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Red Faced Quotes

Red Faced is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Red Faced ended its run in 1970.

Red Faced Quotes

  • (Kara Danvers) "Would you like me to call your mother a car?"
  • (Cat Grant) "She can take her broom."
  • (T. O. Morrow) "She must have triggered his emergency self-preservation function."
  • (Supergirl) "I can't see it."
  • (T. O. Morrow) "He's in stealth mode, making him 100% undetectable."
  • (General Sam Lane) "This is your fault."
  • (Supergirl) "You asked me to fight it."
  • (General Sam Lane) "And now your recklessness has unleashed an uncontrollable killing machine on National City."
  • (Cat Grant) "Here's the thing, Ker-rah. Everybody gets angry. Everybody. And there is no pill that will eradicate this particular emotion. I know this, because if there were such pill, I would be popping those babies like Pez."
  • (Kara Danvers) "Miss Grant, uh -- I'm so sorry -- I'm really sorry about --"
  • (Cat Grant) "You apologize too much, which is a separate, although not unrelated, problem. No, this is about work. And anger. Whatever you do, you cannot get angry at work, especially when you're a girl."
  • (Agent Donovan) "I got $20 on the robot."
  • (Alex Danvers) "Forty on the alien."
  • (General Sam Lane) "I need you to approve an immediate transfer. A member of your field unit to my command."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "Really? Who would that be?"
  • (General Sam Lane) "The lady in red."
  • (Alex Danvers) "Technically, Supergirl doesn't work for this organization."
  • (General Sam Lane) "If I had my way, no one would. Your covert operations could be handled effectively with my special forces and without foreign assistance."
  • (Supergirl) "Why do you need me?"
  • (General Sam Lane) "We've been developing something, an anti-insurgent combat device. Project code-named RT. I need her help testing it for me."
  • (Lucy Lane) "She has no choice. We have an executive order forcing you to comply."
  • (General Sam Lane) "My legal attaché and my daughter, Major Lane."
  • (General Sam Lane) "It's been signed by the President. You can take it up with her if you like."
  • (Lucy Lane) "Unless you don't think you're up to it."
  • (Supergirl) "I'll do it."
  • (General Sam Lane) "You let that thing get away. I thought you were on our side."
  • (Supergirl) "I tried. It fought harder this time, harder. Faster. Like it's learned a thing or two from the last go."
  • (Lucy Lane) "It's like it knew you'd choose to save those people. The tornado was just a diversion to get away. He used your humanity against you."
  • (General Sam Lane) "And now more innocent humans could be in danger. If anything else happens, you and the DEO will both be held accountable."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "That's enough, General. My team analyzed Red Tornado's covering. It's made out of a biosyntheic polymer which contains traces of lead. To suppress X-ray vision, right? The android wasn't meant to fight insurgents. It was designed to kill Kryptonians."
  • (General Sam Lane) "You got Fort Rozz aliens locked up downstairs. Monsters. Abominations. Some of them have wings. Some have horns. And others spit acid. Do you know the difference between them and her? She's blonde."
  • (Hank Henshaw) "She saved you and your daughter tonight. You don't owe her fear and contempt. You owe her a thank you."

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