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Resolutions (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

Resolutions (Star Trek: Voyager) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Resolutions completed its run in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

Resolutions (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "When I was young, my parents took us on backpacking trips. They thought we should all keep a connection to our pioneer roots. I hated it. No bed, no replicator --"
  • (Commander Chakotay) "No bathtub."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "No bathtub. I guess I was always a child of the 24th century."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "This is Kathryn Janeway. I've never liked saying goodbye, so I'll make this brief. But I want you all to know that serving as your Captain has been the most extraordinary experience of my life. No captain could ask more than what this crew has given: bravery, compassion and strength of character. But I think what I'll miss most is the fun; the times we joked together, the games on the holodeck; I'll remember the laughter more than anything. Although Commander Chakotay and I won't be with you for the rest of your journey, we know that you'll be the same steadfast crew for Mr. Tuvok as you have been for us. We wish you a safe and speedy journey home. Our thoughts will be with you. Janeway out."
  • (Commander Chakotay) "If your tomatoes could spare you for a minute, I'd like your opinion on something in the house."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "You've come to the right person. I always have an opinion."
  • (Commander Chakotay) "Really?"
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "You know, Chakotay, it occurs to me we aren't exactly in a command structure anymore. Maybe you should call me "Kathryn"."
  • (Commander Chakotay) "Give me a few days on that one, okay?"
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Well, that's one way of letting go."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Chakotay, are you there?"
  • (Commander Chakotay) "No, I left an hour ago."
  • (Commander Chakotay) "Does it matter which way these things go?"
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "I guess it depends whether you're in a beige mood or a gray mood."
  • (Commander Chakotay) "My people have a saying: "Even the eagle must know when to sleep.""
  • (Commander Chakotay) "I doubt that he can be domesticated, at least not very easily."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Well, we have plenty of time; the rest of our lives."
  • (Commander Chakotay) "That's a long time. At least, I hope so."
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "Ensign, I'm going to say this once, and once only: if you ever question my orders again, you will be relieved of duty permanently. The next words I expect to hear from you are "Yes, sir"."
  • (Ensign Harry Kim) "Yes; sir."
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "They have a type 9 shuttlecraft at their disposal, if it becomes possible for them to leave the planet."
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "Type 9 shuttlecraft has a top speed of warp 4. It won't take them more than, oh, about 700 years to get home."
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "I'm not certain what it is you expect me to do, Lieutenant."
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "I guess, clearly something you can't do; which is to feel as rotten about this as we do."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "We could go on a camping trip."
  • (Commander Chakotay) "I'm not sure we could fit the bathtub in the boat."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Well, that's all right. I'll have the river."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "The Doctor tells me you contacted the Vidiians after all."
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "I disobeyed your order, Captain. I am prepared to accept the consequences."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "If I didn't know you better, I'd say your decision was almost -- emotional."

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