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Sadie McKee Quotes

Sadie McKee is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Sadie McKee ended its run in 1970.

It features Lawrence Weingarten as producer, Nacio Herb Brown (music) in charge of musical score, and Oliver T. Marsh as head of cinematography.

Sadie McKee is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Sadie McKee is 93 minutes long. Sadie McKee is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Joan Crawford as Sadie McKee Brennan, Jean Dixon as Opal, Gene Raymond as Tommy Wallace, Esther Ralston as Dolly Merrick, Edward Arnold as Jack Brennan, and Franchot Tone as Michael Alderson.

Sadie McKee Quotes

Gene Raymond as Tommy Wallace

  • (Gene Raymond) "I never stopped being crazy about you."
  • (Joan Crawford) "I know that."
  • (Gene Raymond) "I've been lying here thinking about you every second I'm awake."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Tommy --"
  • (Gene Raymond) "Don't shut me up."

Joan Crawford as Sadie McKee Brennan

  • (Joan Crawford) "Here it is."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Lady, when you say, "I do take thee," how you take him."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Got this all to yourself?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yep, all to myself."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Always all to yourself?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yep."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Well, a whole lot of us do a whole lot more for a whole lot less."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Instead of thanking you, I could kill you and love it."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Tommy, look, corned beef hash and pouched egg, for 30 cents."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Hello, Tommy."
  • (Gene Raymond) "Sadie, when I saw you this afternoon, my heart stopped."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yes, I know. I felt the same way. Only that was this afternoon."

Edward Arnold as Jack Brennan

  • (Edward Arnold) "Hey, you're a great girl, Sadie. Is your mother alive?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yeah."
  • (Edward Arnold) "Oh, that's fine. I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll send her a little present, huh? Anything you like. We'll send her a season pass to the Yankee stadium, huh? Ha-ha, yes, yes, just a little present, just a little present."
  • (Edward Arnold) "Whoa. Whoopie. Ha-ha, I must be drunk."

Jean Dixon as Opal

  • (Jean Dixon) "If you've lost your marriage certificate, don't worry, very broad minded, this landlady."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Listen, are you going to be nuts about that canary all your life?"
  • (Jean Dixon) "Feeling better?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yes, thanks to you."
  • (Jean Dixon) "You're gonna find out about men; -the tripe."
  • (Joan Crawford) "No, thanks. Not interested."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Swell. They come to my dump to get taken, see? And if you're smart --"
  • (Jean Dixon) "Am I talking loud enough?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "I'm kind of sick of men."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Oh, you're crazy. They've got what we want, all of it. And every gal has her price. Yours ought to be high."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Every gal has her price. I don't know what got, but you sure gyped somebody."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Hey, what are you doing with these? Keeping track of Tommy?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Mmm hmm."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Listen, are you gonna be nuts about that canary all your life?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "I'm afraid so."
  • (Jean Dixon) "Well, control yourself because you got everything. Everything."

Esther Ralston as Dolly Merrick

  • (Esther Ralston) "I do as I like because I like it."

Franchot Tone as Michael Alderson

  • (Franchot Tone) "Hey, what happened to those freckles?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "I outgrew them, I guess."
  • (Franchot Tone) "You did a pretty good job of outgrowing a lot of things."
  • (Franchot Tone) "You ran away with a no-good-for-nothing rat. Then because he let you down, you jumped at the same cheap conclusions all cheap people do."
  • (Franchot Tone) "Sadie, I've known you a long while."
  • (Joan Crawford) "You used to like me, didn't you?"
  • (Franchot Tone) "A lot. A whole lot. Why not go back to being a sweet girl?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Well, what do you want me to do?"

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