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Rocket Power Quotes

Rocket Power is a Sports; Adventure; Animation that appeared on TV in 1999 on Nickelodeon. Rocket Power ended in 2004.

Rocket Power lasted 4 seasons and 71 episodes. It features Susan Ward, Pernelle Hayes, Victor Wilson, John Crane, Maureen Iser, Erin Ehrlich, Supervising Producer:, and Jim Duffy as producer, Joseph Ashton; Shayna Fox, Sam Saletta, Gary LeRoi Gray, Sean Marquette, Ulysses Cuadra, and Gilbert Leal doing voices, Mark Mothersbaugh as theme composer, and zion kuwonu as composer. Rocket Power is executive produced by Gábor Csupó, Arlene Klasky, Eryk Casemiro, and Co-Executive Producer:. Rocket Power is created by Arlene Klasky, and Gábor Csupó.

Rocket Power is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Rocket Power is 24 minutes long. Rocket Power is produced by Klasky Csupo; Nickelodeon Animation Studio and distributed by Viacom Media Networks.

Rocket Power Quotes

  • (Otto Rocket) "There's only one thing missing on the Wall of Fame, Rocket Boy."
  • (Reggie Rocket) "Do you think there's enough wall for ALL your greatness?"
  • (Tito Makani, Jr.) "Maybe words aren't your vocation."
  • (Ray 'Raymundo' Rocket) "My vacation?"
  • (Otto Rocket) "I promised to bring two surfboards in for Show-N'-Tell. So -- if you could just leave them behind the shop -- that way, Sam's mom can swing by and pick them up when she brings his asthma medicine to school? Thanks, Raymundo."
  • (Otto Rocket) "Relax, Squid. Raymundo totally bought it."
  • (Ray 'Raymundo' Rocket) "Oh, man, I didn't buy that for a second."
  • (Twister) "I can tell you a million and a half things I've never heard of."
  • (Squid) "This place is a breeding ground for germs."
  • (Twister) "Cool."
  • (Reggie Rocket) "Why do you keep changing channels every three seconds?"
  • (Otto Rocket) "There's nothing on."
  • (Reggie Rocket) "There's 99 channels, pick one."
  • (Squid) "At least I got that out of my system."
  • (Twister) "Yeah. And all over the parking lot. I mean, I felt like hurling when you hurled."
  • (Otto Rocket) "You mean Sam's not sick because he's always sick and we're sick because we're never sick. That's sick."
  • (Squid) "It's a lost Wood Ranger."
  • (Reggie Rocket) "These are chicken bones."
  • (Twister) "What was a chicken doing in a Wood Ranger uniform?"
  • (Twister) "I don't see anything cool back here, and it smells like a cat box."
  • (Otto Rocket) "Just sneak out your bedroom window."
  • (Squid) "Do you know how big a drop that is?"
  • (Otto Rocket) "Yeah. Two feet"
  • (Otto Rocket) "We'll have the back half of Mount Baldy to ourselves. And since it's off limits, no one will even know we're back there."
  • (Reggie Rocket) "There might possibly be a REASON for the yellow barricade."
  • (Twister) "Why do you always have to ruin our fun?"
  • (Reggie Rocket) "I'm not ruining your fun, I am saving your lives."
  • (Tito Makani, Jr.) "He who rubs his enemy's face in the sand gets buried in the sand, too."
  • (Twister) "You think I should bury Lars in the sand?"
  • (Twister) "Rock on with your bad self."
  • (Otto Rocket) "Your brother and his loser friends ditched us."
  • (Twister) "Reggie? You're starting to sound like Otto."
  • (Otto Rocket) "This IS Otto."
  • (Twister) "Please tell me this is a bad dream."
  • (Lars Rodriguez) "Mom says I have to tag along 'cause you're too lame to go to another country by yourself."
  • (Twister) "For your information, Hawaii is a state."
  • (Lars Rodriguez) "Yeah right. And Chicago's a city."
  • (Otto Rocket) "Don't tell anybody we're in the back bowl. I don't wanna get busted. Deal?"
  • (Reggie Rocket) "I don't know --"
  • (Otto Rocket) "I'll tell Raymundo who broke his favorite cactus doing kick flips in the living room."
  • (Reggie Rocket) "Deal."
  • (Tito Makani, Jr.) "There's no talking to that kid."
  • (Ray 'Raymundo' Rocket) "Welcome to my world."
  • (Otto Rocket) "Who was working your head? This is like the time you thought you saw the half dog/half boy."
  • (Twister) "He chased cars, didn't he?"

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