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Rough Riders (miniseries) Quotes

Rough Riders is a War that appeared on TV in 1997 . Rough Riders ended its run in 1997.

It features Tom Berenger as producer, Peter Bernstein (composer) as theme composer, Peter Berstein in charge of musical score, and Anthony B. Richmond as head of cinematography.

Rough Riders is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Rough Riders is 184 minutes long. Rough Riders is produced by Affinity Entertainment.

The cast includes: Dakin Matthews as Wadsworth Sr., Bob Primeaux as Indian Bob, Chris Noth as Craig Wadsworth, Tom Berenger as Theodore Roosevelt, Adam Storke as Stephen Crane, Brad Johnson as Henry Nash, Eric Allan Kramer as Henry Bardshar, Gary Busey as Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler, James Parks as William Tiffany, Mark Moses as Woodbury Kane, Diana Jorge as Mademoiselle Adler, Illeana Douglas as Edith Roosevelt, George Hamilton as William Randolph Hearst, Nick Chinlund as Frederick Remington, Darin Heames as Lt. William Wheeler, Pablo Espinosa as Frederick Funston, Geoffrey Lewis as Eli, and Buck Taylor as George Neville.

Rough Riders Quotes

Dakin Matthews as Wadsworth Sr.

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Brad Johnson as Henry Nash

  • (Brad Johnson) "I miss you, boys. Been more that twenty years. My God, we were young. Well, it was a young country then, full of promise and hope. Anything was possible then if you were an American."
  • (Brad Johnson) "I swear that I'll make people remember you, old man. Remember what you did for us. I'll build a statue if I have to."
  • (Brad Johnson) "I'll see you boys soon. Adios compadres."
  • (Brad Johnson) "What are you thinking about now?"
  • (Bob Primeaux) "Naked women."
  • (Brad Johnson) "Hey, painter man. Where's the 1st Cavalry?"
  • (Nick Chinlund) "How should I know? I'm a non-combatant, God damn it."

Gary Busey as Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler

  • (Unnamed) "Our transport ships haven't even got here yet. And now I hear supplies are still aboard trains? And our quartermaster tells me he has no idea WHICH trains. I've never seen anything like it. My God, I've never seen anything like it in my lifetime."
  • (Gary Busey) "That's because nothing like this has ever happened in your lifetime."
  • (Gary Busey) "I haven't had a horse shot out from under me in 30 years."
  • (Gary Busey) "It's Still a Thrill."
  • (Gary Busey) "You stole this hog."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "We caught the gator and the snake."
  • (Gary Busey) "Snake?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Footless animal stew, sir."
  • (Gary Busey) "That General Shafter is way over his head -- WAY over. And he's big as a house to boot."
  • (Darin Heames) "I just hope you were polite in there, Daddy."
  • (Gary Busey) "What if I wasn't? What the hell are they gonna do to me?"
  • (Darin Heames) "I just meant that --"
  • (Gary Busey) "Now, you listen to me, boy. I am a US Congressman, I am a volunteer, I am here on the personal request of the President of the United States -- and I am a Reb."
  • (Darin Heames) "I understand, Daddy --"
  • (Gary Busey) "Now listen to me very closely -- I have got these Yankees by the long johns."
  • (Unnamed) "General Wheeler. I hope you won't mind this brief intrusion, but I'm Horatio Swayles. I was with the Union cavalry that opposed you in the fighting around Atlanta."
  • (Gary Busey) "Nice to meet you. This is my son, William. You'll forgive me if I tell you that Atlanta isn't one of my fondest memories."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, of course --"
  • (Gary Busey) "I should have killed that son of a bitch long ago to keep him from breeding."
  • (Unnamed) "General, you were one of the finest cavalry officers in the Confederacy."
  • (Gary Busey) "Let me tell you something -- Bedford Forrest had 32 horses shot out from under him, but he killed 33 Yankees."
  • (Gary Busey) "Forrest was better."
  • (Gary Busey) "This isn't a regulation war. That ain't how we do things here in the South."

Eric Allan Kramer as Henry Bardshar

  • (Eric Allan Kramer) "I killed a bear once."
  • (Eric Allan Kramer) "'Cause I didn't like it."
  • (Eric Allan Kramer) "Don't worry, colonel; you're the closest thing most of these boys have to a father. We won't let you down."

Adam Storke as Stephen Crane

  • (Adam Storke) "You're wounded, sir."
  • (Chris Noth) "A red badge of courage -- it's not like your book, old man. I would have run if I could have."
  • (Adam Storke) "Why didn't you?"
  • (Chris Noth) "Because they were watching, my fellows; they didn't run."

Tom Berenger as Theodore Roosevelt

  • (Tom Berenger) "When we were good, and not misbehaving, she made us cheese grits."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Come on, Leonard, you already know you're going. Why not at the head of the wildest mad cap regiment since the Mongols rode the Steppes?"
  • (Unnamed) "Theodore, do you know that you're mad?"
  • (Illeana Douglas) "Well, it's never bothered him before --"
  • (Tom Berenger) "Oh, more good Republicans."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Like a hornet sting. YOU'LL HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THAT."
  • (Unnamed) "All in all, Theodore, you're shaping up to be a competent officer. Don't let it go to your head."
  • (Tom Berenger) "No, sir. I shall not do that."
  • (Tom Berenger) "I can see it feeds from the right."
  • (Tom Berenger) "If it were up to me, we'd drive every European flag from this Hemisphere at bayonet point."
  • (Diana Jorge) "Mon dieu, help me, I feel faint."
  • (Illeana Douglas) "Feel free. By all means, fall right over."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Will you be so kind, Mr Crane, with your camera, to take a picture of this regiment on this glorious hill, for we will always live in its shadow."
  • (Unnamed) "He was your appointment, was he not?"
  • (Tom Berenger) "Oh, I had a hand in it."
  • (Unnamed) "And it was your plan to have Dewey coal his warships and set sail for Manila Bay."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Secretary Long was on vacation in New England."
  • (Unnamed) "So, YOU took the initiative?"
  • (Tom Berenger) "I suppose so -- But that Commodore Dewey was like a wolfhound slipped from the leash, wasn't he, Leonard?"
  • (Unnamed) "I suppose he was, Theodore -- And Roosevelt is like a young second lieutenant: Ambitious, often overreaching, frequently insubordinate, brash -- but, successful; this time. Don't try it with me."

Pablo Espinosa as Frederick Funston

  • (Pablo Espinosa) "These are insurrectos. And I'm Major Funston. You killed some of my men."
  • (Unnamed) "MAJOR FUNSTON. I can't take it back. We're all going the same place, now let's get there together."

George Hamilton as William Randolph Hearst

  • (Unnamed) "I think you're a scoundrel, Randolph; completely without conscience."
  • (George Hamilton) "What, did Freddie go too far?"
  • (Nick Chinlund) "You don't really think that those people blew up that boat, now do you?"
  • (Unnamed) "A naval blockade is in the offing, gentlemen."
  • (Nick Chinlund) "A naval blockade is hardly a war."
  • (George Hamilton) "Furnish the pictures, Freddie, and I'll furnish the war."
  • (Nick Chinlund) "Very good, Willy."
  • (Unnamed) "Well said, Randolph."
  • (George Hamilton) "Thank you, Mr. Secretary."
  • (Unnamed) "Cheers."
  • (George Hamilton) "Remember the Maine, and to HELL with Spain."

Nick Chinlund as Frederick Remington

  • (Nick Chinlund) "There were no gleaming helmets. We're in the jungle."
  • (George Hamilton) "Shut up and finish your painting, Freddie."
  • (Nick Chinlund) "But it's not -- true."
  • (George Hamilton) "Truth is the first casualty of war, Freddie. You'd ought to know that."

James Parks as William Tiffany

  • (James Parks) "For God's sake, follow the Colonel."

Mark Moses as Woodbury Kane

  • (Mark Moses) "It is the duty, the honor, of the patrician class to lead its countrymen by the sword."
  • (Mark Moses) "Indian Bob, Kill that German."
  • (Mark Moses) "He who has no stomach for this fight, let him depart."

Buck Taylor as George Neville

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Bob Primeaux as Indian Bob

  • (Bob Primeaux) "What are they talking about?"
  • (Brad Johnson) "They're educated men."
  • (Bob Primeaux) "What are they talking about?"
  • (Brad Johnson) "They're educated men."

Chris Noth as Craig Wadsworth

  • (Chris Noth) "Spirited mount."
  • (Brad Johnson) "Well, I'll be damned -- Where'd he learn to ride like that?"
  • (Mark Moses) "Craig Wadsworth is the finest polo player in the country. Do you play polo?"
  • (Brad Johnson) "Oh, yeah, every day, right after my bubble bath."

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