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Reign of Fire (film) Quotes

Reign of Fire (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Reign of Fire completed its run in 1970.

It features Richard D. Zanuck as producer, Edward Shearmur in charge of musical score, and Adrian Biddle as head of cinematography.

Reign of Fire (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Reign of Fire (film) is 102 minutes long. Reign of Fire (film) is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Matthew McConaughey as Denton Van Zan, Gerard Butler as Creedy, Christian Bale as Quinn Abercromby, Alexander Siddig as Ajay, Ned Dennehy as Barlow, Matthew McConaughey as Van Zan, Izabella Scorupco as Alex, and Ben Thornton as Young Quinn.

Reign of Fire (film) Quotes

Gerard Butler as Creedy

  • (Gerard Butler) "Creedy's own black label. Aged two weeks in a steel barrel. Now, the secret's swallowing fast. That way it only burns your stomach and not your throat."

Christian Bale as Quinn Abercromby

  • (Christian Bale) "That's a big tank --"
  • (Christian Bale) "If they come, they'll burn, we'll build. Or maybe I'll just kill 'em."
  • (Izabella Scorupco) "And here I thought optimism was against your nature."
  • (Christian Bale) "It's a recent development."
  • (Izabella Scorupco) "Well, here's to evolution."
  • (Child) "Did you make that up?"
  • (Christian Bale) "Of course I did."
  • (Christian Bale) "Anything happens, you know what to do."
  • (Gerard Butler) "Uh no. I have no idea."
  • (Christian Bale) "Me neither."
  • (Christian Bale) "What do we do when we are awake?"
  • (The Children) "Keep two eyes on the sky."
  • (Christian Bale) "What do we do when we sleep?"
  • (The Children) "Keep one eye on the sky."
  • (Christian Bale) "What do we do when we see them?"
  • (The Children) "Dig hard, dig deep, go for shelter, and never look back."
  • (Christian Bale) "Well, this town's gone to Hell."

Matthew McConaughey as Denton Van Zan

  • (Matthew McConaughey) "Envy the country that has heroes, huh? I say pity the country that needs them."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "The name's Van Zan. Kentucky Irregulars."
  • (Christian Bale) "You're a long away from home, Van Zan. You lost?"
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "Rebuilt a National Guard C-5A. Flew it 8,000 miles on 2 engines and tried to set it down on the old strip outside of Manchester. Lost 122 men and most of my fuel. We need shelter and a place to refit artillery. We'll be out of your hair by 1800 hours tomorrow."
  • (Christian Bale) "That's a good story. Especially the bit about the plane, but there hasn't been anything in the air for 20 years. That's their territory."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "It's my territory. It's your territory. Their just rentin' it."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "Ever see a male?"
  • (Christian Bale) "When I'm running for my life I generally don't look back at the plumbing."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "We have paid a terrible price, and now we've got a chance to make a difference. We will."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "What are you doing here, Quinn?"
  • (Christian Bale) "You're standing on ground where I've buried hundreds. This my land. I'll ask the questions. What are YOU doing here?"
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "Look out that window, Eden isn't burning its burnt."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "These things live on death and feed on ash."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "We're going to London."
  • (Christian Bale) "Good luck. It's that way."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "There's nothing magical about it. They're made of flesh and blood. You take out their heart you bring down the beast."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "I lead, you follow."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "You lead, we follow."
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "You see they have great vision during the day, and even better vision at night. But in the failing light, they can't focus. Magic hour."

Ben Thornton as Young Quinn

  • (Worker #1) "Hello, Quinn."
  • (Worker #2) "Good morning, Quinn. How's is going mate."
  • (Ben Thornton) "What's up, guys."
  • (Worker #3) "Working the late shift, are ya?"
  • (Ben Thornton) "Ha. Someone's got to clean up after you guys."

Alexander Siddig as Ajay

  • (Alexander Siddig) "Forget the bird and use the scope you wanker."
  • (Alexander Siddig) "Hey, Barlow, I've got voices."
  • (Ned Dennehy) "Ajay, what are you smokin'?"

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