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Red Dawn Quotes

Red Dawn is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Red Dawn ended in 1970.

It features Buzz Feitshans, Barry Beckerman, and Sidney Beckerman as producer, Basil Poledouris in charge of musical score, and Ric Waite as head of cinematography.

Red Dawn is recorded in English, Spanish, Russian and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Red Dawn is 114 minutes long. Red Dawn is distributed by MGM/UA Entertainment.

The cast includes: C. Thomas Howell as Robert, Patrick Swayze as Jed Eckert, Darren Dalton as Darryl Bates, Brad Savage as Danny, Doug Toby as Aardvark, Charlie Sheen as Matt Eckert, Ron O'Neal as Colonel Ernesto Bella, Harry Dean Stanton as Tom Eckert, Lane Smith as Mayor Bates, Lea Thompson as Erica, Radames Pera as Stepan Gorsky, William Smith as Col. Strelnikov, Vladek Sheybal as General Bratchenko, Jennifer Grey as Toni, and Frank McRae as Mr. Teasdale.

Red Dawn Quotes

Harry Dean Stanton as Tom Eckert

  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "Boys."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "Daddy. Dad."
  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "Don't talk. Don't say anything. Let me look at ya. I knew I was right. I knew it. You're alive. I was tough on both of you. I did things that made you, made you hate me sometimes. You understand now, don't you?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "What happened, dad? Why are you here? What'd you do?"
  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "Doesn't matter. One way or another, for one reason or another, we're all gone. It's all gone. Remember. Remember when you used to go in the park and play, and I used to put you two on the swings? Both of you were so damn little."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I remember. I remember all of it."
  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "Well, I won't be there to pick you up when you fall now. Both of you have to take care of each other now."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "We'll never see you again, dad."
  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "Yes you will. I don't want to hear that, Maddy."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "What happened to mom, dad? Where is she?"
  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "You can't afford to be crying anymore now. I don't want either one of you to ever cry for me again. Don't ever do it. Not as long as you live."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "Where's my dad, Mr. Eckert?"
  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "I don't know son. I don't know. You all get going. Get out before they find you."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Dad, I love you."
  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "I know you do, son. I love you too."
  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "Boys. Avenge Me. Avenge Me."
  • (Harry Dean Stanton) "Boys. Avenge me. Avenge me."

Patrick Swayze as Jed Eckert

  • (Patrick Swayze) "Don't cry. Hold it back. Let it turn to something else. Just let it turn; to something else. Okay?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Do you want blindfolds?"
  • (Radames Pera) "This violates the Geneva convention."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I never heard of it."
  • (Radames Pera) "Dogface. I show you how Soviet dies."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "I've seen it before, pal."
  • (Brad Savage) "This isn't happening. Jed, let him go. He was one of us."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Shut up, Danny. Shut up."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "He told them where we were."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "He did. Now get your rifles."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "No."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "WHAT DID YOU SAY?"
  • (Charlie Sheen) "We're not doing it."
  • (Radames Pera) "Boy, say at me you are friend, so I will not die alone."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "What's the difference, Jed?"
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "I'll do it."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "Shut up, Robert."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "Tell me what's the difference between us and them."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Because WE LIVE HERE."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "One thing's for sure now -- No one can ever go home again. Never."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "C'mon. We're all going to die, die standing up."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "You got across that ?"
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "Just part of it. I hope our guys are still there."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "So this is the battlefield?"
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "It's a real war, kid. It's here every day."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Daryl -- Where is it? Where is it?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "GOD-DAMMIT, WHERE'S THE BUG?"
  • (Darren Dalton) "They made me swallow it."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "Daryl, what have you done?"
  • (Darren Dalton) "I went into town -- and got caught."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "YOU WENT AND GOT CAUGHT. WHY?"
  • (Darren Dalton) "You said we couldn't --"
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "You told them where we were, didn't you? You told them."
  • (Darren Dalton) "My father turned me in. Oh God, they do things you can't imagine."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "AAAAGGHHH. You SON OF A BITCH."
  • (Alicia) "Okay, listen. I'm gonna tell you something I'm not supposed to talk about. Nobody is. But --"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "But, what?"
  • (Alicia) "That they took a lot of people away. People that they thought were gonna make trouble for them. People that had guns or things they wanted. They just took them away."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Where?"
  • (Alicia) "Re-education Camps. That's what they call it."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "It's kind of strange, isn't it? How the mountains pay us no attention at all. You laugh or you cry -- The wind just keeps on blowing."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "You're getting pretty low on feelings, aren't you?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I can't afford them."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "Even if that had been me instead of Aardvark?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "How did you get shot down, Colonel?"
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "It was five to one. I got four."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "My family would want me to stay alive. Your family would want you to stay alive. You think you're so smart, man, but you're just a bunch of scared kids."
  • (Brad Savage) "So what do you think you are?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "-- Alone, I guess."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "No, you're not."
  • (Mr. Mason) "We got us some outlaws here."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Wow, a house."
  • (Mr. Mason) "Go on and find a chair."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "Last time we were in a house was five weeks."
  • (Mr. Mason) "You look it."
  • (Alicia) "They're looking for you."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Who?"
  • (Alicia) "The KGB."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "The Russians?"
  • (Alicia) "And the Cubans."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "You can rest now. Just hang on, Mattie. It's okay -- Daddy'll be here soon. Come on, Mattie. I'll hold you as long as I can -- You can lean on me, Mattie -- I'm so tired --"

Vladek Sheybal as General Bratchenko

  • (Vladek Sheybal) "What I despise most about warfare is the hypocrisy it often breeds. I've heard euphemisms that we are containing the enemy, that our sector of pacification is growing. These are the tactics of the lie. Lies have the stench of death and defeat. You can only win a war by exterminating the enemy."
  • (Vladek Sheybal) "What is a "Wolverine"?"
  • (Ron O'Neal) "A small animal, like a badger, but terribly ferocious. It is also the name of the local sports collective."
  • (Vladek Sheybal) "They're beasts, Ernesto. You must kill every one of them eventually. It's the same as Afghanistan. They'll never stop."

Lea Thompson as Erica

  • (Lea Thompson) "You American?"
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "Red-blooded."
  • (Lea Thompson) "What's the capital of Texas?"
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "Austin."
  • (Lea Thompson) "Wrong, commie. It's Houston."
  • (Lea Thompson) "Things are different now."
  • (Lea Thompson) "Sprechen sie Deutsch?"
  • (Charlie Sheen) "So what if he does? You don't."
  • (Radames Pera) "Gorsky, Stepan Yevgenyvitch --."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "NOBODY GIVES A DAMN WHO YOU ARE."
  • (Brad Savage) "They're gonna hurt him."
  • (Jennifer Grey) "Good."
  • (Lea Thompson) "I never saw the Eckert Brothers again. In time, this war; like every other war; ended. But I never forgot. And I come to this place often, when no one else does."
  • (Lea Thompson) "" -- In the early days of World War 3, guerillas; mostly children; placed the names of their lost upon this rock. They fought here alone and gave up their lives, so that this nation should not perish from the earth.""
  • (Lea Thompson) "I'll never love anybody again."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "If you didnt't love anybody, you wouldn't be here right now --"

Doug Toby as Aardvark

  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "All right. Four planes. Cuban bunker, Russian bunker. munitions dump, troop tents. Four machine gun bunkers. Back here by the drive-in screen are your political prisoners. We'll cause a diversion over here -- cut holes in the wire here, fire on all these machine gun positions. The B-Group comes across this area in a flanking maneuver -- and when you reach this bunker, you lay down grazing fire on this defilade. I think that's pretty simple. Anybody got any questions so far?"
  • (Doug Toby) "What's a "flank?""
  • (Jennifer Grey) "What's a "defilade?""
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "What's "grazing fire?""
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "I need a drink."

Brad Savage as Danny

  • (Brad Savage) "These were good friends. Take them away from here -- someplace safe -- where this world's war never happened. And as we remember -- please let them forget, O Lord -- so they can be little again."
  • (Brad Savage) "They were people."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "Yeah, well, so was my dad."
  • (Doug Toby) "What was it like?"
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "It was good."
  • (Brad Savage) "You got a family?"
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "I don't know. They got; caught behind the lines down in Texas. I like to think they're alive; but, I hear stories about what they're doin' to civilians."

Ron O'Neal as Colonel Ernesto Bella

  • (Ron O'Neal) "I can't remember what it was to be warm. It seems a thousand years since I was a small boy in the sun. How did I come to this high, desolate place where there is nothing but loneliness? So much is lost. I want to look into your eyes and forget. It all seems so far away: a warm house where my shadow never falls; your long, black hair in my hands. There is no more revolution, only you to come back to. I will post my resignation."
  • (KGB Major) "Do you want to see me?"
  • (Ron O'Neal) "Yes -- yes. Go to the sporting goods store. From the files obtain forms 4473. These will contain descriptions of weapons, and lists of private ownership."

Radames Pera as Stepan Gorsky

  • (Radames Pera) "Boy, say if you're a friend so I will not die alone."

Charlie Sheen as Matt Eckert

  • (Charlie Sheen) "We're all that's left. Somebody's gotta live. Somebody's gotta make it. Me and Jed, we're all used up."
  • (Lea Thompson) "I'm never gonna forget -- as long as I live."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "Don't."
  • (Brad Savage) "You're never gonna know who won."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "Who WILL?"
  • (Charlie Sheen) "I'm your brother. Make it count."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "Why don't you make yourself useful?"
  • (Lea Thompson) "You wash it. We're never doing your washing again. Me and her is as good as any of you."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "So what's up your ass?"
  • (Lea Thompson) "Shut up. Don't you ever say that again. Hear me? Say that again, I'll kill you. Hear me? I'll kill you."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "So what did I do?"
  • (Jennifer Grey) "What you said was wrong."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "Did you get it?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Yeah, I got it. Only thing is, we got one problem: we don't have any water."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "How about pissing in it?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "That's a good idea. Get up here."
  • (Brad Savage) "How do you know it'll work?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "How old are you, kid?"
  • (Brad Savage) "Fifteen. And the name's Danny, not "kid.""
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Well, when you grow up -- then you'll know these things, Danny. Now get up here and piss in the radiator."

Jennifer Grey as Toni

  • (Jennifer Grey) "Go on ahead. I'm just gonna stay here and listen to the wind a while, okay?"

Darren Dalton as Darryl Bates

  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "-- The Russians need to take us in one piece, and that's why they're here. That's why they won't use nukes anymore; and we won't either, not on our own soil. The whole damn thing's pretty conventional now. Who knows? Maybe next week will be swords."
  • (Darren Dalton) "What started it?"
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "I don't know. Two toughest kids on the block, I guess. Sooner or later, they're gonna fight."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "That simple, is it?"
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "Or maybe somebody just forget what it was like."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "-- Well, who is on our side?"
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "Six hundred million screaming Chinamen."
  • (Darren Dalton) "Last I heard, there were a billion screaming Chinamen."
  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "There were."
  • (Darren Dalton) "That's the last of it -- except for the olives."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "We still got plenty of meat left."
  • (Brad Savage) "Just stuff you shot."
  • (Charlie Sheen) "So tell me, dork, where do you suppose hamburgers come from?"
  • (Brad Savage) "Nobody shoots them."
  • (Darren Dalton) "We need food."
  • (Darren Dalton) "And grab some toilet paper; I ain't gonna use no leaves."

Frank McRae as Mr. Teasdale

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

William Smith as Col. Strelnikov

  • (William Smith) "From this moment on -- There will be no further reprisals against civilians. This was stupid. Impotence. Comrades -- If a fox stole your chickens -- Would you slaughter your pig because he saw the fox? No. You would hunt the fox -- You would find where it lives and destroy it. And how do we do this? Become a fox."

C. Thomas Howell as Robert

  • (Col. Andy Tanner) "All that hate's gonna burn you up, kid."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "It keeps me warm."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "Wolverines."
  • (Mr. Mason) "We all figured you boys had headed for FA by now."
  • (C. Thomas Howell) "What's FA?"
  • (Mr. Mason) "Free America. That's the safe zone."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Well, where are we?"
  • (Mr. Mason) "Hell, you boys is in the occupied territory. You're 40 miles behind enemy lines. That's smack dab in the middle of World War III."

Lane Smith as Mayor Bates

  • (Lane Smith) "Daryl, he wouldn't hurt a fly. I know my son, Colonel. He's not the guerrilla type."
  • (Ron O'Neal) "According to records, Mayor -- your son is a prominent student leader."
  • (Lane Smith) "Yes, well -- he's a leader, but not in a violent or physical way. You see, Daryl -- he's more of a politician, like his father."
  • (Ron O'Neal) "A member of an elite paramilitary organization: "Eagle Scouts.""
  • (Lane Smith) "Yes, but that's not military. If he's alive, he's scared, he's hungry -- and he's just as anxious to avoid conflicts as you and me. He's not a troublemaker."
  • (Ron O'Neal) "Then who is?"
  • (Lane Smith) "-- It runs in some of the families."
  • (Ron O'Neal) "This community is indeed fortunate to have a shepherd like him."
  • (Lane Smith) "Well, I just want to see this thing through, Colonel."

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