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Requiem for Methuselah Quotes

Requiem for Methuselah is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Requiem for Methuselah completed its run in 1970.

It features Ivan Ditmars in charge of musical score.

Requiem for Methuselah Quotes

  • (Flint) "in that region of Earth later called Mesopotamia, in the year 3834 B.C., as the millennia are reckoned. I was Akharin, a soldier, a bully and a fool. I fell in battle, pierced to the heart; and did not die."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Instant tissue regeneration, coupled with some perfect form of biological renewal; you learned that you were immortal --"
  • (Flint) "-- and to conceal it, to live some portion of a life, to pretend to age and then move on before my nature was suspected."
  • (Capt. Kirk) "Captain's log, stardate 5843.7. The Enterprise is in the grip of a raging epidemic. Three crewmen have died and twenty-three others have been struck down by Rigelian fever. In order to combat the illness, Dr. McCoy needs large quantities of ryetalyn, which is the only known antidote for the fever. Our sensors have picked up sufficient quantities of pure ryetalyn on a small planet in the Omega system. We are beaming down to secure this urgently needed material."
  • (McCoy) "You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him --"
  • (McCoy) "-- because you'll never know the things that love can drive a man to; the ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures and the glorious victories. All of these things you'll never know, simply because the word "love" isn't written into your book. Good night, Spock."
  • (Mr. Spock) "I am close to experiencing an unaccustomed emotion."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "I'll drink to that."
  • (Mr. Spock) "This is the most splendid private collection of art I've ever seen, and the most unique. The majority are the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance period, some of the works of Reginald Pollack, 20th century, and even a sten from Marcus Two."
  • (McCoy) "Saurian brandy, one hundred years old. Jim?"
  • (Capt. Kirk) "Please."
  • (McCoy) "Mr. Spock, I know you won't have one. Heaven forbid those mathematically perfect brainwaves be corrupted by this all too human vice."
  • (Spock) "Thank you, Doctor, I will have a brandy."
  • (McCoy) "Do you think the two of us can handle a drunk Vulcan? Once alcohol hits that green blood --"
  • (Rayna Kapec) "Flint is my teacher. You are the only other men I've ever seen."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "The misfortune of men everywhere, and our privilege."
  • (Flint) "A last tender encounter, Capt. Kirk, to end your usefulness."
  • (Mr. Spock) "This waltz I just played is by Johannes Brahms."
  • (Capt. Kirk) "Later, Spock."
  • (Mr. Spock) "Captain, it is written in manuscript; in original manuscript in Brahms' own hand, which I recognize. It is totally unknown, definitely the work of Brahms; and yet -- unknown."
  • (Mr. Spock) "A man of Flint's obvious wealth and impeccable taste scarcely needs to hang fakes, yet my tricorder analysis indicates that the canvas and pigments used are of contemporary origin."
  • (Flint) "I have married a hundred times, Captain. Selected, loved, cherished, caressed a smoothness, inhaled a brief fragrance. Then age, death, the taste of dust. Do you understand?"
  • (Mr. Spock) "You wanted a perfect, ultimate woman, as brilliant, as immortal as yourself. Your mate for all time."
  • (Flint) "Designed by my heart. I could not love her more."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "All emotions are in play, Mr. Flint. You harm us; she hates you."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "You'd wipe out four hundred lives? Why?"
  • (Flint) "I have seen a hundred billion fall. I know death better than any man. I have tossed enemies into his grasp. And I know mercy. Your crew is not dead but suspended."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "Worse than dead. Restore them. Restore my ship."
  • (Flint) "In time; a thousand, two thousand years. You will know the future, Captain Kirk."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "You have been such men, you've known and created such beauty, you've watched your race evolve from cruelty and barbarism throughout your enormous life; and, yet, now you would do this to us?"
  • (Flint) "The flowers of my past; I hold the nettles of the present. I am "Flint" now, with MY needs."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "WHAT needs?"
  • (Flint) "Tonight, I have seen something wondrous, something I've waited for, laboured for; nothing must endanger it: At last, Rayna's emotions have stirred to life. Now they will turn to me in this solitude which I preserve."
  • (Mr. Spock) "The joys of love made her human, and the agonies of love destroyed her."
  • (Mr. Spock) "We have still a greater mystery, Captain. I was able to run a tricorder scan on Mr. Flint. He is human, but there are certain biophysical peculiarities. Some body function readings are disproportionate. For one thing, extreme age is indicated on the order of six thousand years."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "What else interests you besides gravity phenomena, Rayna?"
  • (Rayna Kapec) "Everything. Less than that is betrayal of the intellect."
  • (Flint) "Rayna -- have you been lonely?"
  • (Rayna Kapec) "What is loneliness?"
  • (Flint) "'Tis thirst. 'Tis a flower dying in the desert."

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