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Salute Your Shorts Quotes

Salute Your Shorts is a television program that first aired in 1991 on Nickelodeon. Salute Your Shorts ended its run in 1992.

Salute Your Shorts lasted 2 seasons and 26 episodes. Salute Your Shorts is created by Steve Slavkin.

Salute Your Shorts is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Salute Your Shorts is 30 minutes long. Salute Your Shorts is produced by Propaganda Films and distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

The cast includes: Danny Cooksey as Bobby, Blake Sennett as Pinsky, Megan Berwick as Z.Z., Michael Ray Bower as Donkeylips, Danny Cooksey as Budnick, Kirk Baily as Ug, Venus DeMilo as Telly, Erik MacArthur as Michael Stein, and Heidi Lucas as Dina Alexander.

Salute Your Shorts Quotes

Kirk Baily as Ug

  • (Kirk Baily) "I did it. I did it."
  • (Heidi Lucas) "What?"
  • (Kirk Baily) "I finally out-negotiated Dr. Kahn."
  • (Venus DeMilo) "What happened?"
  • (Kirk Baily) "He was going to give me one night off every month, but I talked him into giving me one night off every four weeks."
  • (Heidi Lucas) "Way to play hardball, Ug."

Erik MacArthur as Michael Stein

  • (Erik MacArthur) "Sponge. This is Ug's private stereo, are you sure everything is hooked up all right?"
  • (Sponge Harris) "My IQ is in the top 99th percentile."
  • (Erik MacArthur) "Look, sponge if anything happens to Ug's equipment, I'm dead."
  • (Sponge Harris) "Just -- just turn it on."
  • (Erik MacArthur) "You said everything was going to be all right. What happened?"
  • (Sponge Harris) "I was wrong. It's little things like this that keep me out of the 100th percentile."
  • (Erik MacArthur) "What's that smell?"
  • (Sponge Harris) "Oh. That was a dead raccoon. They just dragged him out this morning."
  • (Erik MacArthur) "Is this where it died?"
  • (Sponge Harris) "No. That's just where it suffered."

Michael Ray Bower as Donkeylips

  • (Michael Ray Bower) "Hey, Sponge."
  • (Sponge Harris) "Yeah?"
  • (Michael Ray Bower) "Maybe if I did lose weight I wouldn't get picked on as much. I'm a little husky, you know?"
  • (Sponge Harris) "Yeah I know. But getting picked on isn't so bad. Someday I'll get rich inventing this cool space laser and I'll have this giant company and people like Budnick will be emptying my waste baskets."
  • (Michael Ray Bower) "Yeah. With gum on the bottom."
  • (Sponge Harris) "And big dripping wads of Kleenex."
  • (Michael Ray Bower) "Yeah, and he has to pluck it out with his teeth. That'd be cool."
  • (Sponge Harris) "Revenge."

Danny Cooksey as Bobby

  • (Danny Cooksey) "You are roasted."
  • (Michael Ray Bower) "Toasted."
  • (Michael Ray Bower) "And burned to a crisp."
  • (Danny Cooksey) "It makes me wanna fart."
  • (Kirk Baily) "It's "I hope that we never part". Now get it right or pay the price."
  • (Danny Cooksey) "Hello and welcome to bunk 13. 200 miles from the nearest flush toilet."
  • (Danny Cooksey) "Look this way -- Look that way -- Man, your head's lopsided."
  • (Michael Ray Bower) "Can you fix it?"

Blake Sennett as Pinsky

  • (Blake Sennett) "Guys I can't believe it. My favorite movie is playing tonight, "Attack of the Cheese Monster". This guy's made of cheddar, jack, Swiss. This guys is a monster made of Muenster."

Megan Berwick as Z.Z.

  • (Megan Berwick) "(trapped in a cave) Echo. Save the whales."
  • (Venus DeMilo) "Will you shut up."
  • (Megan Berwick) "What? You don't want to save the whales?"

Venus DeMilo as Telly

  • (Venus DeMilo) "Budnick, why don't you just go swim in the lake?"
  • (Danny Cooksey) "Because fish fart in it."

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