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Rookie of the Year (film) Quotes

Rookie of the Year (film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Rookie of the Year stopped airing in 1970.

It features Robert Harper as producer, Bill Conti in charge of musical score, and Jack N. Green as head of cinematography.

Rookie of the Year (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Rookie of the Year (film) is 103 minutes long. Rookie of the Year (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Thomas Ian Nicholas as Henry Rowengartner, Patrick LaBrecque as George, Daniel Stern as Phil Brickman, Gary Busey as Chet Steadman, Albert Hall as Martinella, John Candy as Edith, Dan Hedaya as Larry Fisher, Amy Morton as Mary Rowengartner, Tom Milanovich as Heddo, W. Earl Brown as Frick, Robert Hy Gorman as Clark, Eddie Bracken as Bob Carson, and Andy Berman as Ernie.

Rookie of the Year (film) Quotes

Thomas Ian Nicholas as Henry Rowengartner

  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Hey. We want a pitcher, not an underwear snitcher."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Oh, my god -- It's Billy Frick."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Wow, you ate that whole thing?"
  • (W. Earl Brown) "Why, sure. It wasn't that much"
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "That's impressive."
  • (W. Earl Brown) "You should see what I can do in a bed."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Pitcher's got a big butt. Pitcher's got a big butt."

Daniel Stern as Phil Brickman

  • (Daniel Stern) "Punctuality, Henry. Without it, time stands still."
  • (Daniel Stern) "The key to being a big league pitcher is the 3 R's: readiness, recuperation, and conditioning. You see, after the game, a lot of guys like to ice up their arm. Still, other fellas think that heat is the way to go. But I have discovered the secret, Henry: hot ice. That's right: hot ice. I heat up -- the ice cubes. It's the best of both worlds."
  • (Daniel Stern) "Hey, your mom has a pretty good arm. I ain't seen the floater pitch since Scuffy McGee."
  • (Daniel Stern) "I wrap the cake up in my vomit bag, and voila --. Breakfast."
  • (Daniel Stern) "Conservation, Managing resources -- that is the key to Baseball."

Gary Busey as Chet Steadman

  • (Gary Busey) "Do me a favor: Don't call me "Rocket"."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Why not?"
  • (Gary Busey) "'Cause I'm not the "Rocket" anymore."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Yeah, I don't get it, you're throwing so slow."
  • (Gary Busey) "Well, thank you very much."
  • (Gary Busey) "You big ugly piece of s***."
  • (Gary Busey) "Henry, don't take this serious. But its nothing to joke about. But one day, your gift will be gone."

Patrick LaBrecque as George

  • (Dr. Kersten) "Funky, buttloving --."
  • (Patrick LaBrecque) "Did he say "funky buttloving?""
  • (Patrick LaBrecque) "Let's go back to our dull lives and search for meaning."
  • (Patrick LaBrecque) "The only reason you are playing for the Cubs is because you broke your stupid arm."

Andy Berman as Ernie

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Robert Hy Gorman as Clark

  • (Robert Hy Gorman) "They're sending Henry in."
  • (Patrick LaBrecque) "Yeah, we're gonna go sit closer so you can see better."
  • (Amy Morton) "Come on, let's go get seats."
  • (Eddie Bracken) "Seats? You mean down on the field level?"
  • (Amy Morton) "Yeah."
  • (Eddie Bracken) "No, no, no. Please, that's too dangerous."
  • (Amy Morton) "Why?"
  • (Eddie Bracken) "Me, the owner of the Cubs sitting down with the fans? They'd kill me."

Albert Hall as Martinella

  • (Albert Hall) "Way to go, Runamucker."
  • (Albert Hall) "I'm looking for Henry Rulenfurter."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Henry Rowengartner?"
  • (Albert Hall) "Yeah."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "I'm Henry."
  • (Albert Hall) "-- I might be looking for your father."
  • (Albert Hall) "Rowengartner, you're going in."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "What did he just call me?"
  • (Albert Hall) "You good for another inning?"
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "You betcha, Sally baby."
  • (Albert Hall) "Good, 'cause you're on deck."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Huh?"
  • (Albert Hall) "You're up after Fern."
  • (Gary Busey) "You can't let him bat."
  • (Albert Hall) "He's gotta learn sometime."
  • (Albert Hall) "BRICKMAN."
  • (Daniel Stern) "I'll be right back."

Dan Hedaya as Larry Fisher

  • (Dan Hedaya) "Reporters are foaming at the mouth for a piece of the kid."
  • (Amy Morton) "Which piece?"
  • (Dan Hedaya) "Hey, kid. How'd you like to play for the Chicago Cubs?"
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Great. But I gotta ask my mom first."

Amy Morton as Mary Rowengartner

  • (Amy Morton) "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."
  • (Gary Busey) "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."
  • (Thomas Ian Nicholas) "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."
  • (Amy Morton) "Hi, Chet, I'm Henry's ma."
  • (Gary Busey) "Hi, Henry's mom."

Eddie Bracken as Bob Carson

  • (Eddie Bracken) "You're the best thing to happen to baseball since Cracker Jack."

John Candy as Edith

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Tom Milanovich as Heddo

  • (Tom Milanovich) "This one's for MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY."
  • (Amy Morton) "HONEY."

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