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Roadracers Quotes

Roadracers is a Action that first aired in 1994 on Showtime. Roadracers ended its run in 1970.

It features Lou Arkoff, David Giler, Debra Hill, and Willie Kutner as producer, Paul Boll, and Johnny Reno as theme composer, and Roberto Schaefer as head of cinematography.

Roadracers is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Roadracers is 95 minutes long. Roadracers is distributed by Showtime Network.

The cast includes: John Hawkes as Nixer, O'Neal Compton as J.T., David Arquette as Dude, Salma Hayek as Donna, and William Sadler as Sarge.

Roadracers Quotes

William Sadler as Sarge

  • (William Sadler) "Y'know, I'm so close to kickin' your ass right now, I can damn near taste it."
  • (David Arquette) "It's got a bit of a whang to it, don't it?"
  • (William Sadler) "Hey, now you pay attention to somethin' here. These kids ain't the same anymore, and you know what's behind it all? Rock 'n' roll. That music is turnin' the kids into a bunch of sex hungry, beer drinkin', road racin' werewolves."
  • (William Sadler) "J.T., don't be giving that punk any special treatment now. This here's a business. Now, you run it like a business, or you're gonna be out of business faster than you can spell 'health department.""
  • (O'Neal Compton) "Feeding people's my business, Sarge, and keeping the punks in line is your business. So why don't we just mind our own business, what do ya say?"
  • (John Hawkes) "You tell him, J.T."
  • (O'Neal Compton) "You shut up."
  • (John Hawkes) "All right."
  • (William Sadler) "You know, son, if excuses was worth a cent, you'd be a silver f***in' dollar."

David Arquette as Dude

  • (David Arquette) "How'd you fare with that little number the other night?"
  • (John Hawkes) "Oh, I got the muff punt."
  • (David Arquette) "Should've at least tea bagged her."
  • (John Hawkes) "Tea bag her? What's that?"
  • (David Arquette) "It's when you drop one of your nads in and out her mouth."
  • (David Arquette) "Get the big part?"
  • (John Hawkes) "Nearly had her going."
  • (Salma Hayek) "Are you sure she didn't have you going?"
  • (John Hawkes) "Only below the belly button."
  • (Salma Hayek) "What?"
  • (John Hawkes) "Don't worry, I let it drain into my boot."
  • (David Arquette) "You're very selfish, Dude. You don't give a damn about my dreams."
  • (David Arquette) "Those are my dreams, Donna, not yours. Catch a ride with the tide."
  • (Teddy Leather) "You burned my girlfriend's hair off, Dude. Now she's wearing a f***ing wig. She looks like an old You burned my girlfriend's hair off, Dude. Now she's wearin' a f***in' wig."
  • (Teddy Leather) "She looks like an old lady.lady."
  • (David Arquette) "I thought she was your old lady."
  • (David Arquette) "I'll tell you what, you bring her over here, take off that wig. Daddy'll give her a free spit shine. Ptoo."

John Hawkes as Nixer

  • (John Hawkes) "Little dab'll do ya."
  • (David Arquette) "Hell on wheels."
  • (John Hawkes) "Looky here, J.T. From here"
  • (John Hawkes) "to eternity"
  • (John Hawkes) "is the time before I was born. And from here"
  • (John Hawkes) "to eternity"
  • (John Hawkes) "is the time after I die. This --"
  • (John Hawkes) "is the only time I get -- to do it."
  • (O'Neal Compton) "You ain't doing nothing. You're gonna spend the rest of your days in this little town --"
  • (O'Neal Compton) "and you're gonna die here -- with one of my burgers in your hand."
  • (O'Neal Compton) "And that's it."
  • (John Hawkes) "I know you hate this town. I know you hate Teddy. I do, too. But I also know you love your music. So fight for what you love, not for what you hate."
  • (John Hawkes) "Throw me one of those, Dude."
  • (David Arquette) "You couldn't catch a crab in a whorehouse."

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