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Romeo Must Die Quotes

Romeo Must Die is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Romeo Must Die ended its run in 1970.

It features Joel Silver, and Jim Van Wyck as producer, Stanley Clarke; Timbaland in charge of musical score, and Glen MacPherson as head of cinematography.

Romeo Must Die is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Romeo Must Die is 115 minutes long. Romeo Must Die is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Anthony Anderson as Maurice, Jet Li as Han Sing, Aaliyah as Trish, DMX as Silk, Russell Wong as Kai, Isaiah Washington as Mac, Delroy Lindo as Isaak, Edoardo Ballerini as Vincent Roth, and Terry Chen as Kung.

Romeo Must Die Quotes

Edoardo Ballerini as Vincent Roth

  • (Edoardo Ballerini) "I'll have your check."

Jet Li as Han Sing

  • (Jet Li) "For you, killing your son was like running a over a dog in the street. Just something in your way."
  • (Jet Li) "Great country. Free cars."
  • (Jet Li) "What's your name?"
  • (Aaliyah) "You think I want you calling me?"
  • (Jet Li) "I don't have a phone."
  • (Aaliyah) "Yeah, well dead giveaway. Besides, you drive like s***."
  • (Jet Li) "Sorry Moron."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Name's Maurice, bitch."
  • (Jet Li) "Hey, brother -- AMERICAN FOOTBALL."
  • (Jet Li) "I'll let fate decide what to do with you. If the police don't get you, the other Chinese families will. Do what you will father, but this time no one will go to prison for you."
  • (Jet Li) "Where is she?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "You didn't really think you was gonna get them panties, now did you?"
  • (Jet Li) "What?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Trish. You didn't really think she was gonna give it up to you, now did you?"
  • (Jet Li) "Dim Sum good. You call again. Dim Sum all time. Thanks."
  • (Jet Li) "Here's the deal, Meatball. You let me go, I let you live."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "He say he's gonna let ME live."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "You know I'm really gonna miss you? The way you make me laugh. But look on the bright side: some you win -- and Dim Sum, you lose."

Russell Wong as Kai

  • (Russell Wong) "I was afraid prison would make you soft."
  • (Jet Li) "People don't get soft in prison."
  • (Russell Wong) "We got a tip this place is going to get hit."
  • (Terry Chen) "When?"
  • (Russell Wong) "Right now."
  • (Russell Wong) "I guess I could use a little exercise."
  • (Russell Wong) "Your brother wasn't suited to lead. He didn't have the discipline."
  • (Jet Li) "That's why you killed him."
  • (Russell Wong) "That's why I had to."
  • (Jet Li) "Had to? My brother?"
  • (Russell Wong) "That's right."
  • (Jet Li) "That -- was a mistake."

Aaliyah as Trish

  • (Aaliyah) "So Ahkbar, tell me, is it true what they say about Hong Kong?"
  • (Jet Li) "What's that?"
  • (Aaliyah) "You know, all you guys do Kung Fu."
  • (Jet Li) "Of course. State law."
  • (Aaliyah) "Are you out of your mind? What are you doing here?"
  • (Jet Li) "I missed you."
  • (Aaliyah) "You missed me? I'm gonna miss you when my father finds out you're here."
  • (Aaliyah) "Do I know you?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "How you gonna play me like that?"
  • (Aaliyah) "What?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Now you know I work for your pops."
  • (Aaliyah) "Right, right. What's your name again? Something starts with an M --"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Yeah, that's it. That's it."
  • (Aaliyah) "Moron."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Funny. It's Maurice, all right?"
  • (Aaliyah) "By the way, you drive like s***."
  • (Aaliyah) "Can you break one of those boards with your head?"
  • (Jet Li) "Sure."
  • (Aaliyah) "I'd have to see that."

Isaiah Washington as Mac

  • (Isaiah Washington) "Damn, that some cold s***."
  • (Isaiah Washington) "Sorry Romeo, but you gotta die."
  • (Isaiah Washington) "Don't look at me boy. I'll put your ass on the news tonight."
  • (Isaiah Washington) "Look, if I wanted Eddie Murphy, I would have gone to the movies."

Anthony Anderson as Maurice

  • (Anthony Anderson) "Hey Trish. I'm gonna find your Aaliyah looking ass."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "The hell what Mac said,somebody kill that son of a bitch."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "You ain't the only one that knows some s***."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "I don't care if you're going to confession; it's going to be you, me, and the priest."

Delroy Lindo as Isaak

  • (Delroy Lindo) "Mr Sing you have my deepest, deepest condolences."
  • (Ch'u Sing) "Thank you."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "What happened to your son was tragic Mr Sing, very unnecessary. I want you to know i'll be looking into this myself personally."
  • (Ch'u Sing) "You will forgive me if I'm not easily moved."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Mr Sing -- with all due respect, there is no way in the world that anybody in my camp would be foolish enough to touch your family, any more than anybody in your camp would be stupid enough to touch mine. It just wouldn't happen."
  • (Ch'u Sing) "Our business venture will continue."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I'm pleased to hear that, thank you."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Mac, make sure we got round the clock security for my son and my daughter."
  • (Isaiah Washington) "It's all been arranged chief."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "You killed Colin?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Even fake wars have casualties, Isaak. I guess uh, old collard green couldn't fly, huh?"

DMX as Silk

  • (DMX) "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."

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