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Robot Chicken: Star Wars Quotes

Robot Chicken: Star Wars is a television program that debuted in 2007 on Adult Swim. Robot Chicken: Star Wars ended in 1970.

It features Les Claypool as theme composer. Robot Chicken: Star Wars is created by Seth Green.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars is produced by Lucasfilm and distributed by Williams Street. Spinoffs for this show include Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II.

The cast includes: Seth MacFarlane as Palpatine, Abraham Benrubi as Darth Vader, and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Quotes

Abraham Benrubi as Darth Vader

  • (Abraham Benrubi) "Luke -- I am your father."
  • (Mark Hamill) "Noooo. That's impossible."
  • (Abraham Benrubi) "It's true. And Princess Leia is your sister."
  • (Mark Hamill) "That's -- improbable."
  • (Abraham Benrubi) "And the Empire will be defeated by Ewoks."
  • (Mark Hamill) "That's -- highly unlikely --"
  • (Abraham Benrubi) "And as a kid, I built C-3PO."
  • (Mark Hamill) "-- wha?"
  • (Abraham Benrubi) "And you know that all-powerful Force? That's really just microscopic bacteria called Midichlorians."
  • (Mark Hamill) "Look, if you're not gonna take this seriously, I'm outta here."

Seth MacFarlane as Palpatine

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

  • (Mark Hamill) "Your overconfidence is your weakness."
  • (Seth MacFarlane) "Your faith in your friends is yours."
  • (Mark Hamill) "Not my faith in yo momma --"
  • (Seth MacFarlane) "What was that?"
  • (Mark Hamill) "I said yo momma's so fat, Jabba the Hutt said DAAAAAMN."
  • (Seth MacFarlane) "Well, your mother is so ugly she put the 'ug' in 'ugnaught.'"
  • (Abraham Benrubi) "Ohh, yo momma fight."
  • (Mark Hamill) "Yo momma's so stupid, she spent all day saying 'am not' to R2."
  • (Seth MacFarlane) "Your mother is so fat, that Ben Kenobi said 'That's no moon, that's yo momma.'"
  • (Mark Hamill) "Yo momma's so stupid, she thought Jar Jar came with pickles pickles."
  • (Seth MacFarlane) "Your mother is so stupid she, she thinks, uh, that lightsabres come with fewer calories."
  • (Seth MacFarlane) "You know, cause it's 'lite,' and it's got less calories -- and it's good for your body, ummm -- anyway that's how stupid your mother is --"
  • (Mark Hamill) "Yo momma's so stupid she went to Bangkok to get a TIE fighter."
  • (Crowd) "Luke wins."

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