • (Takashi Shimura) "Bad and good doctors are the same, then? Expensive medicines and those sold in pharmacies are the same? Of course, an eminent doctor like yourself is different, I am sure --"
  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "Don't make me an exception. Don't hold back. Say what's on your mind."
  • (Takashi Shimura) "I'm afraid I have displeased you."
  • (Dr. Kyojô Niide) "Of course not. All doctors have to butter up rich men."

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